2014 Product of the Year finalists: Material Handling Systems

Finalists in the Material Handling Systems category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Cascade TFC-Touch Force Control
Pressure, clamp force control system

TFC-Touch Force Control is a revolutionary touchscreen pressure and clamp force control system designed to improve load handling in warehousing operations. The state-of-the-art, visually interactive system builds on the growing trend of touch-based technology, facilitating smart and easy interaction for lift truck drivers to consistently select the perfect clamp force. The driver simply identifies the product type and load configuration, and the system then automatically activates the appropriate clamp force for that load. TFC is an easy-to-use and very accurate driver-friendly system that eliminates the potential for drivers to use excessively high pressure settings.

Cascade Corp.
Eriez Metal Loss Monitor (MLM)
Metal loss monitor

The Eriez Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) lets scrap metal recyclers know how much valuable metal is passing through their fluff stream without being recovered. The MLM does this by continuously scanning the residue stream for metal that has escaped and is headed for landfill disposal. The counter on the MLM is key to its function. It can be reset hourly, daily, or even for each disposal truck load. If a disposal truck is judged to be heavily loaded with valuable metal, management can prevent it from being landfilled. The MLM Data Acquisition and Reporting package extends possibilities for process improvement using trend analysis and statistical process control.

Hormann Flexon Speed-Guardian 4000 H
High-speed roll-up door

The Speed-Guardian 4000 H high-performance security door with high lift tracks is specially designed for applications that have obstructions around the floor opening. The panel is guided inside higher than usual vertical guide tracks to the point where there is enough space for the horizontal track to run. This flexible mounting design allows the door to be installed behind or above supply lines, crane tracks, or support beams. A bolt mechanism with counterweights reduces wear for reduced maintenance costs. This door fits into confining areas where conventional overhead doors and other high-speed doors do not.

Hörmann Flexon
Hyster S80-120FT
Heavy-duty lift truck

The Hyster S80-120FT lift truck is designed to increase engine cooling capabilities while providing superior durability. Ideal for heavy-duty applications, the hydraulic controlled cooling fan boosts performance and nearly eliminates the likelihood of engine overheating. It matches cooling fan speed directly to engine temperatures, regardless of engine speed, while allowing more cooling at idle speed to maintain proper engine and transmission temperatures. When the need for cooling is low, the fan speed reduces significantly, even at wide-open throttle, allowing trucks to run an entire shift without having to stop and cool off, while reducing noise levels.

Hyster Co.
Ingersoll Rand KL Kinetic lever hoist
Lightweight lever hoist

The Ingersoll Rand KL Kinetic lever hoist is built with a corrosion-resistant, fused brake disk design for longer brake life and an ergonomic grip to reduce operator fatigue. The hoist is built with bearing construction—caged ball bearings on the load sprocket and caged roller bearings on the main shaft—to minimize the manual effort required by the user, which makes for an overall smoother operation. The solution is ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications in refineries and the construction, power generation, ship building, and workboat markets. The lifting capacity of the lever chain hoist ranges from 0.75 to 9 metric tons.

Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand SideKick Series lever chain hoist
Compact lever hoist

The ultra-compact SideKick Series lever chain hoist weighs less than 10 lbs for maximum portability and is compact to fit into the tightest spaces. The SideKick Series hoist is an ideal lifting companion for users requiring a highly portable lifting solution. The SideKick hoists incorporate a double pawl, disk brake system for dependability and heat-treated side plates for additional durability. The hoists feature grade 80 zinc-plated loan chains to provide exceptional corrosion resistance and increased durability. Models come in a variety of lifting capacity ranging from 0.25 to 0.75 metric tons with 5- and 10-ft chains. Each KX lever hoist comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag.

Ingersoll Rand
Jamas BeLock Controller
Sectional dock door controller

The BeLock Controller de-energizes dock equipment when a sectional dock door is locked, preventing damage to dock door hardware by premature activation of the dock leveler, door operator, dock light, and other equipment. The controller can switch inside and outside communication lights based on whether the door is locked, increasing safety on the dock as the warehouse staff and truck drivers will know when the door is closed and locked or when it is open and unlocked. The controller also tracks door usage with time stamping, allowing users to gather data on time between trailer drops, peak activity, time between loading/unloading completion, and trailer pulls.

Jamas Enterprises LLC
Leum Dockzilla
Mobile loading dock

Engineered to meet rigorous OSHA requirements for traditional loading docks, the Dockzilla mobile loading dock is fully loaded with exclusive safety and performance features that surpass any yard ramp in materials handling. These colossal workhorses improve productivity by up to 80% over hand unloading, without the expense of traditional loading dock construction. These maneuverable docks withstand the daily rigors of trailer impact load force, yet are thoughtfully designed for easy relocation by a forklift. This portable product allows growing, space-leasing, and seasonal businesses to significantly improve loading dock operations.

Leum Engineering Inc.
Yale MPB045-VG
Walkie pallet truck

The Yale MPB045-VG walkie pallet truck offers innovative features and a design built around the operator. Engineered with a small footprint, the walkie is an ideal solution for busy operations, allowing loads to be moved quickly and efficiently in tight spaces. The walkie is available with Yale Smart Lift, an industry-exclusive, patented featured that can reduce cycle times by up to 25%. Smart Lift increases efficiency by allowing the operator to begin transporting the pallet before the unit is at full lift. It automatically permits the pallet to rise to maximum fork height without the operator having to continually hold the lift button, creating simultaneous lift and travel.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.
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