2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Finalists in the Maintenance Tools & Equipment category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


AT5, All-Test ProElectric motor circuit analysis tool

The All-Test Pro 5 (AT5) portable electric motor circuit analysis (MCA) instrument is ideal for low-, medium- and high-voltage ac and dc motors, generators, and transformers. This tool performs de-energized static and dynamic testing to detect early-stage faults and provide a complete stator and rotor analysis. Instructions for tests are provided on the backlit screen, eliminating the need for an instruction guide or manual. After comprehensive motor data is collected, detailed reporting is uploaded and analyzed by the MCA software's proprietary algorithms, providing a complete picture of the motor's overall health, as well as problems such as bad connections, winding and turn faults, and ground faults.

All-Test Pro LLC

HPX-PRO, Carestream NDT
Portable computed radiography system

The lightweight HPX-PRO is a portable computed radiography (CR) system designed specifically for narrow-width X-ray imaging that can operate in rugged mobile environments. Featuring a speedy setup time, the HPX-PRO produces high-quality digital images for quick analysis and rapid reporting. It is packaged as a full and integrated system, boosting productivity by improving the workflow from job setup to report generation. Its setup screen organizes customer information, parts descriptions, inspection technique reviews, and weld numbering. HPX-PRO's software allows users to create templates of commonly used reports and populate them with corporate logos and fields they require.

Carestream NDT

AEGIS High Frequency Ground Strap, Electo Static Technology
High-frequency ground straps

AEGIS High-Frequency (HF) Ground Straps ensure a very low-impedance path to ground for high-frequency currents generated by variable frequency drive (VFD)-driven motors and systems. AEGIS HF Ground Straps are specially engineered for the lowest possible impedance to the high-frequency currents generated by VFDs. These 12- and 24-in.-long flat-braided, tinned copper straps are designed with a circular hole on one end for easy installation around the foot mounting screw of NEMA- or IEC-frame motors and a ring terminal on the opposite end. When used with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings, AEGIS HF Ground Straps provide system-wide protection against damaging high-frequency currents—from motor shaft to earth ground.

Electro Static Technology

830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool, Fluke Corp.
Laser shaft alignment tool

The Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool delivers precise shaft condition measurements and actionable results that, along with vibration testing, infrared thermography, and other predictive maintenance measurements, enable plant maintenance teams to increase machine life and keep plants running at maximum efficiency. In three simple steps, the single-laser measurement technology of the rugged Fluke 830 delivers a high level of precision and repeatability in evaluating shaft alignment. The guided user interface of the 830 provides easy-to-understand results that do not require extensive alignment knowledge. Its all-in-one results screen shows coupling results and feet corrections in real terms, making it easy for maintenance technicians to take corrective action.

Fluke Corp.

TiS Performance, Fluke Corp.
Infrared cameras

The Fluke TiS Performance Series infrared cameras help industrial and maintenance professionals analyze equipment health quickly and accurately. The TiS models deliver up to 2.5 times more pixels and a 70% improvement in distance-to-spot than the Fluke Ti1xx series cameras for better image quality to enhance identification of potential equipment problems in industrial and electrical maintenance, process industries, and in building applications. The TiS models feature large 3.5-in. screens to help pinpoint issues while still in the field and offer one-touch image access. Eight models are available—five fixed-focus and three manual-focus—with resolution up to 260 by 195 px.

Fluke Corp.

TFC-200, Goodway Technologies
Cooling tower fill cleaner

The TFC-200 provides a complete, all-in-one system that offers a solution for unhealthy tower fill. Simple to operate and portable, the TFC-200’s compact design and wand extensions make it possible to access hard-to-reach areas. An internal compartment holds a standard 5-gal chemical container. The system is equipped with two high-performance pumps that are powerful, yet safe. There's no need to remove fill; the TFC-200 is a clean-in-place solution that can be done at the tower location. The TFC-200 makes routine maintenance more feasible, which can increase efficiencies, lower energy costs, and reduce the chance that your system will need repairs or shut down.

Goodway Technologies

iPad Predictive Platform v72, GTI Predictive Technology
Maintenance tool platform

GTI's iPad Predictive Platform includes vibration data collection and analysis, balancing, alignment, geometric measurements, thermography, electrical, and ultrasound tools. At the heart of the platform is VibePro, providing a combination of hardware and software for vibration analysis. The tool is accompanied by a full featured EMS Web application for ubiquitous data that can be reviewed, analyzed, and benchmarked. GTI's platform offers unprecedented ease of use and convenience by having all of the tools in a single place. The flexibility of the platform allows users to mix and match to get the technologies they need. Other apps and technologies can be added as needed in the future.

GTI Predictive Technology Inc.

i-ALERT2 Equipment Health Monitor, ITT Goulds Pumps
Equipment health monitor

The i-ALERT2 is a Bluetooth Smart-enabled equipment health monitor that allows users to identify potential problems before the machines become costly failures. It tracks vibration, temperature, and run-time hours, and wirelessly syncs the data with a smartphone or tablet through the i-ALERT2 mobile app. The i-ALERT2 condition monitor combines Bluetooth low-energy and sensor technologies commonly used in consumer health and fitness trackers and smart watches. The i-ALERT2 device integrates these technologies into an industrial package in a small footprint. It is chemical-resistant, rated for extreme temperatures, and is rated to operate in environments with explosive gases, dust, and fibers.

ITT Goulds Pumps

Hawk, OneProd
Portable machinery diagnostic tool

The OneProd Hawk is an innovative, portable, machinery diagnostic tool that allows mechanics and maintenance technicians to check the health of any rotating machine, as needed, in a matter of minutes. With its straightforward three-step process and graphical user interface, the Hawk requires zero vibration expertise or certification to use. Users build their machine in the cloud-based NEST software and take readings with the wireless tri-axial sensor. The Hawk then generates a diagnosis and advice that mechanics can use right away. The Hawk display unit is an industrial tablet with a color touchscreen that uses icons and straightforward instructions to guide the user through the three-step process.


db, Patterson Fan Co.
Quiet, pick module fan

The Patterson db pick module fan is designed for tight space environments using voice direct warehouse (VDW) software that require low profile and considerably quiet fans. The db has a 50% lower profile and is 70% quieter than standard pick module fans, and can throw an even column of air over 50 ft. As employees are hustling in pick modules during long shifts, adequate air movement is a necessity. However, the lack of overhead space and the need for a quieter working environment (to use VDW properly) has put a strain on the previous fan technology; hence, the development of the Patterson db.

Patterson Fan Co.

stripax ULtimate, Weidmuller
High-precision wire strippers

The stripax ULtimate is a high-precision stripping tool designed to strip wires that have tough, halogen-free insulation. All stripax tools offer insulation stripping up to 1-in., an adjustable grip, and a three-stage partial strip option that leaves off-cut insulation on the tip of the wire to prevent fanning or breakage of the fine conductors. The stripax ULtimate’s unique blade set is self-adjusting to automatically adapt to wire size. Ergonomically designed, compact, and lightweight, the stripax ULtimate provides a cutting option for wire diameters up to 10 AWG, with a foldable protective cover to prevent accidental wire cutting during stripping.


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