2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Electrical Safety

Finalists in the Electrical Safety category for the Plant Engineering 2016 Product of the Year competition.


Anord Modular Product Power Distribution Unit, Anord Critical Power Inc.Power distribution unit

The Anord Modular Product (AMP) power distribution unit (PDU) exceeds complex electrical distribution requirements with elevated safety and reliability. Advanced engineering has extended the UL 891 compartmentalized switchgear, based on the IEC Form 4 Type 7 innovation, to design an even smarter power distribution system. The AMP PDU maintains operations even under the most arduous situations. Built for mission-critical applications where reliability is demanded and safety is paramount, the DOE 2016 Compliant AMP PDU offers transformer compartment heat reduction and compartmentalization for safety. The AMP PDU design takes human error and electrical arc containment into consideration with innovative compartments that automatically mitigate risks.

Anord Critical Power Inc., www.anordcpi.com

Bussmann Series Compact High Speed Fuse, EatonCompact high-speed fuse

The Bussmann Series compact high-speed fuses use up to 48% less enclosure space than standard high speed, round body fuses. Compact technology is designed to support the reduction in the overall size of next generation power conversion and energy storage equipment, including drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), inverters, and battery protection. The portfolio of 50- to 400-A compact high-speed fuses features an innovative design that allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance. The fuses provide short-circuit protection, are rated 500 Vac/Vdc, and meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Crouse-Hinds Series Clamped EBMX NEMA 7 Enclosure, EatonClamping enclosure for hazardous areas

The Crouse-Hinds Series clamped EBMX NEMA 7 enclosure features technology for hazardous areas to help oil and gas and other industrial customers enhance safety and dramatically improve productivity. EBMX technology helps customers avoid unbolting enclosures to access internal motor control components, including circuit breakers, disconnect switches, motor starters, and combined starters for simplified installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting. The revolutionary design makes opening and closing the EBMX significantly faster than traditional enclosures, leading to substantial reductions in installation and maintenance costs. Through the new clamped enclosure technology, customers can open and close enclosures 97% faster than traditional bolted solutions and reduce the risk of installation errors.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Digitrip RMS 210+ Electronic Trip Unit, EatonElectronic trip unit

The Digitrip RMS 210+ electronic trip unit integrated in an F-frame molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) provides easy setup to help ensure coordination and reliable protection for electrical systems in commercial, industrial, and machinery manufacturing environments. Designed to fit FDE-frame MCCBs, the trip unit offers electronic trip unit functionality in an economic platform. For installation in assemblies such as panelboards, switchboards, MCCs, switchgear, and machinery control panels, the 210+ electronic trip units are available in two types, LI and LSI. Features include two dials for simplified setup, tighter tolerances on protection curves, status indication light, test port, and tamper-protection clear cover with a slot for a wire seal.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Enclosed Circuit Breaker with Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System, EatonEnclosed circuit breaker

Enclosed circuit breakers equipped with Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System technology improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time. The Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System is designed for use only during the time a worker is exposed to a potential flash hazard; it is not activated or armed continuously. This feature provides the ability to maintain overcurrent coordination while improving arc flash safety. The enclosed circuit breaker is a fully factory wired assembly, including an electronic trip circuit breaker and other components that allow for activation of the Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System technology during maintenance.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

OEM Line Isolation Switch, EatonOEM line isolation switch

The OEM Line Isolation (OLI) switch provides an external disconnecting means for industrial control panels, allowing operators to access the control panel without exposure to the line side voltage. This enhances safety and allows for reduced personal protective equipment (PPE), improving worker dexterity and mobility. The OLI switch is designed to universally integrate to major manufacturers' "disconnect enclosures" that will work with the Eaton C371-style handle and operating mechanism. The Eaton solution is a complete package, including enclosure, disconnect, handle, flex-cable operator, and all other necessary components. Features include gasketed side wall mounts to the OEM cabinet, oversized line shield (internal to switch), and optional voltage portals.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

POWR-Speed Fuse, Littelfuse Inc.High-speed fuse

POWR-Speed fuses are extremely current limiting and used to protect power converters, drives, and control circuit applications. The design dramatically reduces peak let-through current and let-through energy to maximize protection. These fuses provide balanced performance to extend longevity while lowering potentially damaging heat energy to the devices being protected. POWR-Speed fuses have been designed with a universal mounting option to meet customer requirements for installation into a variety of application configurations. The fuses offer optimized circuit protection at the extremely fast speed required to protect modern day, sensitive, high-power semiconductor devices. POWR-Speed fuses are ideal for various industries, including pulp and paper, cranes and heavy-lifting equipment, and processing.

Littelfuse Inc., www.littelfuse.com

Premset, Schneider ElectricVacuum circuit breaker switchgear

Premset medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker switchgear incorporates the Shield Solid Insulation System (2SIS). The 2SIS encases every current carrying conductor in dielectric epoxy, and shields that epoxy with a grounded conductor. This replaces traditional air or gas insulation systems in traditional medium-voltage switchgear. Premset’s compactness and front-accessibility reduces footprint by an average of 30% compared to traditional vacuum circuit breaker switchgear. It also reduces the weight of switchgear by up to 80% compared to metal-clad switchgear. Premset increases the safety by minimizing the risk of internal arc flash, and prevents phase to phase faults by ground shielding each individual phase.

Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.com

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