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Sustainability October 19, 2022

Sustainable manufacturing’s impact on the circular economy

The circular economy represents a more sensible approach to production and consumption and sustainable manufacturing can help.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability October 18, 2022

Hydrogen blending demonstration with fuel cells

Companies, utilities and research institutions are investing resources into advancing hydrogen’s role in the net-zero economy. One such project involves a prestigious university in California.

By Gas Technology
Courtesy: Baystate Medical Center/BROAD USA
Sustainability October 12, 2022

Gas cooling benefits in medical and recreational facilities

Gas cooling systems can help hospitals and recreational facilities reduce their energy costs by providing reliable cooling in facilities where year-round cooling is needed.

By Gas Technology
IMTS additive manufacturing
Sustainability September 22, 2022

Additive manufacturing impacts sustainability, innovation

Additive manufacturing (AM) is being utilized to drive the future of sustainable technology forward and encouraging innovation. Six indirect impacts and two direct impacts are highlighted.

By Morgan Green
The Acuity Brands rCMSB Wireless Occupancy and Daylight Sensor: The rCMSB is a wireless battery-powered ceiling mount sensor. To install, simply mount it to the ceiling and program with the mobile app. Combine the Acuity Brands rCMSB with nLight AIR switches and fixture-based controls for easier installation to drive the lowest installed cost of lighting controls. Courtesy: Acuity Brands, New Products for Engineers
Sustainability July 2, 2022

Digital tools help with sustainable, greener designs

Digital twins can provides actionable data that can capture the effects of micro- and macro-scale changes on a real environment, allowing users to make more informed decisions on creating greener built spaces.

By Carl Coken
Courtesy: Resman
Sustainability June 2, 2022

Intelligent tracers in a sustainable energy system

The E&P industry is under increasing scrutiny as demands are growing for a more sustainable energy system.

By Gunnar Hviding
Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Sustainability June 1, 2022

IoT’s impact on sustainability in industrial facilities

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help industrial facilities gather more information and use it to make their operations more sustainable and efficient. See four industrial IoT OEE benefits.

By Mark Adair
Courtesy: University of Cambridge
Sustainability May 26, 2022

Groups working together on energy management future

IfM Engage, University of Cambridge and ABB have teamed up to develop a blueprint for better and more sustainable ways of working.

John Lee is the strategic manager of manufacturing intelligence at Matrix Technologies. Courtesy: Matrix Technologies
Sustainability May 13, 2022

Creating automation interoperability, sustainability at a resin plant, flour mill

It is crucial to understand business goals and requirements up front and to have ways to test requirements and measure automation project success. Control system integration projects reduced waste to zero in the first year; the other reduced delays and backlogs.

By John Lee
Overcoming financial hurdles, moving from analysis to action and establishing the culture for change.
Sustainability May 11, 2022

The road to net-zero: How to begin your decarbonization journey

It is critical to develop meaningful strategies to achieve net-zero targets and to begin to act now.

By Ari Kobb