2014 Product of the Year finalists: Manual Material Handling

Finalists in the Manual Material Handling category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


DL Manufacturing QxV
Sectional dock/ramp door

The QxV is a flexible sectional dock or ramp door with high-performance flexible PVC panels that resist damage from impact better than steel panels. As durability and soaring energy costs continue to be a challenge in the loading dock industry, DL Manufacturing’s QxV eliminates air and light gaps—in turn, reducing energy costs. The rugged, flexible PVC panels with R-22 insulation values resist damage from impact better than standard steel panels, surpassing the performance of other sectional doors. The QxV is available in vertical, high, and standard lift installations.

DL Manufacturing
Jamas BeLight, BeSafe
Dock light system

BeLight is a dock light in a bollard designed to be indestructible and also protect the door jamb from forklift abuse. The bulb is activated by a sensor in the bollard that reads the position of the door. The light turns on automatically when the door is opened. BeSafe is a BeLight with an inside and outside communication light package. This system is controlled by a sensor inside the bollard that reads the position of the door. The Twins consists of two BeLights or two BeSafe systems, a heavy-duty guard rail system, and removable dock door track guards. This system also protects the dock light and the dock communication system.

Jamas Enterprises LLC
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