2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Fluid Handling

Finalists in the Fluid Handling category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


ARO ControllerMultipump controller

The ARO Controller is a multipump control with an easy-to-use interface that delivers touch-and-walk-away automation. The controller features remote triggers that can perform auto-shutdown or send critical operating data and service alerts to notify about predictive maintenance, elements that work together to increase productivity, and reduce down time. Remote operation also allows for safer monitoring. The ARO Controller introduces a closed-loop system with proprietary logic to ensure the pump is fully primed, and achieves dispensing repeatability within 1%. The controller’s interface is pre-programmed with eight languages, supporting the needs of a diverse workforce and global operations.


SKG RAD-AX Dual Shredding Technology, BJM Pumps
Submersible pumps

The SKG series submersible pumps are designed and engineered to easily shred items previously considered difficult or near-impossible to pump. Featuring robust construction and patent-pending RAD-AX Dual-Shredding Technology, the SKG series offers solids-handling technology for 2-, 3-, and 5-hp submersible pumps. The SKG series pumps can shred a wide variety of municipal and industrial wastewater solids. The hardened impeller and plate materials provide maximum wear resistance for long service life. Hardened cast iron construction stands up to rough handling and pumping gritty water. Winding protection and NEMA Class F motor insulation allow motor temperatures to rise 239 F.

BJM Pumps

IsoLink Oil Transfer Container, Des-Case
Oil-transfer containers

The IsoLink oil-transfer containers are designed with a focus on best practice solutions for optimal contamination control during transfer of oil from storage to equipment. The dispensing and pump lids are the centerpieces of IsoLink's design. Both come standard with a vent plug, or can be customized with desiccant or nondesiccant breathers to control moisture and particulate contamination. ISO B quick connects are also available lid options, allowing transmission of clean, filtered oil from larger-volume storage into the container without exposing it to the atmosphere. The dispensing-lid trigger mechanism is equipped with O-rings and a specially designed spring that applies the perfect tension.

Des-Case Corp.

No Drip Internal Mix Liquid Atomizing Nozzles, EXAIR Corp.
Atomizing spray nozzles

EXAIR’s No-Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles mix liquid and air inside the nozzle and produce fine liquid atomization. Effective when using liquids up to 300 cP, these atomizing spray nozzles have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off. The nozzles are ideal where no post-spray drip is permissible. When the compressed air supply is shut off, the no-drip nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid, eliminating the possibility of drips. EXAIR's No-Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Nozzles are available in five patterns: narrow-angle round pattern, wide-angle round pattern, flat-fan pattern, deflected flat-fan pattern, and 360-degree hollow circular pattern.


Ultra-Containment Berm, Ultra Tech
Modular containment berm

The Ultra-Containment Berm, Modular Model, provides versatile spill containment for vehicles, equipment, and large containers. The berm can be easily modified to other shapes and sizes. The berm uses triangular-shaped, polymer-coated foam support blocks for sidewall structure and a heavy-duty PVC material as the liner for the constructed spill-containment area. The liner is a textured, slip-resistant material that is available in 38- and 54-mil thicknesses. The modular construction allows containment areas of any size to be configured. Polymer-coated foam support blocks provide structure to sidewalls and can be driven over repeatedly without damage.

UltraTech International Inc.

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