Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring March 1, 2000

Good reasons to join a skilled workforce:security, earnings, quality of life, and satisfaction

A recent Plant Engineering editorial on today’s skills shortage (July 1999, p 10) prompted a reader to respond with the question: “As parents, why would you encourage your children to join the ‘skilled workforce?'” Together, the editorial and the question prompted Author Tom Huey to give the matter of skills shortages some serious consideration. His thought-provoking remarks on this issue are presented here. Why would a parent encourage his children to join the skilled workforce ? I can give four good reasons: job security, earnings potential, quality of life, and job satisfaction. Growing roots Job security may not now be at the top of the hit parade for every 20-yr-old entering the workforce, but eventually it will be for many. In a recent poll by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 72% of the respondents said that they would like the security of long-term employment with one company.

By Tom Huey
Remote Monitoring January 1, 2000

Crystal ball gazing in the new millennium: Looking at the future of CMMS/EAM

There is something about January 1, 2000, that makes us want to peer into the future. When it comes to information systems, 5-10 yr is about as far ahead as mere mortals can see.

By Tom Singer
Remote Monitoring December 1, 1999

Plasma cutting boosts maintenance productivity

Research into and experience with air plasma cutting has led many companies to the conclusion that it offers a reliable, efficient, high-quality, low-cost method of metal cutting.

By Steve Kanda
Remote Monitoring November 1, 1999

Protection device arrests a free fall within inches

Miller MiniLite Fall Limiter arrests free falls within inches, reducing the risk of injury and making rescue easier. The product is less restrictive than lanyards, furnishing 11 ft of webbing capacity for greater mobility and no trip hazard.

By Staff
Remote Monitoring November 1, 1999

Mobile computing enters maintenance mainstream

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management systems (EAMS) are marvelous tools. They provide a wealth of information to maintenance departments to better manage and execute mission-critical activities.

By Tom Singer
Remote Monitoring July 1, 1999

Crane mounted welder has mobility

Wall Crane Welding Machine with pushbutton control can be positioned with a wire feed assembly anywhere -- both horizontally and vertically -- along a fabrication bay. All welding controls are at the wire feed, which is within easy reach.

By Staff
Remote Monitoring April 1, 1999

Vacuum cleaner serves large areas

Explosion-Proof Vacuum consists of four models based on a 55-gal. capacity tank. Mobility coupled with high capacity make these units well suited for large area cleanups. A 1.7-hp motor is UL listed explosionproof. All models can be used wet or dry.

By Staff
Remote Monitoring March 1, 1999

Putting PC power to work in industrial automation applications

The most significant technological shift in industrial automation over the last few years has been the emergence of the PC on the plant floor.

By David Potter
Remote Monitoring February 1, 1999

Pump basics

Pumps are one of the oldest machines used by man for transporting energy from one form to another. It is not surprising that the there are many designs, resulting in some confusion when generic identification of a specific pump is attempted.

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Remote Monitoring January 1, 1999

Managing energy in a deregulated environment: Opportunity or chaos?

Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it! A choice when your plant buys power. A single energy bill from a single source. The potential to reduce energy costs significantly.

By Jeanine Katzel