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Sustainability June 25, 2024

Five manufacturing trends to accelerate sustainability progress

More than ever, manufacturing companies are forced to consider the impact of their carbon footprint. Five trends for companies to improve their sustainability efforts are highlighted.

By Dave Duncan
Sustainability April 23, 2024

Why manufacturers should care about sustainability and optimization

Corporate sustainability initiatives, net-zero targets, scope 3 emissions and ESG regulations are topics that plant personnel should pay attention to and learn more about.

By Jason Mannion
Sustainability April 12, 2024

Setting sustainability goals with technology adoption

Pushes toward net zero and robotics technology adoption can help increase the sustainability of an industrial process.

By David Barrett-Hague
Sustainability February 26, 2024

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: February 19-25, 2024

Top 5 Plant Engineering content over the past week covered electrical and power system trends, picking the right drive, asset performance management and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability February 16, 2024

Trends to watch in 2024 focus on ‘sustainable’

What will it take to make your plant sustainable?

By Amara Rozgus
Sustainability February 14, 2024

How electrical, power system trends are affecting and impacting manufacturing efficiency, sustainability

Electrical and power systems are evolving and are continuing to become more efficient and sustainable, but challenges do persist.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability January 16, 2024

Three ways big data can realize sustainability, digital transformation initiatives

Real-time data provides business insights into sustainability and digital transformation gains in three key areas and can help companies realize their goals.

By Carol Schafer
Sustainability December 20, 2023

Are you at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution?

Is it still a revolution? Probably not; sustainability should be embraced

By Amara Rozgus
Sustainability December 8, 2023

Sustainability considerations and strategies for plant automation

Sustainability remains a hot topic in manufacturing throughout, but what does it mean for plant automation and how does it affect operations?

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability October 16, 2023

Honeywell Connect Recap: Digital technologies improving flexibility, sustainability

Sustainability remains a major focus for manufacturers as well as the need for smart digital technologies that can provide better intelligence for companies.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability October 4, 2023

Study suggests energy-efficient route to capturing and converting CO2

The findings, based on a single electrochemical process, could help cut emissions from the hardest-to-decarbonize industries, such as steel and cement.

By Jennifer Chu
Sustainability September 25, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: September 18-24, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content over the past week covered Leaders Under 40, Pack Expo 2023, electrical safety and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability September 20, 2023

Pixel-by-pixel analysis generates lithium-ion battery insights

Researchers have observed how lithium ions flow through a battery interface, which could help engineers optimize the material’s design.

By Anne Trafton
Sustainability September 18, 2023

Pack Expo Recap: Merging sustainability, automation in packaging operations

More than ever, companies expect automation and sustainability working together to reduce downtime and keep manufacturing runs smoothly.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability September 3, 2023

Pathways to energy-efficient production and improving sustainability

Climate targets and high energy prices are forcing the industrial sector to reduce its energy consumption, making it necessary to make greater use of digitalization and automation to make production more energy efficient.

By Jonas Harant and Christian Schiller
Sustainability August 28, 2023

Hydrogen technology developed to curtail food, beverage greenhouse gases

West Virginia University researchers are developing an advanced hydrogen flexible boiler to help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the food and beverage industry.

By Laura Roberts
Sustainability August 17, 2023

Flow batteries designed to help sustainable grid of the future

Researchers have designed over 100 types of organic molecules called ionic oligomers, that are ideally suited for flow batteries, which could increase their use.

By Jason Daley
Sustainability July 26, 2023

Six ways to maximize efficient manufacturing with minimized energy

There are several practical strategies and initiatives that can help manufacturers overcome energy cost challenges.

By Jeremy Whittingham
Sustainability July 25, 2023

Why sustainability is a necessity in the manufacturing world

Sustainability and environmental considerations can help boost a manufacturing business and gain trust with consumers and employees.

By Limuel Sagadraca and Thomas Risley
Sustainability June 26, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: June 19-25, 2023

The top 5 Plant Engineering content from the past week covered Product of the Year winners, sustainability, electrical safety and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability June 19, 2023

How sustainability success starts from within

Sustainability’s success relies on building a culture that starts from the bottom up and involves everyone from plant-floor workers to executives.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability May 2, 2023

How an industrial facility achieved its sustainability goals

In this mechanical system case study, a hybrid HVAC system was used to achieve energy efficiency goals

By Chris McDaniel and Sven Peulen
Sustainability February 7, 2023

ESG and how to be a good corporate citizen

Before manufacturers can define their ESG goals in the new year and beyond, it’s important to understand the full scope of ESG and why it’s important

By Paul Lachance
Sustainability December 28, 2022

Analytics’ impact on sustainability and profitability in manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing and zero waste are major priorities for manufacturers and analytics can help companies identify goals to achieve.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability December 22, 2022

Benefits of waste-to-energy solutions

Waste-to-energy is a sustainable alternative to simply letting trash sit in a landfill and can be cost-effective for manufacturers.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability December 15, 2022

Uninterruptible power supplies defeat unplanned downtime

How a UPS system enhances a generator’s system design

By Mark Nell
Sustainability December 15, 2022

Lithium-ion anodes renews graphene from waste

Rice University researchers use a "green" process revives essential battery components for reuse.

By Mike Williams
Sustainability December 8, 2022

What oil and gas companies are doing to promote environmental sustainability

The industry is particularly under the microscope because of its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability October 19, 2022

Sustainable manufacturing’s impact on the circular economy

The circular economy represents a more sensible approach to production and consumption and sustainable manufacturing can help.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability October 18, 2022

Hydrogen blending demonstration with fuel cells

Companies, utilities and research institutions are investing resources into advancing hydrogen’s role in the net-zero economy. One such project involves a prestigious university in California.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability October 12, 2022

Gas cooling benefits in medical and recreational facilities

Gas cooling systems can help hospitals and recreational facilities reduce their energy costs by providing reliable cooling in facilities where year-round cooling is needed.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability June 2, 2022

Intelligent tracers in a sustainable energy system

The E&P industry is under increasing scrutiny as demands are growing for a more sustainable energy system.

By Gunnar Hviding
Sustainability June 1, 2022

IoT’s impact on sustainability in industrial facilities

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help industrial facilities gather more information and use it to make their operations more sustainable and efficient. See four industrial IoT OEE benefits.

By Mark Adair
Sustainability May 26, 2022

Groups working together on energy management future

IfM Engage, University of Cambridge and ABB have teamed up to develop a blueprint for better and more sustainable ways of working.

Sustainability May 13, 2022

Creating automation interoperability, sustainability at a resin plant, flour mill

It is crucial to understand business goals and requirements up front and to have ways to test requirements and measure automation project success. Control system integration projects reduced waste to zero in the first year; the other reduced delays and backlogs.

By John Lee
Sustainability May 11, 2022

The road to net-zero: How to begin your decarbonization journey

It is critical to develop meaningful strategies to achieve net-zero targets and to begin to act now.

By Ari Kobb
Sustainability March 19, 2022

Smarter lighting: For a brighter future

Combining highly efficient lighting technology, smart control and sensors, mean every aspect of the luminaire can be fully optimized.

By Jesús Fernández
Sustainability February 1, 2022

Survey shows significant impact of industrial autonomy on environmental sustainability

Yokogawa's survey on environmental sustainability revealed the number of manufacturers moving forward with industrial autonomy is increasing.

By Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Sustainability January 23, 2022

Smart AI-based system developed to improve sustainability

Rheality has partnered with Clean Engineering to commercialize a "smart" AI-based system designed to optimize fluid production.

By University of Birmingham
Sustainability January 11, 2022

Laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) support sustainability in manufacturing and distribution

Laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) are used in manufacturing and distribution facilities for good reason

By Jim McMahon
Sustainability December 31, 2021

Achieving quick ‘green’ wins from a steam system

As businesses rise to an increasingly complex set of energy and sustainability challenges, the need for sustainable solutions is greater than ever. Michael Hyde offers some insight into what can be done today to optimize steam systems.

By Michael Hyde
Sustainability December 17, 2021

Resiliency, sustainability and conservation best practices

Duke Energy helps customers with conservation, sustainability and carbon goals

By Jack Smith
Sustainability December 3, 2021

Sustainable electrochemical process could improve lithium-ion battery recycling

Spent lithium-ion batteries have metals that are hard to separate for recycling, but new tech by University of Illinois researchers uses electrochemistry to separate and recover the metals.

By Lois Yoksoulian
Sustainability November 22, 2021

Resource processing challenges that stand in the way of a circular economy

Sustainable resource processing method can reduce the cost of production, lower greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs

By Shannon Bergstrom
Sustainability October 30, 2021

Four sustainability features from award-winning food plant

The plant's sustainability features could be relevant for other projects, regardless of product or processing

By Brad Johnson
Sustainability October 28, 2021

Sustainability: It’s time to get on with it

With net zero deadlines getting closer, more emphasis is being put on the need to cut carbon footprints.

By Claire Price
Sustainability November 18, 2020

How LEED certification and power plants can coexist

With the use of renewables, green energy will become the norm, powered by LEED and PEER standards

By Shannon Bergstrom
Sustainability October 11, 2018

Predictive maintenance: Monitor, measure and act: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter David Auton answered questions about topics such as predictive maintenance strategies, P-F curves, energy consumption as a prediction of failure, and more.

By David Auton, C&W Services
Sustainability September 13, 2018

2018 Engineering Leader Under 40: Mary Frances Stotler, 33

Project Manager, Dennis Group, Duluth, GA, United States

By McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator
Sustainability August 6, 2018

Building from the top down

Hunter’s HVLS product development looked at moving air from all sides.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Sustainability May 26, 2018

U.S. Bank Stadium: America’s newest sports and entertainment venue

Natural gas helps to maximize the efficiency of the stadium’s operations for a better bottom line.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability May 24, 2018

Tribologist and lubrication group names president for 2018-19

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) announced Greg Croce, a technical manager for Chevron Products Company, has been named president of the group for 2018-19.

Sustainability May 10, 2018

Energy Management: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Tom Wenning from Energy Efficiency Research & Analysis (EERA) answered additional questions about topics such as artificial demand, dilute/dense phase transport replacement, and why you shouldn't open manual drain valves.

By Tom Wenning, Energy Efficiency Research & Analysis (EERA)
Sustainability May 10, 2018

CHP: Brewing up energy savings

Improved efficiency, inexpensive fuel source, control over power and heat, and access to high-quality onsite-generated power and heat make combined heat and power (CHP) an increasingly attractive prospect.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability April 27, 2018

Successfully testing steam traps with high-frequency ultrasound

A field-proven comparison method will provide an accurate test on each steam trap by using three or more test points on the steam trap station.

By Kelly Paffel, Inveno Engineering
Sustainability April 2, 2018

Ten reasons to build a process model for a manufacturing plant

A process model can be anything from a simple spreadsheet to a complex model that includes all aspects of a real-world manufacturing plant, which includes only what is necessary to answer vital questions.

By Philip Lyman, CRB
Sustainability March 20, 2018

The role of information technology in maintenance management

With margins getting narrower and facing intense competition from giants in every industry, many companies are looking to optimize their inventory and maintenance management. Well maintained equipment can mean the difference between a profitable year or a heavy loss.

By Bryan Christiansen, Limble CMMS
Sustainability September 14, 2017

2017 Engineering Leader Under 40: Nathan Kelley, 33

Reliability Leader, Mid-Continent Business Unit, Chevron, Midland, Texas

By CFE Media
Sustainability August 24, 2017

New boiler life with a new burner

Is it time for a boiler replacement? Maybe a controls and burner replacement will solve the problem.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability August 21, 2017

Fuel cells find new applications

A fuel cell creates electricity from hydrogen, or hydrogen-rich fuel, and oxygen, and can be used in a wide range of applications including transportation, stationary, portable, and backup power applications.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability August 14, 2017

Heat exchangers

A new line of heat exchangers are made with the industry's highest density fins, allowing the liquid to be cooled to lower temperatures.

By Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Sustainability June 13, 2017

Beating the high cost of staying cool

Calculate seasonal energy efficiency for your HVAC system.

By Eric Corzine, Rittal Corporation
Sustainability April 28, 2017

Combined heat and power and frozen vegetables

Absorption refrigeration and freezing using ammonia-cycle chillers is useful if the thermal source is byproduct heat that would otherwise be wasted.

By Gas Technology
Sustainability February 14, 2017

Process optimization can reduce costs

Get a better sense of the big picture and make adjustments to your operation.

By Todd Allsup, Stellar
Sustainability November 18, 2016

Variable volume pump

The variable volume pump immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum delivery of a liquid with changing viscosity.

By Tri-Rotor
Sustainability September 26, 2016

Bearings with enhanced formulas for more applications

The Solid Oil bearings have added enhanced formulas to benefit more applications such as food processing equipment, cranes, machinery, and conveyors where manual greasing would raise safety issues.

Sustainability June 1, 2016

2016 Energy Management Study: Six findings on energy management programs

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2016 Energy Management Study identified six high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Sustainability May 27, 2016

The benefits of using a soft starter on ac motors

Switching your ac motors to include a soft starter may result in an initial payout. Because of the reduced power consumption and maintenance, they will typically pay for themselves very quickly, and the benefits will be fully experienced from that point forward.

By David Manney
Sustainability May 19, 2016

Webcast: Energy Management Strategies for Manufacturing

The latest report from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) offers a complete analysis of the current state of energy management in the United States and Canada, and a road map for future opportunities for manufacturing.

By CFE Media
Sustainability May 9, 2016

Gas-fired infrared heaters

The GORDONRAY DF gas-fired infrared heaters are designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

By Roberts-Gordon
Sustainability December 1, 2015

Ten tips to optimize pneumatic performance

Pneumatics is considered extremely simple, convenient, and flexible. With just a few tricks, engineers can save time and optimize system performance. Here are ten practical tips.

By Franco Stephan, AVENTICS
Sustainability November 24, 2015

Packaging trends: Key findings from PMMI

Key findings from The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies Research.

By Kyle Lawrence, process engineering, Stellar
Sustainability October 22, 2015

Torque limiter for manufactures in heavy-duty industries

The Autogard 820 Remote-Reset Torque Limiter reduces downtime for manufacturers in heavy-duty industries such as energy, metal processing, mining, aggregates, automotive, food processing, and pulp and paper.

By Rexnord
Sustainability October 5, 2015

Traffic doors: speed or sustainability?

One approach to deciding between a thicker door and a faster door is found in a recent report by the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association High-Performance Door Division.

By Michael Watkins
Sustainability June 2, 2015

Repair or replace motors Webcast: Viewer questions on motor matters

VFD impact on TEFC motors, squirrel cage rotors and condition monitoring issues discussed.

By Tom Bishop
Sustainability May 19, 2015

2015 Energy Management Study: Reducing energy consumption on the plant floor

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2015 Energy Management Study identified six high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today. See findings and access full report.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Sustainability May 19, 2015

2015 Maintenance Study: Reducing energy consumption on the plant floor

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2015 Maintenance Study identified six high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today. See findings and access full report.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Sustainability May 19, 2015

2015 Plant Engineering Safety Study

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2015 Safety Study identified six high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today. See findings and access full report.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Sustainability March 18, 2015

What came first—the application or the flowmeter?

To use a flowmeter to its full potential, always focus on knowing the flow application parameters and requirements long before deciding to use one type of flowmeter versus another.

By Gary Coblentz, Spirax Sarco
Sustainability February 19, 2015

The steam and condensate loop – fluid and flow

Steam is not the easiest medium to measure, but you still can get reliable measurement of steam flowrates.

By Steve Gow, Spirax Sarco
Sustainability October 15, 2014

The nine benefits of using steam

Here are 9 reasons why using steam is good for your plant.

By Spirax Sarco
Sustainability October 9, 2014

Saving energy in industrial environments

Measure, compare and uncover the “energy vampires” in your operation to decrease energy use and improve reliability

By Will Delsman, NK Technologies
Sustainability August 27, 2014

Americas revenue growth for operator terminals

The Americas are projected to be the fastest growing regional market for operator terminal revenues to 2018

By Alexandra Whiting, analyst for IHS Inc.
Sustainability July 9, 2014

SX80 and SX90 process controllers

Spirax Sarco's SX80 and SX90 process controllers arelow-cost and flexible temperature controllers, offering accurate process control.

Sustainability May 27, 2014

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, May 19-25

Articles about improving your proactive maintenance plan, reducing HVAC energy consumption, correcting induction motor power, the EPA’s clean water regulations, and achieving energy efficiency were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, May 19-25. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Sustainability May 27, 2014

Plant Engineering 2014 Energy Management Study: Five energy monitoring trends

According to the data in this report, 33% of manufacturing facilities have energy reduction goals of at least 10% for the upcoming year, and another 40% are aiming to cut energy consumption by 5% to 10%.

By Amanda McLeman
Sustainability May 15, 2014

Webcast: Energy Efficiency for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers

At Plant Engineering's May 15 Webcast, Ethan Rogers, Senior Program Manager for Industry with ACEEE, discussed the types of programs targeting SMMs as well as those serving the industrial sector as a whole.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability May 8, 2014

Filling the manufacturing skills gap through online education

The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) is finding ways to fill the manufacturing skills gap through developing a new online and hands-on education inititiave called NTMA-U.

Sustainability May 7, 2014

Biofuels: What are they?

Biofuels have become a popular subject in the energy community, but how does this energy source actually work, and are there any downsides to using them?

By Spirax Sarco
Sustainability April 17, 2014

Reducing HVAC energy consumption

Reducing an HVAC system's energy usage can often mean a costly equipment upgrade, but new products on the marketplace can assist in reducing an exsisting HVAC system's energy consumption with add-on software.

By Ron Hoffman
Sustainability April 11, 2014

Gas Technology: Reduced boiler NOx from advanced burner designs

Meeting tightened standards with new solutions

By Gas Technology
Sustainability April 11, 2014

Gas Technology: Better Plants Program

Making a commitment to reduce energy

By Gas Technology
Sustainability March 21, 2014

U.S. innovation drives manufacturing’s charge

By any standard, 2013 was a big rebound year for manufacturing, and the momentum continues into 2014.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability March 7, 2014

Water a competitive advantage for manufacturing

From its effective use of developing products for the manufacturing sector, water is seen as a critical opportunity, and a critical challenge

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability March 3, 2014

Using ‘Big Data’ to deliver a competitive advantage

The digital revolution, globalization, and market forces are upending the manufacturing industry, causing manufacturers to face unprecedented challenges

By Mary Ramsey
Sustainability February 13, 2014

Steam as a living organism

Why a steam system should not be thought of as individual functional items but as an interdependent ecosystem.

By Spirax Sarco
Sustainability January 28, 2014

Find the process demand waste in your energy system

After you’ve done the basics on energy management, where do you look next for cost savings?

By Robb Dussault, Schneider Electric
Sustainability January 10, 2014

Potential net-energy metering rollbacks won’t impact solar markets in U.S. states in 2014

Despite efforts from some U.S. states to re-evaluate their net-energy metering policies, the impact of any potential changes on the U.S. photovoltaics industry is expected to be negligible in 2014, according to IHS Inc.

By IHS Inc.
Sustainability December 20, 2013

Burner replacement on existing boilers

Dramatic efficiency gains possible by replacing burners on existing boilers.

Sustainability December 19, 2013

Selecting the right boiler

Make the best long-term decision

Sustainability November 18, 2013

2013 Product of the Year finalists: Energy Management

Finalists in the Energy Management category for the Plant Engineering 2013 Product of the Year competition.

By Amanda McLeman
Sustainability October 22, 2013

U.S. droughts create increase benefits of condensate recovery

For commercial and industrial facilities the benefits of condensate recovery can be measured in several ways: energy reductions, increased operational efficiency, chemical treatment cost savings, water conservation and emission control.

By Neil Davies, Spirax Sarco
Sustainability September 26, 2013

Selecting the right flowmeter

Each flowmeter technology has its pros and cons; learn how to select the best flowmeter based on your specific flow criteria.

By Spirax Sarco
Sustainability September 23, 2013

Save energy with monitoring, targeting

You can’t control what you can’t measure, so effective monitoring and targeting is typically an important step in any campaign to save energy.

By Spirax Sarco
Sustainability September 10, 2013

Keep the boiler, replace the burner

New designs offer increased efficiency, more turndown

By Energy Solutions Center
Sustainability August 27, 2013

Solar microinverter shipments to quadruple, reach 2.1 GW in 2017

The global market for microinverters will expand by a factor of four from 2013 through 2017 as microinverters are adopted in greater numbers outside the U.S., according to IHS.

By IHS Inc.
Sustainability August 6, 2013

Plugging the $2,500 per leak gap

View lost compressed air like any other material loss

By Paul Humphreys, Atlas Copco Compressors
Sustainability July 26, 2013

Take a SMART approach with compressed air leaks

Measure the problem, then set out on a repair journey

By Mark Krisa, Ingersoll Rand
Sustainability July 11, 2013

Water treatment: Getting it right in the boilerhouse

One of the most important principles of good water treatment is to provide the boiler with the best quality feedwater that we economically deliver.

Sustainability June 6, 2013

The challenge: Build sub-meters and we will buy them

Dept. of Energy wants all the sub-$100 meters we can manufacture to cut energy consumption

Sustainability May 16, 2013

Shaft locking bushings

The ETP Hyloc provides hub shaft connection even with high torque and radial loading and can be reset at diffrerent positions without losing concentricity

Sustainability May 9, 2013

Shedding new light on LED lighting’s benefits

LED lighting is an easy way for many building owners to cut down on energy bills and reduce potential maintenance and safety costs

By Antony Corrie, Harvard Engineering
Sustainability April 25, 2013

Concentrating solar power emerging

Developments for the SunShot Initiative are underway to reduce the cost of energy systems and make the technology more robust for future users.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Sustainability April 24, 2013

Pump efficiency drives cost savings

Many plants continue to consume far more power than is necessary to run their pump systems, simply because there is a lack of awareness of the losses. Recent educational efforts are starting to bring those issues to the forefront.

By Mike Pemberton
Sustainability April 24, 2013

Natural gas plants with solar boost

A new system under development converts natural gas and sunlight into a fuel called syngas, which power plants can burn to make electricity

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Sustainability April 22, 2013

PV inverter revenue expands to $7 billion in 2012, as Asia arises as growth driver

Global PV inverter market revenue last year rose to $7.1 billion, up from $6.7 billion in 2011.

By IHS Inc.
Sustainability April 16, 2013

Taking the longer view

Practical energy sustainability for industry

By Energy Solutions Center
Sustainability April 16, 2013

Packaged CHP systems

Profit engines for industry

By Energy Solutions Center
Sustainability April 16, 2013

Capturing heat from the furnace

Heat recovery options

By Energy Solutions Center
Sustainability April 16, 2013

LED Series Fixtures

The WFH LED luminaire is tested and rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free use and carries a five-year warranty

Sustainability April 15, 2013

Motor protection delivers reliable, efficient operation

How to make the right choice between a soft starter and a variable frequency drive

By Robert Fenton
Sustainability April 3, 2013

Energy storage tops the list of requirements for PV inverter buyers

A new survey of more than 400 global photovoltaic inverter customers has revealed a rapidly growing need for energy storage in PV systems.

By IHS Inc.
Sustainability April 1, 2013

MAPI president: Manufacturing is vital to wealth creation

The introductory letter to the new report issues by MAPI and The Aspen Institute on the need for accelerated policy changes in the manufacturing sector.

By Stephen Gold
Sustainability March 29, 2013

Achieving effective selective coordination design

The concept of full selective coordination has changed the way engineers must think when designing electrical distribution systems.

By Dan Caron, Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, and Ron Schroeder, ASCO
Sustainability March 6, 2013

Innovative energy management strategies help a Maine paper mill stay competitive

The Rumford Paper Mill has seen its energy costs reduced thanks to aggressive energy management strategies

By Hudson Gilmer, Genscape
Sustainability February 18, 2013

Industry Voices: Chuck Edwards

Chuck Edwards, president of Lenze Americas, discussed some of the issues facing U.S. manufacturing with Plant Engineering.

Sustainability February 18, 2013

Industry Voices: Anna Mazurek

Frost & Sullivan research analyst Anna Mazurek discussed the importance of intrinsic safety systems.

Sustainability February 18, 2013

Industry Voices: PC Romano

Piercarlo (PC) Romano is chairman-elect of the board of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) and president, Avid Solutions Inc., a CSIA Certified member headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Sustainability December 11, 2012

Phishing attacks elevate

Hackers are changing their tactics by targeting employee groups of up to 250 people at one time with fake emails or by targeting the smaller company in a merger and acquisition.

By Greg Hale, ISS Source
Sustainability December 9, 2012

Veterans can deliver skills to manufacturing

Manufacturers are starting to look to veterans and the skills they learned during their tours of duty as a way to shrink the Skills Gap.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Sustainability November 29, 2012

Data center management more than cooling

Keeping your data center from overheating is important, but it's not the only element for proper maintenance.

By Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric
Sustainability November 28, 2012

Industrial capital expenditure in the Americas to exceed $1 trillion by 2015

Investment continues to recover following the economic downturn, during which many projects were either postponed or cancelled altogether, with industrial capital expenditure forecast to grow by 6.8% from 2011 to 2012.

By Source: IMS Research (acquired by IHS)
Sustainability November 19, 2012

Mori Seiki opens new California manufacturing plant

Mori Seiki opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Davis, Ca.

Sustainability October 16, 2012

Comment: Veterans can deliver their skills to manufacturing

The Get Skills to Work" program is a major step forward in addressing the Skills Gap by getting military veterans to use their applicable talents and skills in manufacturing.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Sustainability October 2, 2012

Manufacturing growth rebounds after summer slump

ISM report jumps above 50% level for first time since May as new orders expand

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Sustainability October 1, 2012

The best changeover is no changeover

Achieving effective changeovers should start with eliminating those that are unnecessary.

By R. Keith Mobley
Sustainability September 23, 2012

Bridging the gap: Urgent need for solutions is being met, time for action

There was at once a sense of urgency and purpose as manufacturers and educators gathered to address the lack of skilled workers for manufacturing.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability September 19, 2012

Understanding the cost benefits of efficiency

Does it really cost too much to be sustainable with industrial/electrical systems?

By Greg Nelson
Sustainability September 19, 2012

A sweet deal – Hershey’s opens expanded Pennsylvania plant

$300 million investment will allowed production of 70 million Kisses a day

By The Hershey Company
Sustainability September 17, 2012

Five benefits of ultracapacitors for Automated Guided Vehicles

In distribution centers, production lines, warehouses and other industrial settings, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) increase efficiency and reduce costs. However, the poor performance of their battery-based systems diminishes these cost-savings and efficiencies.

By Jeff Colton, Ioxus
Sustainability September 17, 2012

Snack food packaging growth takes on a global flavor

Ahead of 2012 PACK EXPO, PMMI releases global growth report

By Pack Expo
Sustainability September 11, 2012

2012 Leader Under 40: Michael Bambino, 38

Production Manager, The Raymond Corp., Greene, N.Y.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability September 7, 2012

OPC Summit in Orlando Oct. 16-18

Homeland Security official to deliver event keynote

By OPC Foundation
Sustainability August 20, 2012

Mid-Year Report: Bullish on manufacturing

Investment in plants and people drives a stampede toward growth.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability August 17, 2012

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Crown Equipment VP discusses operational success

As part of Plant Engineering's Mid-Year Report, "Bullish on Manufacturing", Dave Besser, senior vice president at Crown Equipment Corp. talks exclusively online about how the company's integrated manufacturing approach has helped streamline operations.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability August 17, 2012

Software launch uses its manufacturing experience

Mike Morrison, executive director of manufacturing services at Dell, discusses the company's move into the manufacturing supplier space and what it has learned as a manufacturer over the years.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability August 13, 2012

CNG Lift Trucks Can Carry the Load

Lift trucks are essential in many industries and nearly all warehouse operations. Many fuels are used, including diesel, LP and electric batteries. The newest, and possibly the ideal fuel candidate is starting to make its place known. It’s compressed natural gas (CNG). Today CNG is an attractive energy source because of its economy, cleanliness, safety and rapid refueling characteristics

By Energy Solutions Center
Sustainability August 10, 2012

Create collaboration between ERP, PLM

Defined roles can bring greater benefits from each software solution.

By Chuck Cimalore
Sustainability July 16, 2012

China PV market set to boom as government raises 2015 installation target

Photovoltaic (PV) installations in China are set to reach over 4 GW in the second half of the year, according to a new report.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability July 9, 2012

Retrofit digital X-ray rapid growth signals advent of modular era

Rapid growth in the retrofit flat panel detector (FPD) market is predicted to signal the start of a new era in “modular” X-ray for general radiography.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability July 9, 2012

Daily Insight for July 9, 2012:

Daily Insight: Airbus in Alabama and what ‘Made In America” means

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Sustainability June 14, 2012

Why are European firms buying up North American Smart Grid companies?

The market for distribution automation and smart grid networking hardware in the Americas is anticipated to grow to nearly $1.7 billion in 2012, with suppliers of both automation equipment and networking infrastructure experiencing sustained growth over 2011.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability May 31, 2012

Apprenticeship program preparing, recognizing students in manufacturing

The Raymond Corp.'s Youth Apprenticeship Program graduated latest group of students from New York school district.

By The Raymond Corp.
Sustainability May 30, 2012

U.S. anti-dumping tariffs – What will change?

The industry has now had a chance to take stock of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce’s announcement that it will impose an import tariff on PV cells, or PV modules that contain cells, manufactured in China.

By Sam Wilkinson, Senior Market Analyst, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability May 29, 2012

Reflections on the final TETRA World Congress. Long live TETRA!

This year, the IMS Research mobile radio division exhibited and presented at the TETRA World Congress in Dubai.

By Thomas Lynch, Market Analyst, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability May 25, 2012

Bringing ‘green’ into clearer focus

For many manufacturing plants, “green” has become a somewhat muddied color. No other sector of the economy comes close to manufacturing in terms of generating industrial waste and pollution.

By Rakesh Kumar, Microsoft
Sustainability May 23, 2012

Energy data can tell you more than watts going on

Energy use in manufacturing plants and commercial buildings accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption in the U.S. Industrial and commercial facilities are also responsible for nearly half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

By Marty Aaron and Marcus Maxwell, Eaton Corp.
Sustainability May 21, 2012

Does the European market for data center power distribution products have untapped potential?

Data center power distribution in Europe accounts for a very small amount of the $440 million accumulated in 2011. The potential for a growing market exists, but a lack of visibility and investment remains a hurdle.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability May 15, 2012

Increasing use of smart pumps to help drive down “Never Events”

Increased focus on providing optimum patient care in the most cost efficient way is fuelling demand for intelligent infusion devices termed “Smart Pumps.”

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability May 14, 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES: On the road to sustainability, you’re going to need a map

Businesses look to implement, embrace sustainability as a critical success factor for long-term value for their customers, our common planet. Sustainability is also strongly linked to making the most of the organization’s energy.

By Greg Bodenhamer, Schneider Electric
Sustainability May 9, 2012

Indoor positioning: Crowd-sourcing and the ‘Second wave’

Companies are crowd-sourcing their RF databases to aid GPS and improve indoor location accuracy as well as create a stronger alignment with satellites.

By Alex West, Research Director, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability April 19, 2012

The dollars-and-cents of a CMMS

Installing a good CMMS can have a profound impact on your maintenance operations – and your bottom line.

By Eric Karjala, MicroMain Corporation (Courtesy: Marshall Institute)
Sustainability April 11, 2012

From Sapphire to Lumens, conference will bring unparalleled coverage of the LED lighting, backlighting markets to display week 2012

The Society for Information Display is very excited to host LED Lighting Evolution: From Sapphire to Lumens on June 6, 2012 as part of Display Week 2012.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sustainability March 23, 2012

Five reasons why plant managers should care about PLM

Product lifecycle management technology provides the ability to share information across an enterprise, including product design and the manufacturing cycle, and should be utilized by all plant managers.

By Chuck Cimalore, Omnify Software
Sustainability March 22, 2012

The carbon economy has arrived; are you ready?

Integrating an enterprise resource planning solution with carbon accounting software aids in a company’s efforts to better track, manage and reduce its overall carbon footprint.

By Chris Purcell, Epicor
Sustainability March 16, 2012

Approaching 400 million smart cards used in transportation, but is NFC the threat on the horizon?

The volume of smart cards sold for use on mass transit systems is estimated to have approached 400 million in 2011; and announcements such as those last week from the UK government to extend the Oyster card nationwide, are aiding in cementing transportation as the 4th largest smart card application, behind SIMs, payments and government ID.

By Alex Green, Sr Research Director, Financial & ID Technology Group, IMS Research
Sustainability March 12, 2012

White paper: ‘Orchestrating’ global manufacturing operations requires more than ERP

Apriso and IDC study looks at integrating divergent facilities and people.

By Apriso
Sustainability March 6, 2012

Schneider Electric’s Ramsey: Take advantage of revolutionary solutions

New U.S. Industry VP sees manufacturing addressing critical issues.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability March 6, 2012

Wisconsin manufacturing facility to expand

S&C Electric Co. plans to expand facilities in Franklin, Wis. to meet smart grid growth needs.

By Source: S&C Electric Co.
Sustainability February 17, 2012

White paper: Optimizing drive systems for energy savings

Several areas should be considered when looking for potential opportunities to reduce energy consumption via the drive system.

By William B. Gilbert, Siemens Energy and Automation
Sustainability February 13, 2012

Experts see optimism, challenges for 2012

As 2012 begins, manufacturing continues to lead the U.S. economy in its slow climb back to prosperity.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability February 13, 2012

Underwriters Laboratory: Sustainable manufacturing will attract customers

Sara Greenstein from Underwriters Laboratory explains how the average consumer's expectations of a product correlates with manufacturing production and how that affects the industry at large.

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability February 13, 2012

NGM Report: Sustainablity: A smart strategy

Sustainable engineering is moving to the forefront as U.S. manufacturers look to become more and more viable in a growing global industry, particularly as the U.S. moves out of a recession.

By Next Generation Manufacturing
Sustainability February 10, 2012

What is the future for safety networking?

Safety networking is on the rise, especially in Asia, but not as fast as total networking on a global level.

By Graham Brown, Market Analyst, IMS Research
Sustainability February 8, 2012

Chinese Premier to open Hannover Messe 2012

Wen Jiabao, the Premier for the People's Republic of China, is expected to open the event on April 22 in Germany, accepting the German government's official invitation.

By Hannover Messe
Sustainability January 24, 2012

USB data loggers

The 2012 AHR Expo took place Jan. 23-25, 2012 in Chicago. Among the new products introduced at the show were:

Sustainability January 18, 2012

What keeps supply chain managers up at night?

Cost containment, talent and global issues among the top 13 issues

By Paul Dittmann, PhD, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sustainability January 17, 2012

Consider ambient temperature in lighting decisions

Select the correct fixture for the appropriate environment

By Tamar Williamson, Holophane
Sustainability January 16, 2012

Video: Opening the door to increased sales

Company leaders describe how specialists from the Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center enabled the company to increase efficiency, contain operating costs, and achieve ISO 9001:2008 registration.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 16, 2012

Video: Realizing efficiency drives competitive opportunities

Evans Manufacturing is an Illinois maker of cylindrical steel parts for equipment.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 11, 2012

UK PV module price watch – Supply chain prices respond to feed-in tariff chaos

Although the UK saw record demand for PV modules up until the December 12th Feed-in tariff cut, on average December saw module prices in the UK decline in response to the heavy cuts that took place, albeit temporarily.

By Sam Wilkinson, Senior PV Market Analyst, IMS Research
Sustainability December 20, 2011

Gas Technology: Industrial humidification solutions

Holding the ideal level

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability December 20, 2011

Gas Technology: Measure it, manage it

Flow metering a key to efficiency

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability December 15, 2011

GM Ft. Wayne plant earns zero-landfill designation

Plant earns $2 million in recycling revenue last year

By General Motors' Fort Wayne
Sustainability December 2, 2011

Strong growth potential in the industrial hydraulics sector

Global revenues for the industrial hydraulics market are expected to exceed $10 billion by 2013, which is a growth of 30% from 2010's revenues.

By Robert Carter, Principal Analyst, IMS Research
Sustainability November 20, 2011

Xylem completes spinoff of water technology business from ITT

New company begins operation with emphasis on water distribution in commercial and industrial sectors.

By Source: Xylem Inc.
Sustainability November 16, 2011

‘Near net-zero’ plant sustains profits, productivity

Frito-Lay, inspired by the idea of taking one of their plants off the energy grid, turned their Casa Grande, Ariz. manufacturing plant into a 'near net-zero' facility, running on renewable resources.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager
Sustainability November 15, 2011

Flowmeters improve HVAC system performance

Energy efficiency efforts have risen in recent years as environmental and economic concerns have grown, particularly with the recent economic recession.

By Marisa Fedele, Siemens Industry Inc.
Sustainability November 1, 2011

POY Finalist: Lighting fixtures

Finalist in Lighting in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Amanda McLeman, Plant Engineering
Sustainability November 1, 2011

POY Finalist: 3D laser scanner

Finalist in Material Handling Systems in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Gust Gianos, Plant Engineering
Sustainability October 17, 2011

Lean product development provides manufacturing value

Relentless focus on customer value reduces time to market.

By Katherine Radeka, Whittier Consulting Group
Sustainability October 12, 2011

Book excerpt: Implementing inventory management policies, procedures

Inventory management requires much more than just knowing the numbers. Knowing the relevant formulae is the easy part

By Philip Slater
Sustainability September 23, 2011

Netflix spinoff isn’t about costs or diversification, it’s about a future without discs

The spinoff was necessary strategically, regardless of how it may have been handled PR-wise or whether customers were ready for the change. It’s really about Netflix moving towards being a streaming-only business as fast as they can.

By Paul Erickson, Senior Analyst, IMS Research
Sustainability September 12, 2011

PVSEC 2011 – Another trade show, another drop in module prices?

While prices are declining for modules, the industry is expected to level off with increased demand in the fourth quarter of 2011.

By Jemma Davies, Research Analyst, IMS Research
Sustainability September 12, 2011

2011 Leader Under 40: Patricia Landry, 36

Maintenance Manager, Noranda Alumina

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability September 12, 2011

2011 Leader Under 40: Adam Rushing, 32

Facility Operator, BP

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 26, 2011

Manufacturer weighs in on Nevada expansion

Rice Lake Weighing Systems purchased a manufacturing facility in Fernley, NV, to expand their manufacturing for heavy-capacity customers.

By Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Sustainability August 17, 2011

CFE Media, NTMA to share knowledge in new content agreement

Association members and media company begin new content partnership

By CFE Media
Sustainability August 17, 2011

CFE Media, PMA approve content partnership

Association members, media company to deliver information to manufacturing industry

By CFE Media
Sustainability August 11, 2011

Don’t generate energy before you generate a plan

The matter of generating energy is well-engineered and well-understood. How we use energy, and how much of it we use, on the other hand, is still mostly a mystery for most end users.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager
Sustainability August 10, 2011

Schneider Electric teams with Cisco to deliver transformational energy management capability

Collaboration between Cisco and Schneider Electric will provide solutions that manage energy use across the entire building portfolio

By SOURCE: Schneider Electric
Sustainability August 8, 2011

Gas Technology: Vertical tubeless boilers can be a solution

Outstanding Efficiency Possible Without Plant Remodeling

By Plant Engineering
Sustainability August 7, 2011

Learning labs to showcase technical knowledge

New event features an industry summit to set the course for the domestic manufacturing industry

Sustainability July 31, 2011

STEM leaders, future generations to converge for technical conference

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) to bring together professionals, students and educators on October 26-30, 2011, in Anaheim, Calif.

By Source: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Sustainability July 1, 2011

Achieve and sustain organizational excellence at the AME 2011

Annual Excellence Inside International Conference expects 2,500 manufacturing practitioners to gain insights from keynote speakers, share best practices, network, Oct. 24-28, 2011, in Dallas, TX.

By SOURCE: The Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Sustainability May 25, 2011

Delivering savings through energy monitoring

Energy efficiency is a critical issue for plant managers, so suppliers are working hard to come up with new ways to deliver solutions and strategies that are easy to implement and deliver a return on investment.

Sustainability May 5, 2011

Best Practices: Making Lean hum in machine environment

Any manufacturer that wants to survive and flourish in today’s environment must bring the powerful principles of Lean manufacturing to bear on reducing costs and improving manufacturing cycle times.

By Fred Langer, Getzler Henrich & Associates LLC
Sustainability April 26, 2011

Worker dies on Gulf gas platform

A worker assisting in abandonment operations died Monday morning at a non-producing natural gas platform owned by Hilcorp Energy Co. in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. officials said.

By Gregory Hale; Source: ISS Source
Sustainability April 26, 2011

Blowout preventer overhaul way off

The blowout preventer that failed on a BP well last year was four years overdue for maintenance under driller Transocean Ltd.’s internal guidelines, a U.S. regulator said.

By Gregory Hale; Source: ISS Source
Sustainability April 26, 2011

Blowout preventer not tested to shear pipe

The blowout preventer that failed to stop last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill hadn’t been tested to see if it could cut through a bent drill pipe, said a senior official of the company that made the device.

By Gregory Hale; Source: ISS Source
Sustainability April 20, 2011

Industrial automation electronics equipment – 2011 outlook

After a terrible 2009 and a promising 2010, indicators look positive for the IAEE industry to show continued growth in 2011 and 2012.

By Adrian Lloyd, Exec VP, IMS Research
Sustainability April 18, 2011

AME event: Lean, green webinar series

Webinar: April 19, 2011

By Source: Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Sustainability April 5, 2011

HANNOVER MESSE: U.S. students display their innovation for their German peers

Students from Lower Dauphin High School, in Hummelstown, Pa., bring their cell phone-driven energy management system for schools, businesses to TecToYou pavilion at Hannover Messe’s conference

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Sustainability April 4, 2011

Schneider Electric acquires Pace Integrated Systems

Pace Integrated Systems Inc. assets, daily operations have been acquired by Schneider Electric – to deliver building management, security solutions

By SOURCE: Schneider Electric
Sustainability March 28, 2011

Plantville’s launch brings the world together

Siemens interactive manufacturing game nears 10,000 visitors in less than a week

By SOURCE: Siemens Industrial
Sustainability March 25, 2011

Schneider Electric acquires Summit Energy

Schneider Electric has acquired Summit Energy Services Inc., a provider in outsourced energy procurement and sustainability services to industrial and institutional enterprises

Sustainability March 23, 2011

We need a light bulb to go off on energy

With the continuing emphasis on energy efficiency, the move toward CFL bulbs has intensified, and the final U.S. manufacturing plant that made incandescent bulbs closed last September

By Bob Vavra, Editor/Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Sustainability March 14, 2011

Schneider study: Execs see energy as business, moral imperative

Energy efficiency is more than a business driver; it is a moral imperative, according to the results of a recent Harris Interactive Poll commissioned by Schneider Electric.

Sustainability February 22, 2011

Survey shows Green Supply Chains are becoming norm

Most than 80 percent of manufacturers participating in survey say green supply chains will become more important in the next three years

By Source: IFS
Sustainability February 11, 2011

Corrosion: Chemical oxidation

Research on corrosion has shown us that there are two main mechanisms of corrosion, electrochemical and chemical oxidation. Both of these types have many forms and ramifications, some more accentuated than others but the mechanism with which they degrade a substance or material can always be traced back to one of these two types.

By Adolfo Rosendo
Sustainability January 8, 2011

Gas Technology: Smartening up your steam system

Steam systems provide heating, cooling, humidification, water heating and process heat for hundreds of different industrial activities. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE), 45% of all the energy purchased by U.S.

Sustainability January 3, 2011

BEST PRACTICES: Energy Management

The electric power system is in the midst of monumental changes driven by the need to address rising energy costs and demand.

By Ross Malme, Schneider Electric
Sustainability January 3, 2011

Are LED manufacturers adding too much capacity?

Every quarter, IMS Research personnel in China, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and the USA survey companies representing both the supply side and the demand side of the LED market in order to assess the health and outlook of the LED market. The latest report showed that Q3’10 was another record quarter for GaN LED MOCVD installations with a record 230 merchant tools shipped.

By IMS Research
Sustainability December 15, 2010

BEST PRACTICES: Proactive Maintenance

Now more than ever, plant owners are looking for ways to maintain their facilities with tighter budgets and higher uptime demands. Consequently, managers must pursue strategies that ensure plant uptime and reliability.

By David B. Chiesa, GE Industrial Services
Sustainability October 22, 2010

Google TV, a potential juggernaut still misunderstood by many

In a recent post on the DisplaySearch Blog, the merits and challenges of Google TV in today's competitive environment were discussed. Though I agree on some of the points made, there are several where I politely disagree:

By Paul Erickson, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics Research Group, IMS Research
Sustainability October 6, 2010

STEM partnership between FIRST, Automation Foundation, ISA

"Global strategic alliance" to bring professionals, students together

Sustainability October 1, 2010

Schneider Electric pushes into energy management

Realignment and new message announced at Editor's Conference; 'We're going to show you a Schneider Electric you may not know...'

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager
Sustainability August 22, 2010

Square D Energy & Power Conference to focus on safety, distribution issues

The conference will cover a host of new technologies and service solutions that can help cut facility costs, reduce equipment downtime, improve equipment reliability, and increase employee safety.

Sustainability August 12, 2010

Manage energy consumption, improve profitability and productivity

The majority of the energy coming into the plant is used to power machinery, to convert raw materials into intermediate products, to generate steam, or to facilitate production. If it’s used inefficiently, you can make behavioral and programming changes to use energy more productively.

By Phil Kaufman and Marcia Walker, Rockwell Automation
Sustainability July 27, 2010

Doing more with less: An engineer’s guide to sustainable manufacturing

To meet rising human expectations without inflicting irreparable damage on the environment or consuming an undue share of the resources that will be needed by future generations, many manufacturers are re-examining the way they conduct their operations to find ways to make them more sustainable. The goal is to do more with less: in less time, using less energy, water and raw materials, and with less waste and emissions.

By Andy Gravitt, Senior VP, Industry Business, Schneider Electric
Sustainability May 17, 2010

LightFair 2010

Outdoor and indoor commercial lighting was the main focus, and residential retrofit bulbs less so. Although it is a lighting show rather than an LED show, many of the major LED companies such as Nichia and Seoul Semiconductor had a good presence at the show.

By Jamie Fox, IMS Research
Sustainability April 1, 2010

In the Navy, metering an important issue

Siemens Industry Inc. will provide power metering equipment and services for the U.S. Navy’s Southwest Advanced Metering Infrastructure project by teaming with American Systems. The contract to furnish and install advanced electrical metering infrastructure at various locations throughout the Navy’s Southwest Region is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (AR...

Sustainability April 1, 2010

Occupancy sensors – 2010-04-01 – 2010-04-01

Dual Technology Wall Switch Sensors are designed to provide optimum energy management and control for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. A self-adaptive option adjusts time delays based on usage patterns, assigning delays from seven to 30 minutes. It even differentiates electrical noise from human motion.

Sustainability March 31, 2010

2010 SUMMIT: How manufacturing can become more energy efficient

Manufacturers should consider energy as a cost component of manufacturing production, measure where and how energy is used, and create an implementation plan for using energy more efficiently.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability February 10, 2010

Schneider Electric PlantStruxure process management system optimizes energy use

Industrial and infrastructure companies can meet their automation needs and deliver on growing energy management requirements with Schneider Electric PlantStruxure architecture, the company says

By Source: Control Engineering
Sustainability January 1, 2010

Predicting peaks in power demand

Rising energy costs are accelerating the installation of energy management systems (EMS). But, once these systems are installed, what do you do with the data provided? Do these data show you where to save energy? Do they show how much energy you are wasting? While few things can replace the eye of a trained energy engineer, even the most skilled among them can use help in recognizing abnormal e...

By David Loucks, Eaton Corp.
Sustainability October 15, 2009

Webcast: Four steps to effective energy management

Oct. 29 live event will highlight ways to build continuous energy improvement

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability October 9, 2009

Study: Energy management a key component for manufacturing success

Aberdeen research shows top companies already have a monitoring plan in place

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability October 1, 2009

Rockwell’s Automation Fair in Anaheim to focus on plant convergence, energy

The 18th annual Automation Fair, sponsored by Rockwell Automation, is Nov. 11 and Nov. 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. More than 8,000 industry leaders and vendors are expected to attend two days of presentations on automation solutions and industry insights. “While this year has been extremely challenging, we can help our customers prepare for the economic recovery by showing them h...

Sustainability September 28, 2009

ARC study to focus on energy management

Researchers seek input from plant managers on energy strategies

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability September 1, 2009

Looking for good news

Today's news reports seem to contradict those broadcast yesterday. One day, the economy is poised for recovery; the next day, the end of this recession is nowhere near. It reminds me of the predictions of that infamous groundhog each Feb. 2. But at this point, the critter seems to be better at predicting the future.

By Jack Smith, Editor
Sustainability August 1, 2009

GE to launch energy management microgrid

With the goals of increasing energy security, energy efficiency and promoting cleaner, alternative energy at U.S. military bases, GE announced it has been awarded $2 million in Federal stimulus funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for a smart microgrid demonstration project at Twentynine Palms Base, CA.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability July 13, 2009

Operator solutions for water/wastewater

Recently released software interactively guides operators to improve effectiveness by up to 15%.

Sustainability July 1, 2009

Time to move from buzzwords to reality

Power and energy continue to be daily buzzwords in nearly every industry – not just automation. But, some argue that the global recession has all but extinguished the energy efficiency topics that burned like a bonfire most of last year. Klaus Helmrich, CEO of the Drives Technologies Division at Siemens, told Control Engineering editorial director David Greenfield in an exclusive intervie...

By Jack Smith, Editor
Sustainability June 5, 2009

EcoStruXure initiative announced by Schneider Electric

Broad-based solutions part of  "war on waste" in energy systems

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability May 11, 2009

Energy becoming part of social, business strategy

Aberdeen report finds business, environmental needs merging

By PLE Staff
Sustainability May 7, 2009

Energy a top-of-mind topic for manufacturing execs

But Johnson Controls/IFMA study finds barriers to action

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability May 4, 2009

‘Building Bridges’  the theme of AME conference

Lean culture the subject of educational sessions in Charleston, SC

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability April 29, 2009

Supply chain: Consolidated credit information on companies in China

Compare financial health of up to 20 companies in China as a result of a Panjiva and Sinosure agreement to deliver information on millions of Chinese manufacturers.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability March 1, 2009

Early adoption of Smart Grid can deliver cost, quality benefits

The Obama Administration stimulus package proposed a strategic investment to catalyze private efforts to build a clean energy future. The plan includes investments in renewable generation, grants to institutional entities for energy sustainability and reimbursement for qualifying projects enabling the transition from the nation’s current outdated electricity grid to a new digital grid.

By Tom Hulsebosch, West Monroe Partners
Sustainability March 1, 2009

Plant visualization software

EZPlantView is a software tool that provides engineers and managers visualization into the plant from the convenience and efficiency of their desks.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability February 20, 2009

Water-finding pastes

The Gasoila line of gauging pastes for the petroleum market includes all-purpose, regular and gas-gauging varieties.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability February 10, 2009

RTD sensors available

RTDs are designed for precision, repeatability and have a high signal-to-noise ratio.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 30, 2009

Utilities an excellent resource for manufacturers

Looking for help in reducing energy costs? Look on your plant's electric bill

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 1, 2009

Demand response offers opportunity to manufacturers

Unlike other commodities, electricity must be consumed almost immediately after it is created. As such, electricity needs to be in a constant balance between supply (generation) and demand (consumption). This dynamic forces the electric industry to be on standby with enough generation capabilities to handle an amount slightly greater than the maximum amount that all consumers at once could dema...

By Pete Scarpelli, Schneider Electric
Sustainability December 19, 2008

Study:  Energy Management in the Heavy Process Industries

The cost of energy has risen dramatically in recent years, and the effect on operating costs and profits is keenly felt across industry. The process industry is no different. The ARC Advisory Group is conducting a survey to identify best practices in energy management in the process industries.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability December 2, 2008

Johnson Controls offers ideas on energy issues

Company makes several announcements at Greenbuild Conference

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability December 1, 2008

Inquiring minds: Does sustainability have an effect on your job role?

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) offers its Sustainability Survey report for the answer.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability December 1, 2008

Sustainable sustainability programs

Identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement is key to crafting a sustainability program that sticks

By John Williams, Woodard & Curran
Sustainability November 18, 2008

Survey studies energy saving practices in process industries

ARC study to look at how manufacturers are cutting energy costs

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability November 1, 2008

Leveraging plant resources to maximize the benefits of sustainability

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that a “flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.”

By Blake Moret and Marcia Walker, Rockwell Automation
Sustainability October 15, 2008

Focus on the basics for a sustainability strategy

A recent Los Angeles Times article about the 99 Cents Only Store contained the following quotation from its CEO: “There’s no question we’re going to need to do something. When you are part of a family that comes up with a concept, sometimes you’re the last to admit that it needs to be changed.

By Marc Hoffman, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Sustainability October 3, 2008

Honda completes $138 million expansion at Anna Engine Plant

Honda of America Manufacturing has invested more than $1.5 billion in its Anna, OH, Engine Plant since the facility first opened in 1985.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability September 16, 2008

MyBuildingDoctor offers online assistance

Fluke launches new Website to provide online help for maintenance and management personnel

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability September 15, 2008

National Manufacturing Week takes a greener approach

When National Manufacturing Week opens Sept. 23, attendees can choose from design engineering to sustainability, interests of all kinds will be covered as the show again joins five other expositions through Sept. 25 at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 26, 2008

Oxygen analyzer for reduced greenhouse gases

This in-situ combustion flue gas oxygen analyzer helps optimize burner fuel-to-air ratio to reduce emissions.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 15, 2008

Focus on the basics for sustainability strategy

If you type “sustainability strategy” or “sustainability plan” into any Internet search engine, more than 1 million results are returned. Similarly, a recent study conducted by the Vandiver Group indicated that approximately 70% of the companies surveyed have or are in the process of developing a sustainability strategy.

By Marc Hoffmann, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Sustainability August 15, 2008

Expansion cables

The expansion set of cable outlet sizes for the series 713, M12 connectors includes sizes ranging from 2.5 to 8 millimeters. Smaller wire sizes allow for more options in automation applications and industrial networks. The new outlet has strain relief and an IP67 environmental protection rating. Available in straight and right-angled field-attachable connectors, the outlet features a metal lock...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 15, 2008


The M-710iC/50 SE FoundryPRO robot is IP67-protected for operation in harsh environments. The robot is coated with epoxy, and the wrist has protective covers to withstand high-pressure washing. The base of the robot purges air to disallow vapor entrance. Double oil seals at the joints and coated bolts provide additional protection against water.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 15, 2008

How performance management systems improve energy efficiency

The new environmental regulations impose numerous constraints on companies and have significant implications for their financial health. The energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission (GGE) reduction programs proposed by various authorities present major challenges for many organizations. The Kyoto protocol targets a 6% reduction in GGE below 1990 levels by 2012.

By Martin Jetté, OSIsoft Canada
Sustainability August 5, 2008

Competitive advantage: Green enterprise maturity model seeks to reduce carbon footprint

Operations consulting firm The Results Group (TRG) has released the first Green Enterprise Maturity Model to help companies increase revenue and lower costs while reducing carbon footprint.TRG’s Green Enterprise Maturity Model enables companies to assess Green maturity relative to their industry, execute business-focused Green initiatives, and create a road map for building a dominant competitive position. The Green Enterprise Maturity Model enables TRG to characterize company readiness and capability to capitalize on new opportunities. The model profiles companies at four levels of maturity—Complier, Dabbler, Consistent Improver and Enterprise Optimizer—across major business dimensions. The model-based road map seeks to drive innovation and performance improvement across all enterprise operations, including supply chain, customer support, and product development.“We see a lasting sea change around sustainability.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability August 1, 2008

Stainless-steel switches

Series 04 and Series 14 stainless-steel switches protect control panes from impact and harsh environmental and operating conditions. The units are configurable as pushbuttons or indicators in 22.5- and 30-millimeter sizes. Illuminated with high-intensity LEDs, the products are fitted with a stainless-steel lens, a protective front ring, and bezels for added impact resistance.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability July 15, 2008

HVLS fans: The modern spin

Myths abound about HVLS fan technology: It’s expensive, it’s heavy, it’s ineffective. The physics behind the technology isn’t complex; it’s just about air movement. How the air is moved is the real science.

By Rick Oleson, Big Ass Fans
Sustainability July 15, 2008

HVLS = Cool efficiency

Now that summer’s here, increased temperatures and humidity have an increased impact on the climate within the plant. Between keeping energy consumption down and the workforce comfortable while on the floor, plant managers can find themselves in a conundrum. Do they keep the plant floor air conditioned and the workers content?

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Sustainability July 15, 2008

Is it time to tune-up your facility?

How long has your plant been operating since it was built? Is your maintenance thorough and up-to-date? Has there been an unexplained increase in energy usage? Have changes been made to the building systems? The answers to these questions and more may indicate that your plant needs recommissioning. Recommissioning, or “retrocommissioning,” is much like new building commissioning.

By Michael Loftus, CH2M HILL
Sustainability July 15, 2008

Future depends on flexibility, the ability to compete

“Manufacturing for the Future” is not just a nice slogan, it was the subject of the June 3 discussion in downtown Chicago, sponsored by Financial Times and Machines Italia, a part of the Italian Trade Commission.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability June 15, 2008

Energy efficiency: improve your bottom line

There’s no escaping issues related to energy efficiency: global warming, carbon footprints, consumption. The buzzwords abound. A less frequently publicized, but certainly no less important issue connected to energy efficiency is your company’s bottom line. In short, energy efficiency saves you money; the bigger your facility, the more you can save.

By Marc Hoffman, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Sustainability April 10, 2008

Putting their chips into green manufacturing

Ohio potato chip maker's new plant to be Green Building Council-certified

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability February 2, 2008

Consumption management: Schneider Electric generates huge savings by monitoring energy use 

Schneider Electric, the well-known supplier of electrical distribution and automation and control solutions, replaced roughly 7,000 lighting fixtures in 21 U.S.-based facilities and instantly found itself spending $580,000 less a year on electricity bills. It also picked up $196,000 in federal tax benefits. And that was just the beginning.

By Sidney Hill, Jr., executive editor
Sustainability January 25, 2008

Low-profile switches

The series 84 range of extremely low-profile, durably-rugged switches and indicators features a minimally low back-of-panel depth thus making them ideal for applications where space is restricted.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 16, 2008

Coming soon to your inbox from Plant Engineering: Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is the farthest-reaching trend to hit manufacturing in years, and this latest E-newsletter from Plant Engineering will help you sort out how it will affect your organization and how you can best use it as a strategy for good business and a better bottom line.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability December 21, 2007

Vertical expertise: Aluminum maker chooses specialized measurement and control solution

One of the largest aluminum manufacturers in China expects to reduce plant downtime and boost product quality by installing a specialized measurement and control solution from Honeywell.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability December 19, 2007

Aberdeen advisory: Best-in-Class service means leveraging BI for customer retention

A new report confirms that best-in-class service organizations are adopting data-analysis tools, common knowledge bases, and simulation modeling technology to increase the speed and quality of post-sales service decision-making.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability December 15, 2007

Cutting fluid

Vascomill 10, a liquid tool for high-pressure oil applications, is especially suited for cutting oil applications in Swiss-style CNC lathes. Its low viscosity allows for maximum air escape, making it resistant to foaming. The fluid, a vegetable ester-based cutting oil, pairs its low viscosity with a high flashpoint comparable to mineral oils of the same viscosity.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability November 15, 2007

Configurable power meter

The PowerLogic PM750 power meter provides high-accuracy power, energy and demand measurements. It can be used to replace analog meters; and for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, gensets, MCCs and UPS systems. It supports direct connection to up to 480 Vac phase-to-phase, and integrates with PowerLogic energy management systems.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability October 29, 2007

Better control: Rockwell Automation gets advanced modeling technology

Rockwell Automation will add predictive modeling capabilities to its line of process automation solutions through the acquisition of Pavilion Technologies. Modeling technology allows users to predict how production processes will be affected as certain conditions—temperature, pressure, etc.—change. Having ready access to this information enables companies to wring more value from existing production assets. 

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Sustainability October 25, 2007

Rockwell Automation to acquire Pavilion Technologies

In an effort to reinforce its hybrid and process industries offerings, Rockwell Automation has agreed to buy Pavilion Technologies.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability October 19, 2007

Energy efficiency at root of standard debate

ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, provides minimum requirements for the energy-efficient design of buildings except low-rise residential buildings. Fourteen proposed addenda to the 2007 standard, due out for publication later this year, currently are open for public comment.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability October 12, 2007

Clinton to present keynote during Greenbuild

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote speech of the opening plenary of Greenbuild, scheduled for Nov. 7-9, at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

By Staff
Sustainability October 5, 2007

Johnson Controls appoints new CEO, overhauls corporate identity

Executive vice president Stephen Roell is appointed chief executive and a new logo, corporate slogan and ad campaign better aligns with the company’s image and marketing efforts.

By Staff
Sustainability October 5, 2007

Fairmount Minerals receives Trowbridge award

A producer of industrial sand, Fairmount Minerals was recently awarded the inaugural NAM Sandy Trowbridge Award for Excellence in Community Service.

By Staff
Sustainability September 15, 2007

Energy metering

The PowerLogic high-density metering cabinet is designed to provide accurate energy monitoring. Available in type 3R outdoor or type 1 indoor configurations, it enables facility managers to allocate and bill for energy based on actual usage by departments, tenants and cost centers and in accordance with the national sub-billing standards, ANSI C12.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability September 14, 2007

ASHRAE blog provides insight into building industry trends

In his new GreenBits blog, ASHRAE president Kent Peterson lends his perspective about industry trends and society happenings.

By Staff
Sustainability September 12, 2007

Tomorrow’s workplace: a look into the future

From emergency and disaster preparedness to the rise of sustainable building design, today’s facility manager must adapt to current trends and prepare for future problems. The top trends were discussed at IFMA’s forecasting workshop in Houston.

By Staff
Sustainability August 17, 2007

Eaton appoints energy management and environmental solutions manager

The company’s electrical group adds energy specialist John White to lead its sustainability efforts

By Staff
Sustainability August 15, 2007

Industrial heaters

Vari-Max IFRG precision high efficiency indirect gas fired heaters are more than 90% efficient and are capable of a 1,000 F temperature rise with a 1,200 F discharge temperature. They provide heated, contaminant-free process air and have a heavy-duty construction. Des Champs Technologies www.deschamps.

By Staff
Sustainability August 15, 2007

Don’t wait for regulations; address global warming today

It can be a confusing world out there when it comes to energy. Climate change, rising energy costs, availability and new energy technologies all vie for our time and attention. In such an environment it is tempting to 'wait and see’ how these energy-related issues will ultimately be resolved before making any long-term decisions.

By Marc Hoffman, Executive Director, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Sustainability April 15, 2007

Measuring how ‘human capital’ appreciates in value over time

Suppose you were a board member and your CEO announced at a board meeting that a major plant, one in which the company had invested hundreds of millions of dollars, was being disposed, resulting in a major charge to the company. How would you feel about his judgment? On the other hand, if these were human assets being disposed through layoffs, how would you feel? If you’re like most, ther...

By Ron Moore, The RM Group, Inc.
Sustainability February 20, 2007

Properly applying power quality devices to variable speed drives

Click here to view PDF of : Properly applying power quality devices to variable speed drives.

By Jim Tiesi, Manager of Product Development Emerson Network Power Surge Protection
Sustainability February 1, 2007

Boilers and water heaters

Recent enhancements made to the line of low NOx KC1000 high-efficiency boilers and water heaters support sealed combustion and can be configured to support dual-fuel (natural gas or propane) applications. The units will not require seasonal combustion air recalibration in applications where ambient air temperatures remain between -30 and 130 degrees F.

By Staff
Sustainability January 22, 2007

Web Exclusive: Properly applying power quality devices to variable speed drives

Click here to download this word document .

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 11, 2007

Tension meter

The digital tension meter is a low-cost solution for displaying web tension in areas of the web where access to a tension control unit is not required or convenient for the operator. It features a simple LCD readout with 0.6-inch, bright red digits and a selectable decimal point. Its high-impact plastic case and sealed front panel ensure operation in wash-down or dusty environments.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 5, 2007

Nation’s capital to require developers to go green

According to a report by NPR’s Kathleen Schalch, Washington, D.C. will become the first major city to require that private developers build "green" buildings. New structures will have features such as green roofs, natural light, fume-free carpets and paint, low-flow water fixtures and no-flush urinals, which use a chemical trap instead of water.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability November 11, 2006

Annual rapid manufacturing event scheduled for May

RAPID 2007 comes to the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center May 1-3, 2007. North America's largest annual rapid manufacturing conference and exposition, the event provides an interactive environment where buyers and sellers can gather to discuss, demonstrate, review and evaluate the latest applications in design, prototyping, tooling, and direct manufacturing. It allows industry professionals to meet new suppliers, compare equipment, network with peers, discover new applications and find a range of solutions and cutting-edge products to make operations more efficient and profitable. Highlights include three days of exhibits, more than 20 conference sessions and pre-conference tours and workshops, among others.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability November 1, 2006

Pocket ergonomics primers

Pocket-sized spiral-bound reference books provide industrial managers, supervisors and employees with knowledge and skills needed to improve ergonomic conditions and practices. Ergonomics for Managers and Supervisors includes information and methods to identify ergonomic issues and guidelines for adjusting and designing a safer work environment.

By Staff
Sustainability October 1, 2006

ASHRAE launches redesigned Website

With a focus on ease of navigation and new technology, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers unveiled its redesigned Website, An improved Website is a cornerstone of fulfilling the society’s new strategic plan, which calls for sustainability leadership, world-class educational programs, a raised public profile and global access to te...

By Staff
Sustainability October 1, 2006

Engineers to speak on Hurricane Katrina and the future of New Orleans

With the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina here and gone, a professor of mechanical engineering at Tulane University does not want the disastrous event to slip from the national consciousness. To that end, Robert G. Watts, Ph.D., will lead a discussion forum titled “Environmental and Other Issues in a Post-Katrina New Orleans,” to take place on Nov.

By Staff
Sustainability September 21, 2006

Illuminated-ring keys

Illuminated-ring keys considerably improve visual components, provide more security, and should be present on all operator panels that control modern machines and systems, according to the company. Its illuminated-ring keys are composed of a short-stroke key, a source of light and high-performance LEDs. The main component is the luminous ring, which is said to provide evenly distributed light around the key.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 23, 2006

ISA’s Marketing & Sales Summit speaks to senior marketing professionals

Jane Lansing, vice president of marketing at Emerson, will present a keynote address at ISA's upcoming Marketing and Sales Summit, to be held Sept. 13-15 at the Omni Hotel in Austin, Texas. "Engineers are People, Too," will focus on marketing to engineers and technical customers. Lansing’s presentation will explore methods of communicating effectively with audiences, implementing efficient marketing in a challenging environment and developing effective tools for a sales force. "For years, marketers have been faced with a challenge to do more with less," said Shari Worthington, co-chair of the summit.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 4, 2006

ASHRAE, APPA promote sustainable education facilities

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers and the Association of Physical Plant Administrators, an association serving educational facilities professionals, have signed an agreement to provide mutual support in promoting sustainable higher education facilities. The memorandum of understanding, signed July 10 by the two groups, announces ASHRAE’s and APPA’s intent to share resources jointly promoting educational programs, creating new products, and encouraging continuing professional development for their members. The associations also will explore cross-marketing each other’s products and services. “The relationship between ASHRAE and APPA is crucial to furthering new advancements in HVAC&R technology,” said ASHRAE president Terry Townsend, P.E. “With this memorandum in place, ASHRAE and APPA members have the tools to provide ongoing technological solutions to educational facilities managers.”.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 1, 2006

Interlock switch

The T4012 interlock switch features a compact, glass-filled NEMA 6 thermoplastic housing, making it suitable for use in most applications, including washdown environments. When used with the optional stainless steel actuator, these switches are designed to provide a minimum of two million actuations in demanding environments.

By Staff
Sustainability June 8, 2006

ASE Webcast looks at energy cost control

The Alliance to Save Energy will sponsor a Webcast, “What Your Management Needs to Know about Energy Cost Control” on June 29 at 2 p.m. EST. The Webcast will explore strategies for controlling energy costs and ways to secure top-level management support for energy management initiatives. Speakers include: Christopher Russell, director of industrial programs for the Alliance to Save Energy, will keynote and moderate this web seminar. Andrew Goldstone, Norm Ziemer, director of facilities at ExcelaHealthLatrobeHospital, Latrobe, PA There is a fee for this seminar.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability May 2, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of May 8th

Web exclusive: Manufacturing approach to reliability excellence Click here: FEATURES Finding labor savings — high- to no-cost solutions Before higher investment options are implemented, lower investment alternatives should be considered. Many options require little or no investments but can lead to substantial labor savings. Click here: Survey indicates optimism about manufacturing growth Chromalox, Inc. surveyed manufacturing engineers and engineering management, with one-third of the 85 respondents working outside of the U.S.

Sustainability May 2, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of May 1

Web exclusive: Manufacturing Approach to Reliability ExcellenceClick here: FEATURES MRO spending: plan for the unplanned Unplanned maintenance needs can wreak havoc, both on the plant engineer and the bottom line. Plant Engineering senior editor Kevin Campbell talked with W.W. Grainger’s Ken House about solutions for these unplanned events.Click here: AWWA heads to Phoenix for annual event Part of the American Water Works Association’s 125thanniversary celebration, the AWWA’s annual DSS Conference and Exposition will be held Sept.

Sustainability May 1, 2006

PE POLL: Our April question at

Go to now and voice your views on this month's question: What area of your plant operation will receive the least amount of attention this summer: capital improvements, employee training, automation upgrades, energy management or equipment maintenance?

By Staff
Sustainability May 1, 2006

Create a small, but powerful energy conservation policy

Which sounds worse to you: That gasoline prices are headed past $3 a gallon, or that gasoline prices have gone up 100% since last summer? Not much of a choice there, is it? A year ago in our cover story on energy, we pointed to the sharp rise in fuel prices – in particular that gasoline had just gone past $2 a gallon.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Sustainability May 1, 2006

Five principles can reduce cost of health care to business

Two new reports show steady growth and continued optimism for the manufacturing sector. The quarterly Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI Survey on the Business Outlook showed a March 2006 composite index of 74 equals that of the previous December 2005 survey, an indication that the industrial component of the U.

By John Engler, President, National Association of Manufacturers
Sustainability February 1, 2006

Beyond grief, there’s room for rebirth

They say there are four stages of grief: denial, anger, depression and acceptance. The Gulf Coast has reached the final stage — acceptance — yet what residents and business face is unacceptable. When I visited the area in December, I could see what one person I talked with called "a new normal.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Sustainability January 31, 2006

Advance University receives AEE accreditation

The Advance University interactive ballast training website has been officially approved by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for its Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) program.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 17, 2006


How It Works: Groups of reader volunteers serve as EQA Reader Panels that thoroughly evaluate every feature article in every issue of Plant Engineerng. These EQA Reader Panel evaluations help us judge the effectiveness and usefulness of our feature editorial.They guide us in the selection of subjects and in the length and content of our articles.Additional comments provide important direct feedback to our editors.No other publication has an editorial evaluation method comparable to EQA. For 38 years this continuing program of editorial research has helped us create a unique editorial environment that attracts readers to your advertising.It’s our assurance of better editorial…your assurance of better readership. TestedNine Ways: 1. Title reflects the content of the article. 2. Information is presented clearlyand logically. 3.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 3, 2006

Molex, LumaCon enter agreement

Molex Inc. and LumaCon, LLC have entered into a definitive agreement providing Molex sole rights to manufacture, distribute and sell Small Form Factor (SFF) connectors using the patent-pending LumaCore technology. Connectors based on LumaCore technology are ideal for applications that require highly reliable multi-fiber optical interconnect solutions, such as in the aerospace, industrial and communications markets, where environmental extremes push the envelope of traditional optical interconnect solutions. The broad line of LumaCore optical terminus products enhance Molex’s comprehensive offering of single and multi-fiber interconnects by delivering dense optical interconnect solutions to the military and aerospace markets. LumaCore products offer all of the service and design flexibilities found in the single-fiber solutions, while enabling interconnect points to have nearly the same density as multi-fiber ribbon architecture interconnects. Under the terms of the agreement, Molex gains immediate access to LumaCon’s novel, all-metallic LC-compatible interconnect product line LC2 and its circular connector product offering, which is based on industry leading Mil-DTL-38999 Series III connector bodies and will be marketed as Molex’s MXL-38999 interconnect system. Under the agreement, LumaCon will provide direct design and marketing support, as well as transition all manufacturing and technology to Molex.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 3, 2006

Power Measurement to operate under the Schneider Electric name

Power Measurement will operate as a global “power monitoring and control” group under the Schneider Electric name. Brad Forth, Power Measurement president and CEO, will lead Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring and Control (PMC) initiative as vice president, PMC from the group’s headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia. Schneider Electric acquired Power Measurement in April 2005. As an integrated part of the Schneider Electric family, Power Measurement, now Schneider’s PMC group will continue to develop intelligent systems for analysis and control of energy consumption. “At a time when energy management has never been more important, it’s very exciting for everyone here to be a part of this great initiative,” said Forth.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability January 1, 2006

Coolant decanter

A new coolant decanter improves efficiency of parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps by making it possible for coolant to be virtually recycled for reuse. The Mighty Mini SSTweights just seven pounds and is designed for the machine tool industry. Its small footprint is well suited for areas where space is at a premium.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 2005

24-hour visibility for level indication

NightStar is an LED-based illuminator for the Magnicator II level indicator. It provides superior plant-wide visibility of flag indicators in low or no-light environments. Accurate and quick level verification at night and in darkened areas is now possible. The illuminator is safe and reliable with a 10-year life, is field upgradeable and provides the longest field-of-view.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 2005

Control viewing from the outside

The J Series Clear Cover for non-metallic enclosures allows full view of controls inside the enclosure without the inconvenience of having to open the enclosure, which is ideal in corrosive environments. The clear cover is available in two newly-added sizes: 8 inches x 8 inches and 12 inches x 12 inches.

By Staff
Sustainability October 1, 2005

Foszcz retires from ‘second’ career as editor

Most of us are perfectly happy with one career that sustains us and fulfills us and for which we receive a modest level of recognition. Joe Foszcz has had two. Our senior-most senior editor retires in October after 18 years sharing with PLANT ENGINEERINGS readers the knowledge he gained from his years as a plant engineer himself.

By Bob Vavra
Sustainability August 17, 2005

Webcast: Preventing Power Quality Problems from Harming your Plant

Originally broadcast November 15, 2005This Register As if electrical costs weren’t enough of a problem for plant managers, the quality of the current is a serious issue for many manufacturers. What can plant managers do to ensure power quality, whether from their own generation or from utilities, and what are some of the issues every plant engineer needs to know when confronting this issue. Senior Editor, Jack Smith, moderates a panel of thought-leading plant managers and power quality experts through a discussion of the solutions available for plant managers who are faced with the issues of power generation and electrical costs for their plants. Topics of discussion include: How Harsh are Harmonics? How do they manifest themselves? How to minimize them? Tracking and eliminating transients and surges Preventing voltage sags and swells Return on investment Power quality improvement strategies Detection and measurement Grounding Mitigation Panelists Include: Rudy T. Wodrich, P.E., MBA Manager — Power Quality Correction GroupSchneider Electric Rudy manages a US$10M business unit within Schneider Electric, and is ultimately accountable for sales, marketing, application engineering and field service of all products relating to power quality throughout North America.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability August 1, 2005

Supplying power for electronic circuits

Electronic circuits require dc voltage and current to operate. Some circuits use a "single-sided" power supply, meaning that the reference voltage is 0 V and the operating voltage is some positive value, such as 5, 12 or 15 Vdc. The value of the voltage depends on the type of circuit or equipment to be powered.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sustainability July 19, 2005

PLANT ENGINEERING to cosponsor international safety award

PLANT ENGINEERING magazine will be a contributing sponsor of the Robert W. Campbell Awards, which honor companies that successfully integrate safety, health and environmental concerns into their business plan. The award is cosponsored by the National Safety Council and ExxonMobil Corporation, and will be presented at the annual National Safety Congress in Orlando, Sept.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability July 19, 2005

Dream It. Do It. goal: ‘aligning hopes and dreams’

The effort in Kansas City to launch the Dream It-Do It campaign has been entrusted to Paul Scianna, executive director of the Alliance for Innovation in Manufacturing (AIM) in Kansas City, and Phyllis Eisen, vice-president of The Manufacturing Institute, which is part of the National Association of Manufacturers. PLANT ENGINEERING spoke exclusively with both to find out how Dream It. Do It. is being received, and why the effort is so important to the short- and long-term future of manufacturing: When you talk with educators and young people, what's their initial impression of Dream It.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sustainability July 1, 2005

Electrical – 2005-07-01

Intelligent energy management ION 7550 RTU option converts the ION 7550 energy meter into a highly effective solution for combined metering of utilities such as water, air, gas, electricity and steam. Using multiple I/O points and Modbus Master support, the meter inputs pulses, analog signals and data from other meters and transducers. Data and sequence-of-events logging, GPS time synchronization and Web-enabled communications options allow the unit to operate as a data concentrator for collecting, storing and delivering information over public or private networks to energy management or automation systems for later analysis. Power Measurement Write 313 on PE card Lock-out relays Lock-Out Relays protect critical electrical equipment in utilities and plants.

By Staff
Sustainability May 1, 2005

Energizing an industry

The economic theory of supply and demand developed by Alfred Marshall suggests that prices increase in response to tight supplies and increasing demand. Marshall died in 1924, so he missed two of the better examples of his theory at work — Prohibition, and today's energy supply crisis. It is the latter event that drives many managers to the point where they are at least grateful the forme...

By Bob Vavra, Chief Editor
Sustainability April 1, 2005

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

So I'm at National Manufacturing Week, and I'm moderating the live Webcast PLANT ENGINEERING did that was sponsored by Kaman Industrial Technologies in conjunction with Rockwell Automation on the advantages of setting up a motor management program. In the course of our discussion (which you can now see on our Webcast archive at www.

By Bob Vavra, Chief Editor
Sustainability March 10, 2005

Schneider Electric broadens base with two acquisitions

Chicago-based Schneider Electric has expanded its corporate portfolio with the announcement of two acquisitions in the last month. Schneider Electric has purchased the Magnecraft product range from MSD, Inc., a leading U.S. supplier of industrial relays with $14 million in sales in 2004. Schneider Electric said the acquisition will significantly broaden the company's product offerings, making ...

By Staff
Sustainability December 10, 2004

Excellence in common

This issue is devoted to the first plants to be recognized in our PLANT ENGINEERING Top Plants program — Hewlett Packard Caribe BV and S&C Electric John R. Conrad Industrial Complex. These two plants are very different. HP makes electronic products on the micro level. S&C makes high-voltage electrical equipment on the macro level.

By Richard L. Dunn, Chief Editor
Sustainability October 10, 2004

Fluid Handling – 2004-10-10

Industrial pumps The course, Reliability & Maintenance of Industrial Pumps, teaches people to learn how to stop repairing pumps. It is designed toward the understanding of centrifugal pumps and systems to gain maximum efficiency and life from the equipment. The course uses a textbook written for mechanics, operators, and maintenance personnel who work with centrifugal pumps. American Trainco , , Write 315 on PE card Pump control PumpSmart Model 200 Version 4.0 is a microprocessor-based, variable speed drive, programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 hp.

By Staff
Sustainability April 28, 2003

Change: How do we manage it?

Machiavelli had a pretty good understanding of how difficult it can be to manage significant change. He went on to observe that the innovator has many enemies in those who have done well under the old order and only lukewarm defenders in those who will do well under the new order. Even those who will do well in the new order recognize the risk involved in change and tend to wait to see how thi...

By Ron Moore, Managing Partner, The RM Group, Inc., Knoxville, TN
Sustainability January 15, 2003

Being there

Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, called it a "digital cockpit." Others frequently refer to it as a "dashboard." No matter. The concept is the same: a group of numbers or graphs that allow you to constantly check the pulse of your plant or department quickly — and in real time, if possible. Ideally, such a tool includes alarms that alert you when something goes wrong or when measures move...

By Richard L. Dunn Editor
Sustainability May 13, 2002

How Ethernet Works

Ethernet is a local area network (LAN) technology with networks traditionally operating within a single building, connecting devices in close proximity. At most, Ethernet devices should have only a few hundred yards of cable between them. For two devices on a network to successfully communicate, they must both understand the same protocol.

By Marshall Brain
Sustainability November 1, 2001

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

With the uncertainty surrounding the availability and prices of today's energy supply, plant engineers are tasked with maintaining operable and cost-effective facilities. Those who meet the challenge must be well versed in the principles of energy management and equipped with the proper tools. A ground-up approach, starting with submetering of equipment, lines, processes, or departments c...

By Cutler-Hammer
Sustainability November 1, 2001

Real Solutions To Protect Your Business Now

After coming out of the recent economic good times, 2001 has been a year to shake our confidence. Our nation has been attacked; our economy has slowed. Earlier in the year, we wondered if the California electric grid was beginning to resemble that of a Third World nation. We experienced rolling blackouts.

By Staff
Sustainability August 1, 2001

Give it a look

For as long as I've been an editor, I've heard the complaints about lack of time and funding to attend trade shows. If it wasn't a time crunch, it was a money crunch. Or vice versa. And then there was the approval issue: "I'm not sending people off to [you name the city] on the off chance that they'll discover or learn something useful.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor
Sustainability February 1, 2001

Reader Forum – 2001-02-01

Drawing the line on sexual harassment I have a couple of comments regarding the October 2000 Human Side of Engineering case, "When "love" turns sour.

By Staff
Sustainability January 1, 2000

A special trust

Plant engineers are industry's stewards. That may not sound like much of a compliment. But in the truest sense of the title, it is a very high position indeed.

By Richard L. Dunn
Sustainability December 1, 1999

Millennium madness

Despite the madness surrounding Jan. 1, 2000, the next millennium doesn't officially start until Jan. 1, 2001.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1999

Workstation manages networked enterprise

Metasys M5 facility management and operator workstation helps users manage, analyze, and convey the information of a business enterprise.

By Staff
Sustainability August 1, 1999

Save a buck drying compressed air

Literature on EMD Series energy management dryers outlines how to realize significant savings under low flow conditions while avoiding the dew point variations of standard cycling types.

By Staff
Sustainability August 1, 1999

Fluid bed processors

Circular fluid bed processors for drying, moisturizing and cooling powder and bulk solid materials are detailed in a 6-p brochure.

By Staff
Sustainability August 1, 1999

Light suited for harsh environments

The 370 Series fluorescent light is suited for environments exposed to damp, wet, or extremely dusty and dirty conditions. The fiber glass enclosure is weather-resistant and corrosion-free.

By Staff
Sustainability August 1, 1999

Oil extends gearbox life

ThermaPlex Hi-Torque gear oils are available in five ISO viscosity grades and deliver long-lasting protection against corrosion, rust, and unwanted environmental contaminants.

By Staff
Sustainability May 1, 1999

Cleaning up the mess

A comprehensive catalog describes a line of absorbent and disposal items and a closed-loop program covering pickup and proper product disposal.

By Staff
Sustainability April 1, 1999

Dealing with hazardous wastes

A full range of services for the handling, removal, transportation, recycling, and processing of hazardous, nonhazardous, and special wastes is available.

By Staff
Sustainability January 1, 1999


LED indicators for use on panels, equipment, and machinery are covered in a 4-p selection guide. The guide presents a wide assortment of products that can be sealed to IP 67 for hostile environments and install easily in a range of panel thicknesses.

By Staff
Sustainability December 1, 1998

Metal halide fixtures

A brochure features open and enclosed metal halide prismatic glass reflectors in two different styles. Units presented feature controlled uplight, high efficiency integral ballast, and white corrosion-resistant paint.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1998

Skimmer captures hydrocarbons in catch basins

StreamGuard Passive Skimmer floats in the sump of catch basins, oil/water separators, or stormwater vaults to capture accumulated hydrocarbons. Unlike common adsorbents, the product does not deteriorate or release absorbed hydrocarbons.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1998

Condensate drain saves compressed air

ED200 intelligent condensate drain has no moving parts and uses capacitance sensing to discharge condensate and not compressed air. The fully automatic unit operates with 100% oil or water and any intermediate level of emulsification.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1998

Wireless crane control operates in harsh conditions

Crane Boss 200 wireless radio remote control has a heavy-duty flexible antenna, and sealed pushbutton controls for more severe environments. The handheld device controls two hoists with three motions of two speeds using two selector switches.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1998

Must you provide a smoke-free work environment?

Paula Graham, a clerical employee in the plant engineering department, believed with obvious justification that the inhalation of tobacco smoke was hazardous to her health.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Sustainability November 1, 1998

Compressed air filter has low pressure drop, long life

Mist Eliminator removes water and oil from compressed air using depth-of-bed coalescing technology to produce a 0.5-psi pressure drop over a 10-yr expected life. The filter achieves 100% efficiency in removing particles larger than 3 microns and 99.

By Staff
Sustainability November 1, 1998

CD-ROM helps select boiler equipment

WebCD Boilerspec CD-ROM interactively helps specify firetube, watertube, and feedwater equipment online.

By Staff
Sustainability October 1, 1998

Valve trim saves energy and reduces maintenance

V-LOG energy management trim technology is a control valve design solution for severe service applications. The trim provides staged pressure reductions through a series of discrete flow channels.

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Sustainability August 1, 1998

Building automation system manufacturers

For literature and product information on building automation systems, circle the appropriate number on the reader service card.

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Sustainability August 1, 1998

Fan blades

Features and benefits of the Z Series multiwing fans are presented in a 24-p catalog. Also included are: technical information, specification data, and airflow test result graphs.

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Sustainability June 1, 1998

Cooler serves electronic control panels

Stainless steel cooler lowers the temperature of compressed air to provide clean, dry, cool air to overheated controls. A 6 X 6 X 2-ft cabinet can be cooled and maintain a NEMA 4, 4X, or 12 rating.

By Staff
Sustainability June 1, 1998

A symbol of our commitment

This issue introduces the name and new logo of Cahners Business Information, publishers of Plant Engineering. You'll notice the new logo in the upper left corner of our cover.

By Rick Schwer; John Rogier; Richard L. Dunn
Sustainability May 1, 1998

Wireless communication

A 4-p brochure describes a line of personal radio communication systems for use with group tours or training groups, especially in noisy environments.

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Sustainability April 1, 1998

Ballast separate power and lighting

Eco-10 10 V option electronic fluorescent dimming ballasts provide energy management lighting control. These ballasts establish lighting controls independent of power circuits, so retrofits and upgrades are simple and less costly. Lutron Electronics Co.

By Staff
Sustainability March 1, 1998

Manufacturers end 1997 on a high note

Responding to a report from the Fed that industrial production rose 0.5% in December, while capacity utilization edged up slightly to 83.4%, National Association of Manufacturers President Jerry Jasinowski issued the following statement.

By Staff
Sustainability March 1, 1998

Meter provides smart energy management

IQ Energy Sentinel microprocessor-based, energy submeter represents an alternative to separate watt meters, watt-hour meters, and watt demand meters at roughly 1/3 the installed cost.

By Staff
Sustainability March 1, 1998

Building management system easy to use

A low-cost building management system for facilities up to 100,000 sq ft incorporates LonMark open communications to provide an easy upgrade and expansion path, easy installation and setup, and local and remote monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and energy management. Honeywell, Inc.

By Staff
Sustainability January 1, 1998

Submeter tracks power consumption

Electronic submeter provides data on electricity consumption, demand, and time-of-use; and may be interfaced with energy management/building control systems. Alarms can be set to trigger when usage exceeds preset limits.

By Staff
Sustainability January 1, 1998

Chiller runs quietly and efficiently

Model RTHC Series R water-cooled, helical, rotary liquid chillers are offered in sizes from 300 to 450 tons (60 Hz) and 250 to 380 tons (50 Hz).

By Staff

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