2011 Mid-Year Report: Questions

Question 1
Everyone seems to feel the worst of the 2009 recession is behind us. In what ways has 2011 met or exceeded your expectations? (See the responses…)

Question 2
What are the warning signs? What still needs to be done? (See the responses…)

Question 3
You are a manufacturing supplier, but you are also a manufacturing business. What challenges have you found in your own operation that you have had to address in order to grow? (See the responses…)

Question 4
You talk with successful manufacturing operations all the time. What characteristics do they have in common? (See the responses…)

Question 5
Describe your organization’s energy policies. What are the near- and long-term goals for energy management within your organization? (See the responses…)

Question 6
What is your outlook for 2013? (See the responses…)

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