Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems July 15, 2013

DCS market may be crucial in Invensys bidding

Schneider Electric acquisition would boost company’s position in global markets, according to IHS Inc. comments

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Electrical Systems July 9, 2013

Electromagnetic flow transmitter

The EFT10 Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter combines coil excitation with digital communications for end users in conductive liquid applications

Electrical Systems July 3, 2013

Industrial barcode reader

The DataMan 300 industrial barcode readers feature eight integrated light banks and an intelligent tuning feature for automatic calibration to any setting

Electrical Systems July 2, 2013

Graphic display panel meter and logger

The Dpi1701 panel meter and data logger series is designed for for temperature and process measurement and features alarm relays and isolated analog output

Electrical Systems July 2, 2013

Enclosure fan kits and exhaust grilles

The STEGO enclosure filter fans and exhaust grille line is designed to provide optimum climate in enclosures