The latest high-performance LGVs for pallet movement offer improvements in battery performance, energy utilization, vehicle uptime, CO2 reduction and enable a more integrated and space-optimized facility.
Sustainability January 11, 2022

Laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) support sustainability in manufacturing and distribution

Laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) are used in manufacturing and distribution facilities for good reason

By Jim McMahon
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Sustainability December 31, 2021

Achieving quick ‘green’ wins from a steam system

As businesses rise to an increasingly complex set of energy and sustainability challenges, the need for sustainable solutions is greater than ever. Michael Hyde offers some insight into what can be done today to optimize steam systems.

By Michael Hyde
Duke Energy established the Mount Holly Microgrid Innovation Lab to help learn how to deploy new technologies for reliability and efficiency as microgrids become more common.
Sustainability December 17, 2021

Resiliency, sustainability and conservation best practices

Duke Energy helps customers with conservation, sustainability and carbon goals

By Jack Smith
Illinois chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Xiao Su and colleagues found an economical and sustainable method for separating cobalt and nickel from each other for battery recycling purposes – making spent battery electrodes a secondary source of these valuable metals.
Sustainability December 3, 2021

Sustainable electrochemical process could improve lithium-ion battery recycling

Spent lithium-ion batteries have metals that are hard to separate for recycling, but new tech by University of Illinois researchers uses electrochemistry to separate and recover the metals.

By Lois Yoksoulian
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Sustainability November 22, 2021

Resource processing challenges that stand in the way of a circular economy

Sustainable resource processing method can reduce the cost of production, lower greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs

By Shannon Bergstrom
Cuisine Solutions, LEED-registered facility in San Antonio, Texas.
Sustainability October 30, 2021

Four sustainability features from award-winning food plant

The plant's sustainability features could be relevant for other projects, regardless of product or processing

By Brad Johnson
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Sustainability October 28, 2021

Sustainability: It’s time to get on with it

With net zero deadlines getting closer, more emphasis is being put on the need to cut carbon footprints.

By Claire Price
Part of the Charter Street Heating and Cooling Plant on the UW-Madison campus. A new model for control systems could help large central plants like these save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Courtesy: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sustainability November 18, 2020

How LEED certification and power plants can coexist

With the use of renewables, green energy will become the norm, powered by LEED and PEER standards

By Shannon Bergstrom
Sustainability October 11, 2018

Predictive maintenance: Monitor, measure and act: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter David Auton answered questions about topics such as predictive maintenance strategies, P-F curves, energy consumption as a prediction of failure, and more.

By David Auton, C&W Services
Sustainability September 13, 2018

2018 Engineering Leader Under 40: Mary Frances Stotler, 33

Project Manager, Dennis Group, Duluth, GA, United States

By McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator