2013 Product of the Year Finalists

What you make or process—everything from gasoline, to the metal pumps used to deliver it, to the cars that run on it—is affected by the products you add to your manufacturing plant each year in order to improve production and increase productivity.

The 26th annual Plant Engineering Product of the Year competition is a celebration of all that is new and innovative in product development. It is also a time to evaluate your own needs within the plant to see what areas of your operation need improvement. Chances are, the solutions are within the following categories (see bottom of this page).

From pumps and hoses to automation and electrical switches, your plant is a hybrid of products. This year’s 106 finalists cover every corner of the plant and offer ways to solve problems, provide better information, or deliver greater safety and reliability. Within the product mix that makes up your plant, no one single solution will solve every problem. Taken as a whole, however, they offer a path to improvement.

Just as each of our finalists have unique value propositions to offer, Product of the Year is unique in one special way: our readers are the jury that will determine the winners. The only people eligible to vote on the Product of the Year finalists are those who buy and/or specify products for the plant floor. We work diligently each year to secure votes from our qualified subscribers on the Product of the Year finalists because this is the only way that we can ensure that Product of the Year remains the preeminent new products awards event in the industry. Prior to casting your vote using our online-only ballot located at www.plantengineering.com/poy, please take a few minutes to review the following 2013 finalists. Voting will conclude on Dec. 31, 2013.

The 2013 Product of the Year award winners will be invited to CFE Media’s annual Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner in Chicago. Attendees at this event will meet the Product of the Year winners, the Control Engineering 2014 Engineer’s Choice Award winners, and the Plant Engineering 2013 Top Plant recipients.

Your vote is what begins the annual process for these manufacturers, and we hope it also brings you insight on what’s new in the world of manufacturing today. We know the process of improvement is a continuous one, and we continue as your partner in that journey as well.


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