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Figure 1: Global carbon capture capacity by source, 2021 and 2030. Courtesy: BNEF
Oil and Gas December 19, 2022

Global carbon capture capacity due to rise sixfold by 2030

More than $3 billion has been invested in carbon capture so far in 2022

By BloombergNEF (BNEF)
Oil and Gas November 30, 2022

Improvements in well delivery efficiencies reduce risk

Companies that embrace digital transformation are poised to leverage efficiency and reduce risk for wellsite operations.

By Dr. Alex Edwards
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Oil and Gas October 14, 2022

How AI Is transforming refinery construction

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help enhance refinery construction by leveraging its ability to control and enhance data.

By Anna Liza Montenegro
Oil and Gas October 5, 2022

Modular automation standard benefits FPSO operations

Costs lowered, greater interoperability from module type package standard

By Pal Roach, Sr.
Oil and Gas October 5, 2022

Frac plug drill out and snubbing operations in long horizontal wellbores streamlined

Mobile completion platforms, real-time job monitoring, and experienced completion teams integrate with long-lateral frac plug drill-out and snubbing solutions.

By Michael Hopkins and Mark Haubert
Courtesy: LSU
Oil and Gas September 19, 2022

Gas migration experiments conducted for wellbore safety

LSU’s PERTT Lab provides an industrial-scale facility with full-scale equipment and instrumentation for conducting research related to petroleum technology.

By Libby Haydel
Image courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Oil and Gas September 12, 2022

Keeping an oil rig injury- and fatality-free

Oil rigs are dangerous places to work, but there are ways companies can keep the environment safe for workers.

By Medshop Editor
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Oil and Gas August 26, 2022

Energy security fears and the hidden complexities of drilling rigs

As oil & gas demand surges, idle drilling rigs are increasingly being brought back into service, influenced by post pandemic demand and the Ukraine conflict.

By Mark Watson
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Oil and Gas June 30, 2022

China to account for 24% of upcoming Asia crude oil refinery projects

China is expected to commence operations of 44 crude oil refinery projects during 2022-2026, accounting for 24% of all crude oil refinery projects in Asia.

By GlobalData
Courtesy: Reuters Events
Oil and Gas June 27, 2022

Conference shines light on evolving markets for IT/OT in upstream environments

Data Driven Oil & Gas brings together acolytes of emergent data orchestration paradigm

By Kevin Parker