Power Systems
Power Systems May 10, 2018

Energy Management: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Tom Wenning from Energy Efficiency Research & Analysis (EERA) answered additional questions about topics such as artificial demand, dilute/dense phase transport replacement, and why you shouldn't open manual drain valves.

By Tom Wenning, Energy Efficiency Research & Analysis (EERA)
Power Systems May 9, 2018

Understanding burners for heat-treating furnaces

Industrial gas-fired heat-treating furnaces can operate more efficiently—and safely.

By Gas Technology
Power Systems April 17, 2018

Plant Engineering 2017 Product of the Year Winners

The 2017 award recipients represent the best in innovation

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Power Systems April 13, 2018

Power Distribution: Your questions answered

Webcast presenters Ben Langstraat and Sam Fopma from Interstates answered additional questions about topics such as natural gas as a fuel source, battery back-up systems, and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

By Ben Langstraat and Sam Fopma, Interstates
Power Systems December 13, 2017

The evolution of power monitoring and maintenance

IIoT and Big Data have changed the power monitoring and preventive maintenance landscapes.

By Arthur Mulligan, Eaton
Power Systems November 9, 2017

2017 Product of the Year Finalists: Vote now!

The official ballot is open for voting for Plant Engineering North American print and digital edition subscribers, for a limited time. Cast your vote using CFE Media's New Products for Engineers platform. (Voting closed Jan. 12, 2018.)

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, and Amanda Pelliccione, Project Manager
Power Systems October 13, 2017

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, October 9-15: the next generation of RCM, IIoT and the process industry, digitizing Lean project management, and more

Articles about the next generation of RCM, IIoT and the process industry, digitizing Lean project management, implementing a successful RPM program, and reducing weld fume exposure were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, October 9-15. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Sierra Grayson, Production Coordinator, CFE Media
Power Systems September 27, 2017

Coal-fired power plant slashes maintenance time

Damper bearing upgrade solves lock up issue at a North American plant.

By Eric Ford, Graphite Metallizing Corp.
Power Systems September 21, 2017

Power panels: a flexible, modular approach

With lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster installation, power panels are entering into a new era of platforms.

By Jason Newby, GE Energy Connections
Power Systems September 18, 2017

Anatomy of a greenfield plant

In March 2017, HarbisonWalker International (HWI) announced plans to build a $30 million manufacturing plant in South Point, Ohio, near Interstate 64 and along the Kentucky/Ohio border. In building a new facility, location and process improvements both mattered.

By Douglas Hall, Carol Jackson; HarbisonWalker International