2014 Product of the Year finalists: Compressed Air

Finalists in the Compressed Air category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Atlas Copco Neos inverter driveHeavy-duty inverter drive

The Neos is a compact and reliable inverter drive that is designed to operate exclusively with Atlas Copco’s variable speed drive compressors in heavy-duty applications. The robust design allows the drive to operate at continuous full load in the dustiest, hottest, and dirtiest working conditions. The Neos drive operates at continous full load until 122 F ambient, 140 F de-rated. An IP5x-rated enclosure greatly reduces the risk of drive failure by blocking the introduction of outside contaminants into the electronic drive.

Atlas Copco
Exair PEEK 3/8 NPT Super Air Nozzle
High force air nozzle

Exair’s PEEK 3/8 NPT Super Air Nozzle is engineered to produce the highest performance attainable. Protective aerodynamic slots guide the airflow to a single point of convergence for hard-hitting force and noise reduction over typical blowoffs. Its PEEK plastic construction provides nonmarring protection to production items and excellent resistance to damage from harsh chemicals, and it operates in temperatures up to 320 F. The PEEK Super Air Nozzle is suitable for blowoff, cooling, and drying applications located in general industrial or corrosive environments. High amplification of airflow produces a blowing force of 1.9 lbs, with air consumption of only 35 SCFM at 80 psig.

Exair Corp.
Exair Long Ion Bars
Ioninzing bars

Exair’s Long Ion Bars are manufactured up to 96 in. long and can be used across large production lines to eliminate a 5,000-V static charge in 0.18 s. A high concentration of positive and negative ions produce fast static decay, neutralizing any surface within 2 in. of the bars. The compact 1.1- x 0.5-in. profile can fit in the confined spaces of machinery where static electricity is generated. Ideal for the tight spaces found in printing, paper, or film manufacturing as well as form, fill, seal machinery, the bars prevent jamming, tearing, poor print quality, and shocks to personnel. The design of the shockless Ionizing Bars offers improved performance and reliability in industrial applications.

Exair Corp.
Exair Super Air Knives
Long air knives

The longer Super Air Knives from Exair are available up to 108 in. long with a one-piece construction to minimize profile dimensions and provide seamless airflow. Available in aluminum, 303SS, and 316SS, these Super Air Knives feature an energy-efficient design to minimize compressed air use by entraining 40 parts room air to 1 part compressed air. They are ideal for use on wide parts, webs, and conveyors. The Long Super Air Knives provide a uniform, high-volume, high-velocity curtain of air that is infinitely adjustable from gentle blowing force to a hard-hitting blast of air. The Long Super Air Knife is quiet, maintenance free, has no moving parts to wear out, and is CE compliant.

Exair Corp.

Exair PEEK Pico Super Air Nozzle
Precision air nozzle

Exair’s PEEK Pico Super Air Nozzle is engineered to produce the highest performance attainable from a tiny nozzle. It delivers one of the smallest, most precise blowoffs available with an efficient, high-volume, high-velocity airflow. The overall length of the air nozzle measures only 0.63 in. with a diameter of only 0.20 in., permitting installation in tight spaces. Its PEEK thermoplastic construction provides self-lubricating qualities with a low coefficient of friction to produce nonmarring protection for sensitive materials. The PEEK Pico Super Air Nozzle is suitable for blowoff, cooling, and drying applications located in general industrial or corrosive environments.

FS-Elliott Regulus Control System
Centrifugal compressor control

The Regulus Control System (R1000) features a 9-in. full touchscreen display and resembles the user interface of a tablet device. Navigating the control system is an intuitive experience that simulates application-based computing. The R1000’s ambient compensation control ability automatically adjusts the compressor surge line based on changes in ambient conditions. As a result, the traditionally static surge line becomes a dynamic entity, allowing the compressor to be safely controlled closer to the true surge line. This feature allows operators to reduce waste by maximizing turndown and minimizing bypass air, ensuring energy savings at off-peak operation.

FS-Elliott Co. LLC
Kaeser Compressors Secotec TF
Refrigerated compressed air dryers

Secotec TF dryers feature the proprietary Secopack LS thermal storage system, which contains a phase-changing material that stores thermal energy as it cycles from a solid to a liquid and back. This latent heat storage medium has up to a 98% higher thermal storage density than comparable designs, allowing Secotec TF dryers to provide the same thermal storage capacity in a far more compact package. Secotec TF dryers reduce pressure loss across the dryer to 2.2 psi, and the lack of a pre-filter provides additional initial investment and maintenance savings, as well as an overall lower system pressure differential.

Kaeser Compressors
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