2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Safety

Finalists in the Safety category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


aeShield v4, aeSolutionsSafety lifecycle management

aeShield is an enterprise-level software application that simplifies process safety compliance by centralizing critical process safety information, consolidating engineering tools, reducing maintenance costs, and optimizing data accessibility. This safety lifecycle management application supports owner-operators in achieving and monitoring compliance with IEC 61511. aeShield reduces cost of maintaining compliance through automating what was previously manual data transfer, reducing engineering hours through use of templates, and simplifying management of change through impact reporting. aeShield provides management visibility into the status of safety lifecycle documentation as well as revision tracking to allow engineering process safety data to be tracked with high integrity, which was once in multiple systems and not integrated.


Dewtect, Big Ass Solutions
Condensation controller

Dewtect was developed to anticipate and stop condensation problems before they start. This all-in-one smart condensation controller monitors temperature, humidity, and dew point data inside and outside facilities, anticipating the likelihood of a condensation event and adjusting connected mechanical equipment to keep surfaces dry and safe. Dewtect's network of sensors monitor the temperature and humidity of the air, floor, and sensitive surfaces in-between. When the advanced algorithm within the controller recognizes environmental conditions that are likely to cause condensation, it prompts fans and heaters to adjust operation to prevent, or reduce, condensation. Each Dewtect system is customized to accommodate each facility's unique needs.

Big Ass Solutions

RSA-27, CBS ArcSafe
Remote switch actuator

The CBS ArcSafe RSA-27 actuator allows technicians to remotely close or switch devices from up to 300 ft away while remaining stationed outside the arc-flash danger zone. The installation and operation of the RSA-27 requires no modifications to the switchgear, breaker, motor control, or enclosure due to the use of magnets and existing features. The RSA-27 is compatible with all Square D HVL/cc medium-voltage load-interrupter switches equipped with the over-toggle mechanism in indoor or outdoor applications and with ratings from 2.4 to 38 kV, 60 to 150 kV BIL, and 600 to 1,200 A.

CBS ArcSafe Inc.

Vector Chock, DL Manufacturing
Vehicle chock

The Vector Chock is a non-traditional vehicle restraint that provides more down force to block the movement of a wheel. Traditional chocks have a concave profile to contour to the wheel as a result the chock can slip along the pavement instead of restraining the vehicle. The unique convex profile of the Vector Chock allows the force of the truck tire to push down on the chock preventing the chock from slipping. The extractor allows for easy removal of the chock from the tire. Using the Vector Chock with extractor provides the safest environment for loading and unloading a trailer.

DL Manufacturing

MR2 System, Eaton
Remote racking system

Eaton's motorized remote racking (MR2) system provides a means of remotely racking drawout circuit breakers and auxiliaries used in metal-clad switchgear to help reduce the impacts of arc flash exposure. The device's motor is installed inside the switchgear to negate the need for lifting and aligning an external motor from the outside, enhancing safety and productivity. The system also increases productivity by greatly reducing the time needed to make configuration changes of auxiliary components. MR2 control capabilities are provided through a microprocessor-based controller card, located below the drive motor, which interfaces with an external handheld controller, external pushbuttons, SCADA systems, or Modbus communications.


Jackson Safety Airmax Elite Powered Air Purifying Respirator, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Air-purifying welding helmet

The Jackson Safety Airmax Elite powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) protects workers from the respiratory dangers of welding fumes and heat stress without sacrificing visibility.  This welding helmet delivers optical clarity, coupled with an enlarged viewing area and variable auto-darkening filter (ADF) with Balder technology to reduce eye fatigue and enhance welding accuracy. The flame-retardant face seal protects against sparks while audible and vibrating signals indicate when the battery or filter needs to be changed. The Airmax Elite features a lightweight blower with advanced control system to maintain constant air flow rate throughout the charge of the battery.

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Jackson Safety G29 Solvent Glove, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Solvent glove

The Jackson Safety G29 solvent glove is designed to deliver a dexterity level similar to thin-mil gloves while providing protection from hydraulic fluid, solvents (such as IPA, Varsol, and Frekote) and other chemicals. The G29 solvent glove offers the highest level of agility per the EN 420:2003 standard, and its neoprene-blend construction offers protection. Proper fit and comfort is critical to worker acceptance of personal protective equipment, and it leads to improved productivity and compliance. The G29 solvent glove is silicone-, powder-, and latex-free; ambidextrous to improve usage efficiency; and 12 in. long.

Kimberly-Clark Professional

PIG No-Trip Floor Mat, New Pig
Commercial floor mat

The PIG No-Trip commercial floor mat reduces slip, trip, and fall claims up to 90% by keeping floors dry and safe. This floor mat is absorbent, easy to maintain, and doesn’t bunch, ripple, flip over, or shift out of position with everyday use. The PIG No-Trip floor mat has a full-coverage adhesive backing that holds right but peels up easily, without leaving a sticky residue behind. The durable construction is built to withstand the heaviest walk-on and wheeled traffic: carts, dollies, pallet jacks, and forklifts. The floor mat’s liquid-proof barrier layer prevents seepage to keep floors dry, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like aisles, walkways, and entrances.

New Pig

Eclipse NH, Rite-Hite
Tight-seal dock shelter

The Eclipse NH dock shelter features innovative designs that ensure a tight, complete seal while allowing trailer doors to be opened and closed from inside the building after it has been parked at the dock. The Eclipse NH enhances security at the dock, prevents contaminants from entering the facility, and reduces energy costs by preventing energy loss at the loading dock. Along the top, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies more than 100 lbs of pressure across the full width of the trailer top. This gravity-based system keeps the header in constant contact with the trailer during loading and unloading.


Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30, Rockwell Automation
Safety relay

Machine builders can easily implement required safety functions while improving productivity with the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay. The configurable safety relay is ideal for applications requiring four to 10 safety circuits and control of up to five zones. Users program the safety relay by selecting certified safety-function blocks to rapidly build applications with the Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation. The safety relay is completely integrated with Logix-based controllers, and can also be configured and programmed in the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 environment. The optional EtherNet/IP plug-in module allows the safety relay to easily communicate diagnostic data to an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix or Micro800 controller.

Rockwell Automation

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