2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Environmental Health

Finalists in the Environmental Health category for the Plant Engineering 2016 Product of the Year competition.


DL Screen Door, DL ManufacturingLoading dock screen door

The DL screen door is designed explicitly for the loading dock industry. The easy to install, durable dock screen door keeps bugs and pests out while providing a more comfortable environment for facility workers. The door's revolutionary patent-pending design allows for installation behind the dock door, which reduces installation cost, protects the screen door and track from damage, provides better sealing capability, and allows for easy operation. The DL screen door mounts behind MxV and PxV knockout doors. It is made of 40-oz vinyl Tuff Screen and is flexible to withstand impact.

DL Manufacturing, www.dlmanufacturing.com

Titan Industrial Ceiling Fan, Hunter IndustrialIndustrial ceiling fan

The Titan industrial ceiling fan features a gearless direct drive motor and was designed to deliver more output while requiring less horsepower. Because temperature affects employees' comfort and safety, the Titan HVLS fan keeps productivity and well-being high. Working with HVAC systems or solo, the Titan provides powerful air circulation to help maintain a consistently comfortable work environment. A Titan fan motor weighs 70 lbs, and can be uncrated and lifted by one person. The guy wire system uses a patent-pending turnbuckle body for safe, accurate tensioning without special tools. The fan also features a universal mount with an integrated downrod for faster installation.

Hunter Industrial, www.hunterindustrialfan.com

Pig Fuel Station Spill Kit in Overpack, New PigFuel station spill kit

The Pig Fuel Station Spill Kit is designed specifically to absorb gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene. The spill kit is packed with absorbent, static-dissipative mats and socks that pass NFPA 99 standards for static decay and surface resistivity. It also contains Pig Loose Absorbent, PPE, caution tape, and clean-up tools. The spill kit absorbs and retains fuels and oil-based fluids without taking in a drop of water. The Overpack container is UN rated 1H2/X345/S for shipping waste after cleanup and is weatherproof and UV-resistant. Opaque black container has reflective labeling for easy visibility at night, blends into most surroundings, and hides grime from fueling operations.

New Pig, www.newpig.com

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