2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Maintenance Software

Finalists in the Maintenance Software category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


Watchman Reliability Portal v3.0, Azima DLIWeb-based dynamic dashboard

The Watchman Reliability Portal v3.0 provides direct access to dynamically updated machine- and business-level metrics. Two innovations characterize the Big Data and cloud-based service features of the Watchman Portal: key performance indicators (KPIs) in simple, actionable format and predictive maintenance programs that present an opportunity to gather volumes of data. This customizable benchmarking tool allows user-defined data aggregation to show information strategically vital to a company, whether it's unplanned downtime, compliance, or capital expenditures. From a single plant or across an enterprise, it displays KPIs with quick, meaningful snapshots paired with patterns and trends in maintenance activities that can positively or negatively impact operational objectives.

Azima DLI

CloudSuite Facilities Management, Infor
Cloud-based facilities management

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management includes a core enterprise asset management system combined with high-value extension applications—all delivered via the cloud. It's designed to help facility managers, service providers, and building owners to modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation. Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management offers visibility into every facet of the organization, all within a secure infrastructure built specifically for facility managers, building owners, and service providers. It can help users lower operating expenses by providing visibility into spending, which helps gain control of the costs associated with energy use, maintenance materials, labor, warranties, and purchasing.


Bigfoot CMMS, Smartware Group
Computerized maintenance management system

Bigfoot CMMS manages, automates, and reports on all aspects of maintenance. Features include powerful preventive and predictive maintenance, inventory, work order management, budgeting, and more. The interface is adapted for mobile, tablet, and larger desktop environments and gives users data access and management within a single screen. Consolidated tabs and fewer keystrokes provide easier access to maintenance requests, job planner, condition monitoring, key performance indicator management, and more. The current version includes e-mail notification templates and asset mapping, which shows the location of plant sites, assets, and their associated work orders. Budget management provides templates based on monthly, quarterly, or annual allocations.

Smartware Group

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