2015 Product of the Year Finalists: Asset Management

Finalists in the Asset Management category for the Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year competition.


AMS Device Manager v130, Emerson Process ManagementField device manager

The AMS Device Manager v13.0 drives efficient intelligent field device management, helping maintenance and operations personnel sustain the health and reliability of smart devices to avoid production interruptions. The device’s "build once, apply many" functionality frees resources up to perform other critical start-up work and removes the risk of errors that are commonly introduced when configurations are manually created for each individual device. Built-in validation reports automatically compare configurations and quickly identify when devices deviate from the associated template. When configuration changes are needed after devices are commissioned, simply update the template and apply the new configuration in bulk.

Emerson Process Management

Forcam Force
Shop floor management software

The Forcam Force suite of modules delivers a factory-wide, cross-industry solution that combines the collection of machine and production data, visualization, alerts, labor tracking, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. This Web-based product suite integrates seamlessly and quickly with the global standard MTConnect and guarantees extended competitiveness for users worldwide. The software works at the individual machine level, enabling manufacturing order data to be streamed from the top floor to the shop floor. Production can easily be monitored and data gathered during actual operation with capabilities to benchmark various plants across the globe in real-time.

Forcam GmbH

Applications 9, IFS
Core process management application

IFS Applications 9 is a single, integrated application suite that enables businesses to successfully handle four core processes: manufacturing, projects, service and asset management, and supply chain management. The suite was designed to deliver business agility by bringing users closer to their businesses, increasing flexibility and maximizing users' ability to take advantage of change. Major capabilities and enhancements include innovations in user experience, new features, enhanced configurability, and a layered application architecture that slows for extensions, localizations, and modifications. This architecture drives cost out of any modifications users choose to make to the solution's source code, makes it easier and more cost efficient to upgrade, and increases cloud readiness.


Smart Systems, Schneider Electric
Energy monitoring, control software

Smart Systems is the next generation of communication for Square D low-voltage power distribution equipment, helping reduce downtime, manage energy use, and improve operational efficiency. Smart Systems enables local or remote 24/7 real-time status, energy monitoring, and control of Square D low-voltage circuit breakers, power meters, and other monitoring devices. This solution presents real-time and historical trending data, allowing facility managers to easily monitor their buildings' energy use and electrical system status anytime and anywhere. Smart Systems provides easy-to-use embedded Web pages for convenient access to status and metering data, and data is presented simply and concisely to spot trends and quickly make decisions.

Schneider Electric

Multilog WVT, SKF
Wireless condition monitoring

The SKF Multilog WVT is a reliable and secure wireless condition monitoring system for semi-critical and balance-of-plant machinery. The Multilog WVT is cost-efficient technology that supports increased machine uptime, reduces maintenance, and improves safety. The seamless integration into existing OneWireless infrastructure accelerates implementation and reduces costs. The system is easily scalable from a single unit to plant-wide deployment. The user has the choice of simple trending within a Honeywell process control system or the additional power of the optional SKF Aptitude Analyst condition monitoring system. The system is ideal for hazardous and non-hazardous areas, supplementing walk-around routes, and machines that traverse/move or are distressed and require analysis.


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