2014 Product of the Year finalists: Lighting

Finalists in the Lighting category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Big Ass Light LEDHigh efficiency LED

The Big Ass Light LED is a high-performance, high-efficiency fixture engineered to address issues in industrial and commercial environments. This LED features an easy-access panel that allows users to swap out drivers and other components so the fixture never becomes outdated. The Big Ass Light LED also addresses common failings of existing fixtures such as the vulnerability of LEDs to dust and debris, excess heat output, and poor adaptability. The key difference between this LED and other industrial light fixtures is longevity. The Big Ass Light LED features ribbed fins to quickly dissipate heat, ensuring the fixture’s LEDs stay brilliant for 150,000 hours.

Big Ass Light
Dual-Lite EVHC
LED emergency light

Dual-Lite's EVHC high-lumen LED emergency light is ideal for warehouses, office buildings, schools plant facilities, and other applications. The low-profile, architectural design of the EVHC provides optimized multiple unit spacing and single unit coverage with bright and even illumination patterns from high-power LEDs. With up to 83 ft of spacing between units, coverage is provided by two integrally mounted lamp-heads, each using three high-powered LEDs. The fixture requires only 2.3 W at 120 Vac. Whether wall or ceiling mounted, the EVHC delivers bright and even illumination with a long life of over 100,000 hours and a lithium iron phosphate battery life of 5 to 7 years.

Dual-Lite, a Hubbell Lighting Brand
Eaton LumaWatt system
Outdoor wireless control, monitoring system

Specifically designed for area/site and parking garage/canopy applications, the LumaWatt system features multifunctional, factory-installed sensors that incorporate motion sensing, daylight control, power metering, event monitoring, and performance reporting. The system's flexible programming optimizes energy savings and light quality while taking into account the unique challenges of different spaces. The system manages luminaire lighting levels according to pedestrian and traffic safety needs and allows products to reduce light levels during low usage hours or to harvest daylight. It can also increase the lighting on demand with occupancy sensors.

Eaton Cooper Lighting McGraw-Edison TopTier
LED parking garage, canopy luminaire

For retrofit and new construction, the TopTier luminaire delivers a combination of performance and visual comfort. Patented WaveStream LED technology blocks the line of sight from LED light sources to the observer, while extracting the maximum amount of light on task, resulting in a high level of uniformity and vertical footcandles that enhances safety in the application environment. The patented optical control and patent-pending design improve visual comfort to enhance safety while providing maximum energy savings. It's UL/cUL listed for wet locations, and IP66 and 3G vibration rated. WaveStream LED technology transforms the LED point source into an elegant luminous panel.

Eaton Cooper Lighting Metalux SkyBar
LED high bay luminaire

The Metalux SkyBar luminaire is an energy-efficient, unique, and aesthetic LED alternative to traditional linear fluorescent, HID, and LED high bay solutions. Incorporating WaveStream LED technology, this product offers light distributions to meet specific application needs and provides an easy-to-install solution. The aesthetic design allows the product to be used in more ambiance-sensitive environments, while eliminating the “cave effect” found in traditional high bay solutions. The WaveStream LED technology features laser-precise AccuAim optics arranged in exacting patterns, providing unparalleled brightness control while delivering the maximum amount of light on task.

Eaton Crouse-Hinds Champ LED
High-lumen luminaires

The Champ LED high-lumen luminaires range from 13,000 to 25,000 lumens (400 to 1,000 W) and are designed for mounting heights of up to 60 ft. Available in both hazardous area and ordinary location versions, the high-lumen fixtures provide a safe, long-lived, and energy-efficient option for areas where continuous and consistent light levels are crucial. The luminaires are suitable for use in heavy industrial applications where vibration and adverse environmental conditions are common. The Champ LED family is designed to transfer heat safely and reliably from the LED assembly to the outside environment, resulting in low operating temperatures and sustained, long-term lighting performance.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting Lunabay LED
High-lumen LED high bay

Hubbell Industrial Lighting's Lunabay LED high bay provides efficacy of up to 95 lumens/W and can deliver up to 23,650 lumens. Available in 12,300, 18,000, and 23,650 lumens, the Lunabay LED high bay offers an unmatched combination of efficiency, long life, and low glare light to attractively light large interior spaces. A key feature of the Lunabay is the patented low-glare LED light optical system. The fixture’s unique optical system mixes the light of all LEDs to create consistent, low-glare light with a smooth, even distribution and a CRI of 68. Both the crystal clear 22-in. refractor and aluminum 23-in. reflector options have an uplight component, 10% and 20%, respectively.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting DDL
Dusk-to-dawn LED luminaire

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s DDL multi-purpose dusk-to-dawn LED luminaire is a high-performance and versatile LED security luminaire. The stylish, rugged, and efficient luminaire features multiple distributions, zero uplight performance, and versatile mounting options in a single stock keeping unit. The flexible luminaire provides general purpose area/security, roadway, and landscape lighting with up to 3,437 lumens at over 86 lumens/W—75% more efficient than a similar HID product. The luminaire’s refractor provides enhanced security and LED brightness control, and comes with a symmetric LED lens installed standard—but also comes with a field rotatable asymmetric LED lens.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting LNC2
LED architectural wallpack

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's LNC2 wallpack is designed for entry/perimeter illumination for safety, security, and identity. With options delivering up to 3,600 lumens at 87 lumens/W, the LNC2 delivers bright and uniform illumination on the exterior of buildings. With up to a 5:1 spacing-to-mounting-height ratio, there is greater coverage from one LNC2—meaning fewer fixtures to install and less energy consumed. Features and expanded options include a battery backup for egress application that provides 1 footcandle average over 16 by 48 ft at 11-ft mounting heights. Available in 3,000, 4,200, and 5,100 K LEDs, the LNC2 also offers 347- and 480-V versions for industrial applications.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand
Juno Lighting Group AccuLite Highbay LED luminaires
High bay LED luminaires

AccuLite Highbay LED luminaires offer energy-efficient, high-quality illumination for industrial or commercial high bay lighting applications. These fixtures allow for powerful illumination—equipped with options for 8,000-, 16,000-, and 24,000-lumen output—and a safe working environment, with optional lenses that reduce visual intensity and provide comfort levels comparable to traditional fluorescent fixtures. These luminaires offer energy-saving efficacies of as much as 108 lumens/W. Engineered for longevity and upgradeability, the robust design features thermal separation of the heat source and critical electronic components, resulting in extended driver life.

Juno Lighting Group
Juno Lighting Group Indy Designer Series
Architectural LED luminaires

The Indy Designer Series architectural LED luminaires use next-generation, high-power LEDs to produce 1,100 to 3,000 lumens from 11, 15, 26, or 34 W of energy. Fixture efficacies reach up to 70 lumens/W, while still producing prodigious amounts of light and consuming as little as 20% of the energy of CFLs. The latest version of luminaires offers black body dimming technology, with which color temperature warms from 2,700 to 1,800 K, following the Black Body Locus throughout the dimming range. They meet the requirements of such sustainability initiatives as Energy Star for select trims, have no UV or IR emissions; no dangerous mercury, lead, or PCBs; and are fully RoHS compliant.

Juno Lighting Group
Rite-Hite Flex Neck LED dock light
LED dock light

Rite-Lite’s Flex Neck LED dock light features a multi-articulating arm made from molded nylon links. The links offer multiple bend points for increased flexibility at the loading dock. The bend points can be easily modified in the field to address unique needs, or obstructions that may be encountered at a dock opening. In addition, the links can be tightened, if necessary, to eliminate the sagging that often occurs with traditional metal snake arms. The LED dock light incorporates a variety of other features, including four different settings with visual indicators to clearly identify the current level of lighting, allowing users to select the desired level of light output.

Sportsliter Solutions ArenaLED
Sports arena LED

Sportsliter Solution’s ArenaLED is an energy-efficient lighting solution for today’s sports arenas. Designed specifically for interior sports and civic arenas, the ArenaLED produces optimal television and live audience viewing, as well as low-glare light for player comfort. The individually engineered LED optics of the ArenaLED provide the highest level of uniformity and distribution to playing surfaces and minimize wasted angles of light typically emitted by traditional sources. Unlike current sports arena lighting fixtures that require motorized shade options for the instant blackout effect, LED is a solid-state lighting solution that delivers immediate on/off capabilities.

Sportsliter Solutions, a Hubbell Lighting brand
Technical Consumer Products high-efficiency LED high bays
High-efficiency LED high bays

Technical Consumer Products' high-efficiency LED high bays add brilliance and exceptional light distribution in environments requiring mounting heights from 20 to 40 ft and are ideal for warehouses, commercial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and open and stack aisle applications. The lumen package is an advanced replacement solution for traditional metal-halide and linear fluorescent high bay systems, with a full body assembly that features high-efficiency drivers and high-output LEDs. The high bay’s heavy-duty 20-gauge housing and 8-gauge wireguard is code gauge steel, and all components—excluding the wireguard—are post painted with a glossy, high-reflectance white paint.

Technical Consumer Products
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