2014 Product of the Year finalists: Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Finalists in the Maintenance Tools & Equipment category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


AutoCrib TX750Industrial vending machine

The AutoCrib TX750—an industrial vending solution—features a flexible, rolling dual-tambour-style door that dispenses square boxes and other MRO-related items with no repackaging required. The TX750 is ideal for maintenance, plant services, and manufacturing environments that need to dispense large square- or rectangular-shaped products not supported by traditional helix/coil or carousel-type machines that use pie-shaped bins. Using a patented rectangular bin shelf system, the TX750 offers a 30% increase in capacity. It virtually eliminates the vertical bin “height” waste associated with fixed-door machines and supports up to 900 bins in a very small footprint.

AutoCrib Inc.
Des-Case EX-4 Extended Series
Extended desiccant breathers

The EX-4 Extended Series of desiccant breathers feature an integrated standpipe that promotes even airflow distribution throughout the unit, preventing inaccurate readings of desiccant saturation. It also provides excellent vibration resistance and dissipates impact throughout the unit, enhancing the strength and durability of the product. These breathers use the patent-pending Honeycomb Oil Mist Reducer which mimics a honeycomb design and allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir, rather than compromising the desiccant material. Six high-quality umbrella check-valves are located underneath the unit for added protection from wash-down environments.

Fixturlaser dial indicator kit
Dial indicator kit

The Fixturlaser dial indicator kit is a brushed aluminum and polished metal tool that partners with a mobile application for iOS and Android devices to walk users through the alignment process with a detailed 3-D graphical interface. The kit includes two dial indicators and two V-brackets pre-assembled with chains for mounting to shafts up to 6 in. in diameter. The kit also comes with three pairs of rods in three lengths to maximize mounting options; the rods are hollow to help reduce rod sag. When paired with the optional Google Nexus 7 Tablet, installed with the Fixturlaser Dials app, users have a powerful combination of time-tested analog alignment methods and modern technology.

Fixturlaser EVO laser alignment tool
Laser alignment tool

The Fixturlaser EVO laser alignment tool is highly compact, durable, and lightweight—making the unit easy to handle, but rugged. With its intuitive interface, realistic 3-D animations, and a display unit that weighs less than 1 lb. with a 5-in. full-color touchscreen, the EVO feels more like a tablet than an industrial alignment device. The screen is also trans reflective, which means the animations still come through crisp and clear even in direct sunlight. The EVO’s wireless sensors are the smallest on the market, and are equipped with 30-mm CCD detectors, making it easy to get precise, reliable readings even in tight spaces.

Fluke Ti400
Infrared camera

The Fluke Ti400 infrared camera features LaserSharp Auto Focus, which uses a laser to pinpoint exactly where the camera should focus for precisely focused images. This tool features wireless connectivity to easily transfer images from the cameras directly to PCs or iOS devices, which can then be imported into Fluke’s SmartView software, a professional suite of analysis and reporting tools for optimizing and analyzing infrared images and producing professional reports. The Ti400 is part of the Fluke Connect system, which allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smartphones.

Fluke Corp.
GTI wireless accelerometer
Dual-channel accelerometer

GTI has created a wireless accelerometer that also enables wireless balancing. Designed for use with GTI's iPad Predictive Maintenance platform, the hardware was left open via a standard USB connection to be used on other devices. A second input port on the accelerometer facilitates wireless balancing and can be used for either a second accelerometer or a tachometer. A zero latency signal is streamed live for both channels in real time, not in data packets and not periodically. The end user sees a live waveform and spectrum, but without the hassle and safety concerns of wires. The receiver can pair to over 700 accelerometers.

GTI Predictive Technology Inc.
Ludeca Optalign Smart RS5
Mid-range shaft alignment sensor

The Optalign Smart RS5 is a highly accurate sensor for the mid-range shaft alignment market segment. Its XL HD detector combined with powerful InfiniRange functionality makes its measurement range virtually unlimited, even over long spans of 33 ft. Its 5-axis technology enables it to offer simultaneous Live Move tracking in both planes for machine corrections. This allows live monitoring of horizontal and vertical machine corrections at the same time, with the sensor at any rotational shaft position. The powerful synergy between the fast CPU and the MEMS inclinometer ensures a finer and faster acquisition of misalignment data during a continuous sweep.

New Pig PIG Spring-Open Roof Leak Diverter Kit
Roof leak diverter kit

The PIG Spring-Open Roof Leak Diverter Kit is designed to quickly deploy from its storage bag and provide a fully functioning leak diverter in less than 2 minutes. The diverter is easy to hang in trouble spots to catch nuisance leaks and channel them to a floor drain or collection container. A rigid outer rim allows the diverter to spring open for quick, easy handling. The attached straps and hooks can then be easily positioned to keep the diverter in place while it collects overhead leaks. After positioning, a flexible PVC drainage hose can be clicked into place with the preinstalled quick-connect adapter. The diverter resists punctures, UV damage, and mildew.

New Pig
Vacuum Interrupters MAC-TS4
Vacuum interrupter test set

The Magnetic Atmospheric Condition vacuum interrupter tester (MAC-TS4) is a third generation test set that determines the condition of vacuum interrupters. The MAC-TS4 can prevent unnecessary damage to circuit breakers and contactors by predicting the usable life of the vacuum interrupter. The MAC-TS4 can easily determine the pressure inside a vacuum interrupter and—along with wear and number of operations—predict the usable life of the vacuum interrupters used in circuit breakers and contactors. The unique, patented flexible magnetic field test coil enables vacuum interrupters to be tested in-place, while installed in a circuit breaker or contactor.

Vacuum Interrupters
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