2014 Product of the Year finalists: Productivity & Training

Finalists in the Productivity & Training category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Infor Factory Track
Process automation solution

Infor Factory Track provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to increase their productivity and operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor. From top to bottom, this solution supports all the functions of the enterprise and has the capabilities to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce overhead, capture the true cost associated with labor, create strategic plans, increase compliance and traceability, and gain a competitive advantage. In addition, users can align with lean manufacturing principles by eliminating waste and better optimizing processes.

Ramsay Electrical, Mechanical, MultiCraft Entry tests
Entry-level maintenance tests

Electrical Entry, Mechanical Entry, and MultiCraft Entry measure the basic knowledge and skills required to perform maintenance functions in an industrial or commercial environment. Ramsay Corp.’s series of tests for entry-level persons—those with less than 1 year of training or experience—will help identify those candidates who will be most successful. Organizations are then able to use the entry tests to select individuals for electrical, mechanical, or both electrical and mechanical jobs. With on-the-job experience and classroom or vendor training, entry-level candidates can become journey-level maintenance employees who are well trained to perform industry specific tasks.

Ramsay Corp.
Schneider Electric Wonderware Historian Online Edition
Data historian, reporting bundle

The Wonderware Historian Online Edition is a SaaS offering that enables companies to safely share operating and maintenance data from many sites while lowering their IT burden. Its tiered database architecture stores data from multiple local plant-level historians onto a cloud-hosted, enterprise historian. Data flows only one way—from the local historians to the online historian—and is protected from cyber intrusion, improving troubleshooting, reporting, and analytics. It leverages Windows Azure cloud services from Microsoft Corp., so there is no software to install or set up, saving on valuable IT resources and reducing capital requirements.

Schneider Electric
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