2014 Product of the Year finalists: Maintenance Software

Finalists in the Maintenance Software category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Allied Reliability World Class Reliability Benchmarking (WCR-B)Web-based assessment tool

World Class Reliability Benchmarking (WCR-B) is a streamlined hybrid assessment benchmarking tool built from the experiences, tools, and methods deployed during years of benchmarking hundreds of companies. WCR-B is cost-effective, Web-based, fast, role-based, safe, and trusted. The assessments that make up WCR-B are divided into two categories: sustainability base and reliability elements. With 51 sections across the 13 assessments, WCR-B measures an organization’s maturity against a total of 293 elements. To assist users in completing the assessments, a number of resources and supplemental information are built into WCR-B, making the assessment tool a learning tool as well.

Allied Reliability Group
Bimba IntelliSense
Sensor, software technology platform

IntelliSense gathers real-time data to enable users to identify whether a component is achieving its desired performance specification. The platform combines sensors, cylinders, and software to deliver this data and enhance productivity without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The intelligence is embedded inside the sensor interface module, a remote monitoring device connected to sensors attached to cylinders using pneumatic fittings. Users receive operational insights about cylinder condition, cycle time, pressure, and temperatures. IntelliSense also delivers predictive intelligence for pneumatics in the form of up-to-date condition information to predict when a cylinder will fail.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer CBAnalyzer for Windows 7
Circuit breaker testing software

The CBAnalyzer for Windows 7 is a tool that tests the mechanical condition of circuit breakers with vibration analysis combined with Internet data transfer and sophisticated, condition-based analysis. With any Windows 7 supporting tablet or PC, the CBAnalyzer for Windows 7 can perform tests without removing the breaker from the cubicle and without any electrical connections. Vibration data created by the breaker is captured and analyzed, and the result is instantly returned to the device. The data is saved in the user’s online account for equipment management, data trending, and further analysis, including specialized issue diagnosis.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer
Emerson CSI2140 Machinery Health Analyzer
Portable vibration analyzer

Emerson’s CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer is a complete portable tool for assessing the machinery health of rotating equipment and identifying potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime. This analyzer delivers four-channel simultaneous data collection plus phase functionality, wireless and Bluetooth communication, and a full-color touchscreen. The CSI 2140 also delivers fast route collection capabilities, reducing collection time by 30% to 60%. The analyzer’s ergonomic shape and light weight make data collection routes easier on users. Faster data collection minimizes the time in the field spent in uncomfortable or dangerous environments.

Maintenance Connection MC Express
Mobile maintenance data access

MC Express provides maintenance departments with the ability to access Maintenance Connection software anytime on most mobile devices. MC Express can easily be configured to mirror any organization’s business practices and is an invaluable tool for improving productivity. The application decreases workflow timeframes by giving both technicians and managers immediate access to real-time information. Technicians can receive alerts about new work assignments instantly, and work requesters can obtain minute-by-minute status updates. Critical documents can also be added to work orders and be accessed from anywhere with MC Express, to save time and improve productivity.

Maintenance Connection Inc.
Metix Instrument setpoint CMS
Vibration monitoring, diagnostic software

Setpoint condition monitoring software (CMS) is designed to help Metrix customers diagnose machinery malfunctions quickly with an intuitive user interface that borrows its navigation from stock trading interfaces. It allows users to zoom in on a time of interest, select specific data, and diagnose the condition of critical machinery assets. Setpoint's intelligent patent-pending data storage process ensures that vibration data is always there without complex alarm configurations that store data only after the alarm occurs. When viewing data, users see all of their dynamic waveform and spectrum plots and will also experience an 80-ms trend interval.

Metrix Instrument Co.
Hubbell Industrial Lighting Lunabay LED
Web-based equipment communication service

Phoenix Contact’s mGuard Secure Cloud (mSC) is a Web-based service that allows FL mGuard users to securely communicate with and support industrial equipment over the Internet. The mSC uses FL mGuard hardware to give OEMs, machine builders, and system integrators a secure, easy, and cost-effective way to remotely access machines and systems. This improves service and reduces travel and costs associated with providing customer support. The mSC utilizes the IPSec VPN protocol with high-level security, including AES-256 bit encryption, two-factor user/technician authentication, and X.509 certificates for machine authentication.

Phoenix Contact
Tero Consulting Web Work Azzier
Asset maintenance management system

Web Work Azzier is the premier asset maintenance management system for operations with demanding asset maintenance, scheduling, planning, and corporate interfacing requirements. While out-of-the-box maintenance systems force users to conform, the Azzier computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is completely tailored to meet user and administration needs. Azzier is Web-based and ready for any PC, tablet, or mobile device running a popular browser. The Web Work Azzier CMMS maximizes the performance and lifecycle value of complex company assets, and aligns maintenance performance with overall business strategies and objectives.

Tero Consulting Ltd.
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