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2024 Trade Show Report: A3 Business Forum

A3 is North America’s largest automation trade association representing more than 1,200 organizations involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, motion control & motors and related automation technologies. What can you expect in this Trade Show Report? Exhibitor Analysis: Insightful coverage of exhibitor booths, highlighting innovative products, interactions with exhibitors, and company profiles. […]



AppliedAutomation is the premier title serving manufacturing and utilities. This eBook demonstrates how automation, instrumentation and control techniques are applied to increase capacity, enhance design and production, improve efficiency, increase profitability and meet regulatory requirements. Featured articles includes PLCs power industrial data integration, Automation Fair 2023: Sustainability efforts require measuring and control tools, system integration, […]

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System Integration

System integration is a crucial aspect of manufacturing for control engineers and they are involved in many different aspects and industries. They help companies become more efficient, streamlined and smarter in their day-to-day operations. Featured articles include system integrators apply technology to very human endeavors, MTP standard accelerates DCS and PLC integration, innovative integration extended […]

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Enclosures & Cut-to-length Wire

Enclosures and cut-to-length wires are a constant in an engineer’s day-to-day activity. They provide electrical protection for engineers and help prevent serious injuries and other hazards. Featured articles in this helpful eBook include how to select an industrial enclosure, energy efficiency gamifying market expected to reach almost $20 billion by 2033, NFPA 70B codification is […]


Vision Systems

Featured articles in this eBook include machine vision’s role in augmenting, enhancing AI in manufacturing, choosing between discrete, continuous position sensors for an application, how sensors enable smart factories and more efficient manufacturing and so much more in this 25-page eBook!


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks than ever. Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are merging together and manufacturing systems are vulnerable. Featured content in this eBook include the riskiest OT and ICS devices across critical infrastructure industries, how listed companies like Clorox can establish cybersecurity good governance in 2023, how NotPetya […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in manufacturing today, but what does it mean? What does it mean for manufacturers and what effect will it have for the present and future? This helpful eBook offers several examples of the many digital transformation is taking hold in manufacturing. Featured articles include how digital transformation and AI […]

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Maintenance, in all its forms, allow manufacturing plants to prevent problems before they happen and keep their workers safe. It is a constant process, though, and requires all workers in many departments to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Featured articles include using software in predictive maintenance and how plant personnel can successfully maintain […]

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Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical and electrical engineering are key aspects for a plant engineer and encompass many different aspects of a manufacturing facility. Featured articles in this eBook include how to use artificial intelligence: A guide for mechanical engineers, mechanical repairs play a key role in motor repair and reliability, maintenance and management strategies for better-performing electric motors […]


Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management helps plant-floor engineers make more informed and better decisions. Featured articles include using data to improve fleet and asset management systems, establishing a centralized asset performance system for increased efficiency, reliability, smart connected asset and operations market expected to double in next decade and so much more!


Energy Management

Energy management is a crucial aspect of plant engineering as companies look to trim costs and reduce expenses. Keeping energy costs down by reducing energy where it isn’t needed and investing in better technology are a few methods companies use. Featured articles in this eBook include design harnesses sun’s heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel, […]

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Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatics play a key role in a manufacturing facility and are a large reason for the difference between success and failure. Featured articles in this eBook include best practices to overcoming bulk solids material handling challenges and maintenance considerations for pneumatic and hydraulic controls.

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Robotics are one of the fastest-growing industries and their impact can be felt on many manufacturing floors. There’s more to the robot, however, than what you see on the plant floor. This helpful eBook includes logistics, robotics advances at the heart of improving automation, collaborative robot market has strong long-term future and so much more in this […]

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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have been at the heart of manufacturing facilities for decades. The rise in new technologies is making them even more important. Featured articles include benefits of plug-and-play PLC migration, more answers on PLC projects, programming best practices and so much more in this 28-page eBook!

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Pain Points & Solutions in Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing covers many different industries, but they do have common challenges and issues they need to overcome. Featured articles in this eBook include superconductivity switches on and off in magic-angle graphene, benefits of using automation in high-mix and low-volume manufacturing and custom algorithm used to solve challenges with robotic layer forming and de-tray system.

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Material Handling & Automation

The modern supply chain must run at warp speed, and the tools available—from conveyors and robots to automatic picking systems and digital orders—have evolved to keep pace with the speed of change. Featured articles include bulk handling system cuts dust, improves accuracy at graphite plant, best practices to overcome bulk solids material handling challenges and […]

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Motors & Drives

Maintaining motors and drives and keeping them cost-effective is crucial. It often requires knowledge of many different types of motors, drives and the standards behind them. Successful maintenance, repair and knowledge of these standards help keep manufacturing plants running safely and efficiently. Featured articles include creating greater VFD efficiencies while reducing carbon emissions and maintenance […]

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PID Tuning

Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) tuning is a key aspect of control systems and process manufacturing. Proper tuning and knowledge is a must for success and it requires precision and know-how. Featured articles in this eBook include stories on understanding PID control and loop tuning fundamentals and advanced strategies to implement for modern process control.


AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming crucial to manufacturing’s success. How a machine and an industrial network learn and adapt to their surroundings is as important for them as it is for humans. Featured articles in this eBook include Bridging the Gap series: The challenges of AI integration in industrial automation, how artificial […]

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Plant Floor Safety

Plant safety and keeping workers healthy and productive is more important than ever for manufacturers. Learn more in this helpful eBook on topics including NFPA 70B codification is a much-needed development for industrial safety, enhancing electrical safety in water, wastewater industry and lightweight materials used to create stronger helmets.


Defending your organization from ransomware

Ransomware is a constant and growing threat in the world of manufacturing. Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) devices becomes interconnected, which has a great deal of potential, but risk, as well. Featured articles in this eBook include dairy giant forced to halt production because of ransomware, new approach allows for faster ransomware detection, […]


Arc Flash & Electrical Safety

Arc flash and electrical safety are critical aspects in a manufacturing facility. Knowing and understanding the fundamentals often mean the difference between life and death. Companies and workers need to stay on top of the electrical codes so they can better protect themselves from a potential accident. Featured articles in this eBook include stories on […]


Supply Chain Attacks

The supply chain is more vulnerable than ever as integrating information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) makes it more susceptible to cyber attacks. Featured articles in this eBook include NERC CIP standards, supply chain forecasting and demand planning, steps to minimize cybersecurity risk in manufacturing and takeaways from Black Hat USA 2021.


Product of the Year Winners 2023

Download this eBook to learn about the Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners in each of the 12 categories — including the Most Valuable Product — 37 winners in total.


Industrial Automation Cable Solutions

Industrial automation is the use of technologies such as computer software and robotics to control machinery and processes which replace human beings in performing specific functions. The functions are primarily centered on manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes. Featured articles in this eBook include design considerations for dynamic applications, UL approved data cables, industrial […]

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Wellsite Automation

Wellsite Automation provides engineers in the oil & gas industry the information they need to make quick, accurate decisions that can have a major effect on operations as well as safety. The faster and more accurate the data is, the better the operator’s decision. This eBook includes articles modular automation standard benefits FPSO operations, energy […]


Product of the Year Nominees 2023

Download this eBook to see which products are nominees in the 12 categories. Cast your votes before March 14, 2023 to make sure that your favorites have a chance to take home the gold.


Supply Chain eBook

Featured articles include why automating AI-as-a-service is now mission critical, automation and manufacturing trends for the future, strengthening the supply chain with IIoT technology and more in this 32-page eBook!  


How to Hire an Industrial Robot

When “hiring” an industrial robot, you need to find the one with the right qualifications for the job. Your robot should also be safe and easy to program, and industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric come with a comprehensive three-year warranty. Download our free eBook, How to Hire an Industrial Robot, to learn about the capabilities […]

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Guide to Lean and Six Sigma in Maintenance Strategies

With the increasingly demanding environment today, manufacturers are more productive than they’ve ever been — and there’s more pressure to ensure that assets are working as soon as they’re needed with no delay to schedules. To meet these demands, many maintenance teams are adopting Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to maximize machine uptime. Explore this guide […]

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Measurement Matters eBook

Intelligent, integrated solutions and accurate measurements help operators in the oil & gas industry minimize cost, schedule, and risk. This 38-page eBook from ABB and Oil & Gas Engineering provides information to help make oil and gas operations more precise and safer  for everyone.

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Edge Computing Trend Report

The introduction of edge computing is the most significant plant floor advancement in industrial computing since the introduction of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) 30 years ago. This next wave of digital transformation offers tremendous potential to those who respond early and capitalize on the improvements that can be brought to their operators. Edge […]

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Best Practices in Asset Management Optimization

Asset management allows manufacturers to take stock of the information coming in and out of their plant and how to harness it. With the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data, the tools are there to make to optimize this data and make the best possible decisions. Featured articles include wireless […]


Midstream Asset Management

The midstream is going through major developments in artificial intelligence, engine monitoring, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to name a few, and all of them are making the oil & gas industry more efficient and safer. This helpful eBook from Control Engineering and Oil & Gas Engineering will help readers learn about topics including fixing corrosion with predictive […]


Plant and Personnel Safety

Safety systems have identifiable stages and involve different specialized functions; know how each can help reduce risk in this eBook. Featured articles include process safety and compliance advice, determining safety integrity level for a process application, and four overlooked aspects of risk management and safety.

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Data Center Design

Data centers, data closets, edge and cloud computing, co-location facilities, and similar topics are among the fastest-changing in the industry. Data centers have high-level power demands, customized climate and cooling needs, unique enclosure systems-and all of this must operate without interruption.

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IIoT: Machines, Equipment & Asset Management

Articles in this digital report highlight technologies that enable Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT-related products and strategies. These include easier real-time sensor data access via tablets, PC-based control, data analytics, smarter machines, cybersecurity, how to get data more easily from maintenance software, human machine interfaces and controllers, along with easier industrial connectivity.

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IIoT: Operations & IT

This digital report will explore several aspects of how IIoT will transform manufacturing in the coming years. Among the topics covered are how to use IIoT to improve operations, how to do a better job of data analysis by using new technologies and new software, and how manufacturers are already using IIoT to affect changes in their operation.

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Digital Report: Compressed Air Strategies

Compressed Air Strategies Digital Report It’s often called the “fifth utility.” Compressed air plays a vital role in most manufacturing plants, and availability of compressed air is crucial to a wide variety of operations. When we talk about energy management in manufacturing, compressed air often gets overlooked. Click here to download the Digital Report Sponsored […]

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