2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Productivity & Training

Finalists in the Productivity & Training category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


Short-Circuit Current Rating Protection Suite, EatonOnline SCCR-protection software

Eaton's short-circuit rating (SCCR) Protection Suite is a comprehensive product portfolio that provides equipment designers easy access to a wide selection of circuit protection and wiring distribution/termination to switching devices to meet a broad range of SCCR needs from 18 to 200 kA. These solutions help designers eliminate weak links by identifying solutions that raise the component’s SCCR or limit the fault. With just a few simple selections from drop-down lists, users can easily find all the available Eaton components and their respective SCCRs based on system needs. Reduce the number of results by setting various component preferences.


Jackson Safety Truesight II Auto-Darkening Filter Welding Helmet, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Automatic-darkening welding helmet

The Jackson Safety TrueSight II Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) Welding Helmet delivers optical clarity for enhanced precision and productivity while delivering visibility and advanced color recognition. The welding helmet features Balder technology, which offers high standards of optical clarity that can be achieved when using an ADF. The helmet provides a uniform share level over the entire viewing area, without noticeable brightening at the edges of the filter. The proprietary technology of the TrueSight II decreases angular dependence to virtually undetectable levels, increasing welder comfort and productivity. The helmet also provides a clear view from various angles to reduce eye fatigue and the need to move, adjust, and refocus.

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Mechanical Apprentice Skills Test, Ramsay Corp.
Online apprentice skill assessment

The Mechanical Apprentice Skills online test is designed to assess internal and external candidates for training based on their performance in areas of reading, arithmetic, mechanical principles and troubleshooting, and preprint reading, measurement, and assembly. In fewer than 2 hr, this single test can provide the necessary information to help organizations select qualified applicants. Candidates who do well on the test should do well in both classroom and on-the-job training. The reading test contains passages on industrial machines, hydraulic systems, and steel; each is followed by eight questions. This score can confirm mastery of reading required for standard operating procedures, textbooks, and manuals.

Ramsay Corp.

FactoryTalk VantagePoint v6.0, Rockwell Automation
Performance-metrics software

FactoryTalk VantagePoint v6.0 enterprise manufacturing-intelligence software provides operators the ability to use any HTML5-compliant Web browser or mobile platform to access performance metrics and data analytics. Using data from plant floors and machines, this ability to seamlessly move between devices enables operators to quickly identify issues that arise and reduce the time to solution. The inclusion of a composer feature in FactoryTalk VantagePoint v6.0 allows operators to browse through data and easily customize content based on individual roles, priorities, and viewing preferences. Drag-and-drop interactive tools allow operators to create personalized displays to quickly find the information that is most important to them and their team.

Rockwell Automation

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