2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Material Handling Systems

Finalists in the Material Handling Systems category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


Air-Powered Stainless Steel Pallet, AeroGoStainless steel, low-profile pallet

The AeroGo air-powered, stainless steel pallet with J-handle can lift and move loads up to 31,000 lbs, greatly increasing production capability for medical, pharmaceutical, clean room, or corrosive operations. The unique layout of the pallet includes a low-profile drive, stainless steel construction, and ergonomic, modular J-handle with integrated controls. With a low profile height under 5 in. from the floor, combined with the control of nearly 450 lbs. of drawbar, this design offers a very high capacity in a very compact package. Corrosion-proof and USDA-approved polymer lifting pads control the transfer of forces and therefore the load path on the pallet structure.

AeroGo Inc.

Magnetic Layer Picker, Cascade
Magnetic layer picker

The Magnetic Layer Picker was designed for industries that handle layered products with steel lids, making it a unique and innovative solution in the supply chain. The Magnetic Layer Picker provides an efficient and cost-effective way to pick up and deposit single layers of a metal product by eliminating manual picking and packing. Ideal for creating mixed pallet loads of canned goods that can't otherwise be clamped, the Magnetic Layer Picker is designed to be easy to operate. The steel canned product may be of any variety and the layers may contain many different products up to 500 lbs.

Cascade Corp.

RCS, Eriez
Cleaning, scavenging system

The Rougher, Cleaner, Scavenger (RCS) system deploys eddy current-separator units with specific settings in a deliberate order to maximize Zorba (nonferrous scrap metal) recovery in downstream auto-shredder systems. The RCS system is ideal for high-value mineral processing and mining operation applications. This system produces a clean Zorba product off of the Cleaner ECS. The cleaner's rejected material, along with the Scavenger's good product that was misplaced off of the Rougher, is recirculated to ensure as little Zorba is missed as possible. On average, this results in recoveries of 95% to 98%. Additionally, this material is often one of the high-value "heavies" that include red, copper-rich metals.


PSI Industrial Lift Truck Engines, Hyster
Industrial lift truck engines

The PSI engines featuring Hyster Variable Power Technology offer easily adjustable performance modes that enable lift truck operators to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit application and energy needs. They allow lift trucks to move from high-power mode—when moving heavier or more loads is integral to the success of the operation—to ECO-eLO mode for significantly lower fuel consumption when there is less demanding work to be done. For situations requiring power, the engines deliver increased travel and hoist speeds and a 10% increase in horsepower over the previous engines, allowing users to move more loads per hour.

Hyster Co.

ETV 110-112, Jungheinrich
Mast-reach trucks

The ETV 110/112 moving mast-reach trucks, with 2,200- to 2,600-lb lifting capacities, are designed to operate in tight and narrow aisles and to handle a variety of materials to help increase warehouse performance and productivity. These models utilize Jungheinrich's fourth-generation ac-electric control system and proven drive and lift motors. This advanced electronics system helps improve performance with the result being longer run times on one battery charge. A featured option is Jungheinrich's exclusive Fork Position Control, which allows an operator to automatically position the forks at the desired lift height via simple, intuitive movements of the control handle.


Model 6210 Walkie Straddle Stacker, Raymond Corp.
Walkie straddle stacker truck

The Raymond Model 6210 walkie straddle stacker truck featuring ac technology delivers superior load handling with proportional lifting and lowering for increased control. Customer-specific options include cold storage for reliable performance in coolers and freezers, and an electronic pin-code pad that helps prevent unauthorized use on the store floor. The versatile Model 6210 walkie straddle stacker improves product storage in crowded backrooms or manufacturing floor space by providing better cube utilization, storing pallets up to three levels high in aisles as narrow as 78 in. wide and with elevated heights up to 143 in.

Raymond Corp.

Model 8210 Walkie Pallet Truck, Raymond Corp.
Walkie pallet truck

Featuring ac technology, the Raymond Model 8210 walkie pallet truck offers maneuverability and speed control in tight areas, the flexibility to adapt to extreme environments with IP65 protection, and easy service and maintenance. Its exclusive Click2Creep technology automatically reduces maximum travel speed while also providing a tighter turning radius for pin-wheeling or right-angle turning. Some of the features of the Model 8210 include: lift-and-go technology to prevent wear to the underside of forks, stainless steel undercarriage pins to prevent corrosion in wet applications, reflective materials on logos for low-light applications, and easy-to-access electric brake release to retain braking ability when engaged.

Raymond Corp.

ESC030AD Three-Wheel Stand, Yale Materials Handling
Three-wheel-stand lift truck

The ESC030AD three-wheel-stand lift truck is designed for demanding dock and drive-in/drive-through rack applications. With enhanced ergonomic features and Clear View mast, the three-wheel stand allows operators to stack and transport pallets with ease. Equipped with a Yale Smart Ride Floor System, the lift truck eliminates up to 65% of shock and vibrations transmitted to the operator from irregular floor surfaces. The system does not require adjustments for operator weight, and functions in environments with extreme temperatures and conditions like wash-down and food processing. The truck’s multifunction control handle with full-proportional functionality enables precise load positioning and simultaneous control of travel and hydraulic functions.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.

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