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Wireless April 18, 2022

Wireless instrumentation communication propels plant processes

Using Bluetooth, WirelessHART and cloud connections, plants and facilities are leveraging increased process and diagnostic data to enhance operational efficiency and decrease downtime.

By Tim Shope
Wireless March 23, 2022

Choosing the best communication device for your manufacturing plant

The common forms of communication in manufacturing plants are cell phones and two-way radio systems.

By Stewart McClintic
Wireless March 12, 2021

Leave the two-way radio in the past

Modern team communication technologies boost productivity and safety

By Chris Clarke
Wireless January 24, 2021

Wireless technology benefits for manufacturing

There are many potential benefits to using wireless technology in manufacturing, but users need to be aware of standards and potential challenges.

By Brett Binnekade
Wireless December 12, 2020

How power and wireless limitations thwart IIoT potential

The scale of projected deployments is staggering

By Dr. David Wentzloff
Wireless October 6, 2020

Four best practices for industrial wireless LANs

Deployments and optimal operation of industrial wireless local area networks (LANs) require attention to site survey, lifecycle management, cybersecurity and collaboration. Need to optimize existing industrial wireless networks?

By Richard Kluth
Wireless September 20, 2020

Indoor cell site trials to extend 5G coverage completed

Indoor cell sites are a critical step in developing private 5G networks.

By Verizon Business Group
Wireless October 1, 2019

Choose the right industrial wireless technologies for condition monitoring

Wireless sensors can help discover maintenance issues with machines before they happen and give users access to real-time information. See four methods and four steps.

By John Bernet
Wireless September 1, 2019

GraceSense Panel-Mount/CloudGate by Grace Engineered Products

The GraceSense Panel-Mount/CloudGate collects data wirelessly from the nodes and transmits to the remote cloud using either an LTE or plant Wi-Fi connection

By Grace Engineered Products
Wireless July 28, 2019

The network the oil & gas industry needs

The case for private wireless, mission-critical communications networks.

By Kathy Nelson, P.E.
Wireless May 29, 2019

Wireless monitoring saves hours on each well workover

Requirement for I&E tech to be onsite for well workovers reduced from five hours to 15 minutes.

By Keith Ellis
Wireless April 30, 2019

Wireless low-power IIoT sensor networks differentiated

Mesh networks and low-power WANs are for different IIoT use cases and installation settings.

By Albert Behr
Wireless January 28, 2019

The oilfield of the future will include a mobile wireless network

Take a new approach to connectivity with wireless mesh.

By Todd Rigby
Wireless November 2, 2018

Software importance increasing among plant engineers

Today's plant engineer is transcending the longstanding stereotype. The plant engineering function is no longer just nuts and bolts. Today's plant engineer is mature, educated, and tends to stay in his or her job. And the job requires an increasing amount of software.Software is a fact of life on the plant floor of today and tomorrow.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Wireless November 2, 2018

Fieldbus evaluator

Segment Checker is a powerful software design tool that easily designs FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA networks, check operational parameters to validate fieldbus segment architecture and evaluate potential problems with a fieldbus segment configuration. It also allows users to display, archive and print an entire design and import field devices from a library or create new devices with the...

By Staff
Wireless July 3, 2018

How to manage IoT implementations

Evaluating the current state of the organization is key to understanding where and how to start implementing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

By Nicole Dyess, Motors@Work
Wireless June 26, 2018

Six IoT benefits for an organization

There are many benefits to implementing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to maximize productivity and enhance an organization’s workflow.

By Nicole Dyess, Motors@Work
Wireless April 26, 2018

Beyond collaboration: Old, new manufacturing companies cooperate on solutions

How an enclosures company, a computer maker, and a device supplier worked together to provide a plant-floor data center.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Wireless April 25, 2018

Hannover Messe brand extended to U.S. for IMTS Show

Illinois Gov. Rauner part of press event to tout 2018 show In Chicago in September.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Wireless September 27, 2017

Robots on the rise: 3 million in global manufacturing by 2020

Global report finds IIoT, competitiveness driving growth in robotics market with China leading the way.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Wireless September 25, 2017

Next generation of RCM: A more rigorous tool

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) must be seen as a strategy, not a software solution.

By Jerry Browning, IFS North America
Wireless August 10, 2017

Artificial intelligence can produce tangible process improvements

Sudip Singh, senior vice president and global business unit head of engineering services at Infosys, discussed the future uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing and the state of the digital transformation.

By Sudip Singh
Wireless June 5, 2017

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, May 29 to June 4: Predictive or preventive maintenance, IIoT’s potential, prescriptive maintenance, more

Articles about predictive vs. preventive maintenance, IIoT's potential, prescriptive maintenance, maintenance and the IIoT, and five positive IIoT benefits were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, May 29 to June 4. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless June 2, 2017

Serial console model

The Avocent ACS800 serial console models have two, four, or eight serial ports and a digital output port.

By Vertiv
Wireless May 15, 2017

Get your maintenance program ready for IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides many benefits for maintenance programs and companies looking to take advantage should take some proactive steps to make the transition seamless.

By Steve Mueller, Daniel Penn Associates
Wireless May 11, 2017

Embracing IIoT’s potential for maintenance

Companies can and should embrace and apply critical aspects of IIoT, including machine learning, analytics, and mobility.

By Kevin Clark, Fluke Corp.
Wireless March 27, 2017

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, March 20-26: Maintenance study findings, LED upgrade mistakes, more

Articles about 2017 Maintenance Survey findings, LED upgrade mistakes to avoid, maintenance and the IIoT, and improved productivity were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, March 20-26. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless March 10, 2017

Hannover Messe: Building on U.S. momentum, IIoT technology

‘Integrated Industry’ is the theme for 2017 global trade event.

By Larry Turner, Hannover Fairs USA
Wireless February 3, 2017

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2017-02-03

The Stride Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed with 16 ports and provide reliable connectivity in applications too tough for commercial grade switches in the industrial environment.

By AutomationDirect
Wireless January 9, 2017

Measurement technology modules

The ELM series is designed to lower the use of raw materials and energy in machine and plants while forming the basis for advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

By Beckoff
Wireless January 6, 2017

Six ways to lower IIoT network costs

One consequence of the IIoT trend is that purchasing devices for your network isn’t the end of your expenditure.

By Richard Wood, Moxa Inc.
Wireless January 5, 2017

IIoT arrives; It’s time to get started

Implementation is not only practical, but now is a competitive necessity.

By Michael Risse, Seeq Corporation
Wireless January 5, 2017

Plant Engineering names three to Editorial Advisory Board

Billy Taylor, David Skelton and Dr. Shi-Wan Lin will advise on content for readers.

By Plant Engineering
Wireless December 8, 2016

The future of the digital plant

The IIoT has helped to pave the way for Industrie 4.0, which refers to the next wave of the industrial revolution.

By Corey Foster, Valin Corporation
Wireless October 25, 2016

IIoT Webcast poll: Cybersecurity a significant issue

Archive version of Webcast now available, which highlights cybersecurity as a major concern for many plant and IT managers.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless October 19, 2016

Gateway for industrial Ethernet networks

The netTAP 151 is a four-port device that exchanges I/O data between different industrial Ethernet networks by acting as a protocol converter.

By Hilscher North America
Wireless October 10, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles: October 3-9: IIoT success, Ethernet and the IIoT, Leaders Under 40, more

Articles about IIoT success, Ethernet and the IIoT, Engineering Leaders Under 40, wireless remote monitoring advances, and motor efficiency standards were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, October 3-9. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless October 6, 2016

Is Ethernet the key to IIoT?

Applications demand a sensible migration path, a robust network.

By Uday Mudoi, Microsemi Corporation
Wireless October 4, 2016

IIoT success requires a change of mindset

Speakers at the 2016 Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) event at IMTS 2016 discussed the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from a variety of perspectives, which are highlighted.

By CFE Media
Wireless October 3, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles: September 26 to October 2: Leaders Under 40, electrical distribution, IIoT success, more

Articles about the Engineering Leaders Under 40, electrical distribution, 5 steps to IIoT success, wireless remote monitoring advances, and appealing to the next generation of manufacturing workers were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, September 26 to October 2. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless August 31, 2016

GAMS preview: The limitations of Big Data

In preparation for the 2016 GAMS Conference on Sept. 14 in Chicago, CFE Media asked our panelists to discuss some of the key issues facing manufacturing. This is one in a daily series of articles.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 26, 2016

GAMS preview: Using IIoT to unlock knowledge

In preparation for the 2016 GAMS Conference on Sept. 14 in Chicago, CFE Media asked our panelists to discuss some of the key issues facing manufacturing. This is one in a daily series of articles.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 23, 2016

GAMS preview: IIoT and the state of manufacturing

In preparation for the 2016 GAMS Conference on Sept. 14 in Chicago, CFE Media asked our panelists to discuss some of the key issues facing manufacturing. This is one in a daily series of issues.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 18, 2016

GAMS preview: IIoT and the promise of better maintenance

In preparation for the 2016 GAMS Conference on Sept. 14 in Chicago, CFE Media asked our panelists to discuss some of the key issues facing manufacturing. This is one in a daily series of articles.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 16, 2016

GAMS preview: Navigating the cloud

In preparation for the 2016 GAMS Conference on Sept. 14 in Chicago, CFE Media asked our panelists to discuss some of the key issues facing manufacturing. This is one in a daily series of issues.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 15, 2016

Manufacturing convergence on display at 2016 GAMS

CFE Media Conference at IMTS 2016 to focus on IIoT, robotics.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless June 2, 2016

Webcast: Industrial Internet of Things Webcast Series 2016, Part Two: Information Management for IIoT

The promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the ability to use modern data management and storage tools to deliver actionable data to workers at all levels of the plant when they need it.

By CFE Media
Wireless May 17, 2016

Ethernet cables

28 AWG Ethernet cables for high-density patching applications.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless May 9, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, May 2-8: IoT to IoAT, three ways to leverage IIoT, Microsoft partnership, more

Articles about IoT to IoAT, three ways to leverage IIoT, Microsoft partnership, U.S. celebrates win at Hannover Messe, and technology changes promise to 'reinvigorate manufacturing' were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, May 2-8. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne
Wireless May 6, 2016

The new language of transformation

Siemens CTO sees U.S., Germany leading the move toward an industrial Internet.

By Siegfried Russwurm
Wireless May 6, 2016

Setting the standards for cybersecurity

Due to the current state of cybersecurity hygiene across multiple industry sectors, manufacturers often inadvertently allow for critical vulnerabilities and weaknesses in product software to go unaddressed.

By CFE Media, Anura Fernando
Wireless May 6, 2016

Seven steps to secure your industrial control network

Implementing an industrial firewall can strengthen plant reliability, safety for control networks.

By Li Peng
Wireless May 5, 2016

Three ways to leverage IIoT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) infiltrates the industrial sector, forward-thinking organizations will find ways to leverage the Industrial IoT for more efficient, productive and intelligent operations. Here's a closer look.

By Scott Stone
Wireless April 26, 2016

Digitalization is the accelerator in time to market

Interview with Raj Batra, President of Digital Factory division, Siemens Industry USA at Hannover Messe.

By Siemens & CFE Media
Wireless April 15, 2016

Getting ahead of the IIoT cybersecurity curve

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers many potential benefits, but it also poses many potential risks from a cybersecurity standpoint, and many companies are slow to realize this drawback.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Wireless April 13, 2016

Information is power

How today’s enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software and analytics are driving performance results.

By Matthew Littlefield
Wireless April 11, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, April 4-10: Product of the Year winners, using IIoT to improve operations, IIoT’s power found in controllers and HMIs, more

Articles about the 2015 Product of the Year winners, using IIoT to improve operations, IIoT's power found in controllers and HMIs, how to balance your PM workload, and universities bring knowledge and curiosity to Hannover were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, April 4-10. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne
Wireless April 4, 2016

Data-driven maintenance transforms the plant

Today, industry wants more efficient solutions. Plant personnel have to use data to determine when problems start, instead of waiting until the equipment is offline or has approached an alarm limit. Acting early will allow customers the time to make better economic decisions.

By CFE Media, Chad Stoecker
Wireless April 4, 2016

IIoT’s power found in controllers, HMIs

Technology used to deliver information to the operator’s fingertips.

By Jeff Payne
Wireless April 4, 2016

Define maintenance data value to gain IIoT benefits

Maintenance offers great potential value in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Getting the right data to the right worker at the right time can head off potential problems and point the way to more uptime.

By Plant Engineering, Chris LeBeau
Wireless April 1, 2016

Siemens launches motors for high thrust pump applications in harsh environments

Expanding its extensive range of Simotics low-voltage Nema motors, Siemens adds in-line, vertical solid shaft (VSS) motors to its portfolio–the LP100 series–in the Nema Premium efficiency class.

By Siemens
Wireless March 31, 2016

Webcast: Industrial Internet of Things Webcast Series 2016, Part One: Effective Change Management

The discussion around IIoT is as much about this change in worker roles and responsibilities as it is about the technology they will use. It will require new thinking and training to realize the full value of IIoT on the plant floor.

By CFE Media
Wireless March 30, 2016

Weatherproof NEMA enclosures

Weatherproof NEMA enclosures ideal for heating, cooling, and AC or DC power over Ethernet (PoE) in applications for test equipment, remote controls, wireless networks, scientific instruments, alarm and security and more.

By L-Com
Wireless March 14, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, March 7-13: Manufacturing industry, Cognitive computing, Getting the right data, more

Articles about the manufacturing industry, cognitive computing, getting the right data, asset performance monitoring, and predictive maintenance were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, March 7-13. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne
Wireless March 9, 2016

Getting the right data helps company decide to exhibit

Frontier Technology Inc. (FTI) is a company well-known in the federal government for being able to assist its customers in making data-driven decisions. In an era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), FTI's skill set seemed like a great match for the manufacturing sector.

By Bob Vavra
Wireless March 4, 2016

Weatherproof industrial enclosures

Weatherproof industrial NEMA enclosures that are well suited for extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless February 29, 2016

IIoT offers a merger of IT, OT information

Achim Kruger, vice president of operational excellence solutions at SAP, talks about the transformative nature of IIoT for manufacturing’s future.

By CFE Media, Achim Krueger
Wireless February 29, 2016

IIoT and cloud for SMEs

IIoT and cloud for SMEs: Four key considerations

By Dwayne Divers
Wireless February 29, 2016

Powering the Industrial Internet of Things

In the race to take advantage of new technologies, the key is wrap and reuse—not rip and replace.

By Ralf Neubert
Wireless February 12, 2016

Cognitive computing delivers answers, asks new questions

In a data-driven age, taking advantage of collective knowledge can be done with very little jeopardy. Just ask Watson.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless February 1, 2016

Q&A: Managing data, security at the server

Emerson’s Steve Hassell discusses how to protect your system and better utilize use your data.

By CFE Media & Steve Hassell
Wireless February 1, 2016

Protecting the ‘smarts” in industrial smart meters

Circuit protection is crucial for the new wave of value-added devices.

By Navneet Vinaik, Littelfuse Inc.
Wireless February 1, 2016

Skid building: Focus on performance

Plant managers can get more out of the end process by looking at the whole, and not the components.

By Cindy Green, AutomationDirect
Wireless February 1, 2016

IIoT offers economic, operational benefits

IIoT offers both new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers willing to push the boundaries of machine and plant design. Included in these new opportunities are benefits such as connectivity, efficiency, and reliability, but many features of IIoT technology may bring great financial benefits to manufacturers as well.

By Ralf Neubert, Schneider Electric
Wireless February 1, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, January 25-31: Repair, replace, or retrofit; IIoT technologies; preventive maintenance program, more

Articles about choosing between repair, replace, or retrofit; new IIoT technologies; designing a preventive maintenance program; how to fix preventive maintenance when it fails; and best practices in preventive maintenance were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, January 25-31. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne
Wireless December 14, 2015

2015 Top Plant Winner: Making connections locally, globally

Phoenix Contact: From cordsets and terminal blocks to industrial wireless, process infrastructure, and PC products, the company has evolved from a value-add assembly facility to a growing world-wide manufacturing hub.

By Jack Smith, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless December 1, 2015

Evaluate present protocols, future needs when choosing a wireless network

Wireless sensor solutions are now being used in countless situations where it is necessary to monitor remote, difficult, and costly to reach locations, or moving applications. When choosing the best wireless approach, there are many technology tradeoffs and vendors to consider.

By Kevin Zamzow, Yokogawa
Wireless December 1, 2015

Leveraging IIoT-ready solutions helps connectivity, data access

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides the ability to analyze data and gain comprehensive insights from assets, processes, and products.

By Paul McLaughlin, Honeywell Process Solutions
Wireless October 16, 2015

The building blocks of IIoT

Clicking components together like Legos is one vision for how smarter factories will evolve.

By Bob Vavra
Wireless October 15, 2015

Harting works with U.S. customers to make connection to Hannover Messe

As part of Hannover Messe road show, company highlights importance of annual trade event to Americans.

By Bob Vavra
Wireless October 13, 2015

Miniature cable assemblies

The UMCX, WMCX and HMCX32 coaxial cables with snap-on connectors provide operation from DC to 6 GHz and are ideal for use in wireless communications systems.

By Fairview Microwave
Wireless September 30, 2015

Industrial Ethernet switches and media converter

The LNX series of industrial Ethernet switches and IMC media converters are an ideal addition to Ethernet I/O products.

By Acromag
Wireless August 18, 2015

Manufacturing’s new arrival: What to expect

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is poised to change manufacturing and there are several things manufacturers should expect to happen.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Wireless August 17, 2015

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, August 10-16: Preventive maintenance strategies, Lean equipment improvement, VFD myths, more

Articles about achieving preventive maintenance, sustaining improvement in Lean equipment, five VFD myths, the age of disruptive innovation, and achieving world-class manufacturing maintenance were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, August 10-16. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless August 11, 2015

Ethernet certification can identify cabling issues, prepare for IIoT

Machines today are connected via Ethernet, which allow manufacturers to network their industrial automation and control systems and connect their plant production and business systems.

By Mark Knebusch, Softing Inc.
Wireless August 10, 2015

A hands-on approach for manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will spark a plant floor revolution. Here's how to get ready for it.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering
Wireless August 10, 2015

IIoT: Defining the terms

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has its own lexicon and as it continues to expand and become commonplace it becomes imperative to understand some of the terms associated with the IIoT.

By Plant Engineering
Wireless May 19, 2015

The promise and the risks of IIoT and Industry 4.0

Ubisense VP Adrian Jennings discusses the need to go slow in moving manufacturing away from manual systems to an integrated production system.

By CFE Media
Wireless April 14, 2015

Future innovations and expectations setting tone at Hannover Messe

Hannover Notes: What will the U.S. do in 2016? The drivers for Industry 4.0. The cool stuff that doesn’t (yet) have much to do with manufacturing. See a short video of Festo's robot butterflies.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless April 6, 2015

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, March 30 to April 5: ac motor repair, Product of the Year winners, Internet of Things and people, more

Articles about ac motor repair, the 2014 Product of the Year winners, the Internet of Things and people who make things, reducing lead time, and measuring motor efficiency to understand VFD’s value were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, March 30 to April 5. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless March 18, 2015

How a digital PSM program can save you time

Digital process safety management (PSM) programs are becoming more widely viewed as a best practice for facility owners, requiring less time and resources for auditing and documentation.

By Richard Boyd, Stellar
Wireless March 18, 2015

Getting ready for the new industrial revolution

A flexible, efficient plant is the goal for 2015 Hannover Messe attendees.

By Bob Vavra
Wireless March 16, 2015

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, March 9-15: ac motor repair, lean manufacturing’s ingredients, industrial Internet on the factory floor, more

Articles about ac motor repair, lean manufacturing’s two key ingredients, the industrial Internet on the factory floor, top 5 signs of reliable plant, and expanding the maintenance toolkit were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, March 9-15. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Wireless March 5, 2015

Scale your technology to fit small manufacturing teams

It’s the 30% of nonstandard processes, unique to your company, that you need to manage more effectively. And this is where the difference between configuration and customization becomes glaringly apparent.

By Lori Payne
Wireless February 10, 2015

Hacking scandals show value of cloud storage

Does your data need to be stored in the cloud? Here are a few ideas to consider as you answer that question.

By Paul Lachance
Wireless December 4, 2014

Rugged industrial routers

Routers operate in areas normally restricted from wireless communication, giving remote access to automation networks and components over public DSL.

By Siemens
Wireless November 24, 2014

Locking IEC power cords

These four locking power cords series can be used for data center, medical and other AC power applications, where vibration or physical contact is present.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless November 19, 2014

Remotely connect controls

CP 1243-1 DNP3 and CP 1243-1 IEC communication modules connect the controller.

By Siemens
Wireless November 17, 2014

Industrial router

The Scalance M series of industrial routers are designed to operate in areas normally restricted from wireless communication.

By Siemens
Wireless October 27, 2014

Wireless access point

The APX-5700 simultaneous dual band radio is a hardened industrial grade wireless product offers reliable and versatile solutions.

By Antaria Technologies
Wireless October 23, 2014

USB DAQ module

The USB-1210 delivers-100 dB THD and 14.3-Bit ENOB preventing data loss from slow CPU response under heavy system loading.

By Adlink Technology Inc.
Wireless October 23, 2014

Wireless networking

WaveContact products provide end-to-end wireless networking capabilities for an environment where process automation is needed.

By FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Wireless October 14, 2014

An evolving Industrial Internet: Refrigerators need not apply

Connecting plant floor data has been going on years, and the new wave of technology is seen more as an evolution of that process than a revolution of devices and IP addresses.

By Mike Granby, Red Lion Controls
Wireless October 1, 2014

Cat5e armored cable assemblies

The TRD8RGMT line of ruggedized RJ45 plugs, made of durable crush resistant metal armor, and super superior shielding ensure data transmission up to gigabit ethernet speeds.

By CFE Media
Wireless October 1, 2014

Surge protectors for Ethernet networks

The Cat5/5e/6 Lightning protectors are designed to protect your investment in expensive communications equipment. With multiple styles to choose from, ranging from standard to high power models, these lightning protectors are designed for use in both commercial and industrial network installations. Versions include indoor and outdoor, as well as compact weather resistant models the Cat5/5e/6 Lightning protectors are available from single-port passive injectors, injector kits, and outdoor midspan/injectors.

By CFE Media
Wireless October 1, 2014

Profinet driver for controller applications

The Profinet driver simplifies communication on standard PC's with no additional hardware.

By Siemens
Wireless September 24, 2014

High frequency right angle adapters

Fairview Microwave's millimeter wave right angle RF adapters with frequency up to 50 GHz are widely used in the military and commercial sectors.

Wireless September 18, 2014

In industrial settings, two-way radios still a smart choice

Consumer technology versus digital radios. Which one makes the most sense for manufacturing and industrial communications? Interestingly, Motorola Solutions' recent survey of the state of plant communications reveals that two-way radios and cell phones remain in a dead heat as the primary means of communications in plants nationwide. Yet critical differences between the two are worth careful consideration before making technology investments.

By Michael Koch, Motorola Solutions
Wireless September 2, 2014

CNC innovations designed to improve machining performance at IMTS 2014

FANUC will demonstrate a CNC platform with built-in Bluetooth technology and a digital servo adapter among other technologies that are designed to improve machining performance and maintenance at IMTS 2014 Booth #S-8919.

By CFE Media
Wireless September 1, 2014

Industry 4.0 concepts at IMTS 2014

Innovative solutions such as Google Glass are highlighted at the Beckhoff booth located in the Industrial Automation North America (IANA) section.

By CFE Media
Wireless August 28, 2014

Midspan/injectors and injector kits

The BTD-CATx series products can be used with Power-over-Ethernet enabled devices, Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones, wireless access points, CPE devices and IP web and surveillance cameras.

Wireless August 24, 2014

The role of industrial networks in energy usage

Energy costs big dollars for manufacturers, and most plants don't know where energy is used, said Eric Scott of Molex Inc. Industrial network groups are working on interfaces to help. See the video.

By CFE Media
Wireless July 18, 2014

Right angled USB cable line

Right-angled USB cable can be used for peripheral interconnects, data acquisition, and portable data storage.

Wireless July 14, 2014

PCIe serial adapter card

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories's new SEL-3390S8 PCIe serial adapter card allows users to expand the number and type of communications interfaces for industrial computers.

Wireless June 3, 2014

Remote energy monitoring improves plant performance, reduces downtime

A single dashboard can display power quality information to head off problems

By Marty Aaron, Eaton
Wireless June 2, 2014

Stock shock: Dow Jones tumbles, then rebounds after May PMI Index is corrected

Software error blamed for report of decline; monthly indexes all increased as index hits 55.4%.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Wireless May 9, 2014

In-Line Cat6 Lightning and Surge Protectors

L-com, Inc., has expanded their ELP series protector line with two new Cat6 lightning and surge protectors. These products protect valuable equipment from static discharge, lightning and faulty wiring.

Wireless May 9, 2014

Standard metric RF cable assembly

Amphenol Connex is adding an addition to their pre-configured fixed length RF cable assembly line to include standard metric lengths.

Wireless April 10, 2014

Gas Technology: Digital Age management

With tools such as digital loggers and wireless communications, systems operators can get an accurate picture of plant energy usage patterns.

By Gas Technology
Wireless April 3, 2014

Turning predictions into profits

The next age of data management will help monetize the data points by making decisions smarter 

Wireless March 19, 2014

Android malware on the rise

There were 700,000 new Android malware samples spotted in the third quarter with attacks against this platform having increased by over 30 percent, a recent report said.

By Greg Hale
Wireless March 19, 2014

D-Link patches router bugs

New firmware is out for D-Link router models that have a vulnerability attackers could use to gain control of the device.

By Greg Hale
Wireless February 27, 2014

Smart manufacturing will drive demand for M2M communication

Frost & Sullivan study warns that telecommunication companies will impact sector

By Frost & Sullivan
Wireless January 23, 2014

Wireless Ethernet modem

The ELPRO 450U-E licensed wireless Ethernet modem is designed for industrial applications and is designed to integrate with ELPRO wireless and wired networks to connect remote sensors

Wireless January 8, 2014

Profinet IO fieldbus coupler series

Profinet I/O Fieldbus Couplers 750 Series identify connected I/O modules and create local process images for one or more controllers

Wireless January 7, 2014

Tablet-based app for pump-motor alignment

tab@lign combines laser measurement technology with tablet and smartphone devices and can run on iOS and Android platforms

Wireless December 4, 2013

Modules for harsh, corrosive industrial environments

The CLXT Modules are available in three versions for Ethernet, Serial Communications, and Profibus Master/Slave applications

Wireless November 18, 2013

Wireless M2M increases value of wired infrastructure

New technology overcomes limitations of previous systems to deliver value.

By Mike Fahrion, B&B Electronics
Wireless November 13, 2013

Shipments of connectable set-top boxes to nearly double by 2017

Connectable set-top boxes sales are expected to surge by 91 percent globally from 2012 to 2017 thanks to increased demand in North America and Asia for more connectivity in their electronics devices.

By IHS Inc.
Wireless April 19, 2013

Wireless transmitter/receiver

The WRT Series Wireless Data Transmitter/Receiver works with any RS485 network protocol and allows wired and wireless equipment mixes to avoid radio signal obstacles

Wireless April 19, 2013

Unmanaged switches

Brad Direct-Link switches come in 5- and 8-port modules and are IP67 sealed and feature an Ethernet switch solution to reduce cabling and installation costs

Wireless April 4, 2013

Servo drive for networkability

The CMMP-AS-…-M3 servo drive offers Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, EtherCat, Profibus, and DeviceNet networkability.

Wireless January 8, 2013

IEC 61850 Adoption Slow in North American Distribution Automation Market

Security concerns and federal governmental oversight have motivated rapid adoption of next-generation communications technologies in transmission assets in the U.S. NERC-CIP compliance

By IHS Inc.
Wireless November 26, 2012

Remote monitoring technologies lower costs, improve operations

The latest remote communication technologies allow experts to monitor and control multiple plants from any location.

By Greg Philbrook
Wireless October 16, 2012

Industrial wireless market booming, but still underutilized

Frost & Sullivan research sees market doubling, but end users still don’t see it as a critical improvement

Wireless July 25, 2012

For wireless power market success, look to the East

Japan is forecast to become the leading market for wireless power technology this year.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Wireless July 10, 2012

Smart Grid networking market in the Americas to grow to nearly $1 billion by 2016

The market for equipment supporting smart grid communications and networking to grow from $700 million in 2011 to nearly $950 million by 2016.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Wireless June 29, 2012

Media players, PCs, displays drive nearly $5 billion in revenue for digital signage

Hardware supporting digital signage such as media players, PCs, displays and LED video arrays generated nearly $5.5 billion in revenue during 2011, according to IMS Research.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Wireless June 25, 2012

Bluetooth Smart to be the wireless technology most used in consumer medical devices by 2016

A recent study forecasts that by 2016, wireless-enabled consumer medical devices will use Bluetooth Smart technology the most.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Wireless June 13, 2012

Why a production process needs information technology

The age of industrial security - Information technology has changed more radically over the past 20 years than practically any other field has.

By David Heinze
Wireless May 24, 2012

Bridging the gap between IT, operations

Understanding the shared goals can bring peace – and value to manufacturers.

By Mark Wylie, Cisco
Wireless May 7, 2012

Getting a fix on indoor location

With companies looking to replicate what GPS for an indoor environment, IMS Research believes that several methods are likely to be successful as research and development heats up among many companies.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Wireless April 26, 2012

HANNOVER MESSE: E+H turns its entrepreneurial energy to – energy

‘A climate of innovation’ helps drive growth and a sense of connection to customers.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media U.S.
Wireless March 14, 2012

Borescope video receiver

BRD10 Wireless USB Video Receiver

By Extech Instruments
Wireless February 10, 2012

Wireless safety system

The wireless safety system from Carlo Gavazzi eliminates the spiral cables between doors and door controllers.

By Source: Carlo Gavazzi
Wireless January 2, 2012

Selecting an open digital protocol in process automation

By forcing businesses or protocols to compete for customers, they become more efficient, resulting in more innovation and improved quality.

By James Powell, PE, Siemens AG
Wireless May 11, 2011

Overcoming barriers to wireless adoption

Wireless is flexible, versatile, and can be cost effective; however, concerns with security, reliability, and capacity of wireless continue to prevent conservative end users from reaping its benefits. Are these concerns valid?

By Adrienne Lutovsky, ProSoft Technology
Wireless May 4, 2011

Interface module

SST DN4 DeviceNet USB interface module provides industrial OEMs and end-users with a compact, high-performance DeviceNet interface for PC communication that maximizes performance in control and monitoring applications.

Wireless April 27, 2011

Field wireless devices based on the ISA100.11a industrial communications standard

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released field wireless devices based on the ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standard in North America

By Source: Yokogawa
Wireless March 14, 2011

Webcast: Securing Ethernet, wireless

The new era of Ethernet and wireless networking in industrial applications has increased security concerns to an all time high, and for good reason

Wireless February 25, 2011

Intrinsic safety systems can build in security

How safe do you make the plant where your employees work? How close should the design engineer come to the minimum ignition curves? Should you use intrinsic safety technology or go with explosion-proof technology?

By Joseph A. Kaulfersch, Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc.
Wireless January 12, 2011

Fully equipped PC for harsh environments

The Panel PC 725 by B and R Industrial Automation is robust, well-protected HMI solution

Wireless January 4, 2011

Building intrinsic safety systems

With electrical safety a critical issue, achieving that goal through safety systems rather than electrical enclosures is gaining more attention.

By Joseph A. Kaulfersch, Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc.
Wireless December 7, 2010

Diagnostic gateway serves advanced diagnostic modules

The FieldConnex Diagnostic Gateway helps provide deep insight into fieldbus physical layer directly from the control room.

Wireless December 6, 2010

WLAN adapter for industrial applications

Beckhoff Automation’s CU8890 WLAN controller enables cost-effective wireless integration of industrial PCs.

Wireless November 15, 2010

Pepperl+Fuchs president to lead Fieldbus Foundation board

Dr. Gunther Kegel, succeeds John Berra of Emerson Process Management, who is retiring after serving 16 years in his foundation leadership post.

Wireless November 15, 2010

2010 POY Finalists: Automation and Control

Plant Engineering's 2010 Product of the Year finalists featured in the Automation and Control category.

Wireless October 6, 2010

FDT Technology standard approved by ISA 103 committee

FDT standard can now be integrated globally

Wireless July 31, 2010

Safety-over-EtherCAT standard approved

Approval by 27-nation committee will further uniform usage of EtherCAT technology within the automation world.

Wireless April 8, 2010

Evaluate network plant floor coverage

Just as the adoption of machine control over industrial networks broadened over a period of years, so too is the pool of companies now looking at leveraging the power of Ethernet to gain a competitive edge by linking their manufacturing and business levels.

By Rick Griffin, Molex
Wireless April 1, 2010

Evaluating plant floor network convergence

According to industry analysts, numerous business imperatives are driving the convergence of industrial-commercial networks within an enterprise. Uptime and production optimization, product quality, workflow speed and efficiency and customer service demands are often cited. Global competition and dwindling profit margins have precipitated network integration for many manufacturers striving to s...

By Rick Griffin, Molex
Wireless April 1, 2010

Spring into productivity

There was spring in the air and a spring in the step of the winners of the 2009 Product of the Year awards dinner. The unseasonably warm weather in Chicago March 29 contributed to a warm atmosphere at the Hotel Sofitel, where the 22nd annual Product of the Year awards were presented. Fluke Corporation’s Digital Multimeter received the Grand Award, which is presented to the product that r...

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Wireless March 31, 2010

Fluke earns 2009 Product of the Year Grand Award

Innovation is honored at gala award dinner at 2010 Manufacturing/Automation Summit

By Bob Vavra
Wireless March 1, 2010

Overcoming Ethernet’s limitations

Ethernet was designed as a way for computers to communicate over a single, shared cable so that businesses could connect systems to support programs and transfer data. The beauty of Ethernet is its ability to transfer copious amounts of data over the network very quickly, and to provide information to remote users.

By Karie Daudt, TURCK
Wireless March 1, 2010

Ultra compact Ethernet switches

N-TRON Corp. added six models to its family of managed industrial Ethernet switches. Housed in compact, hardened enclosures, the 709FX, 710FX2, 711FX3, 712FX4, 714FX6 and 7010TX were designed to provide maximum performance in harsh industrial environments. Features include redundant 10-49 Vdc power inputs, configurable two-color fault status LED and optional SD memory card configuration backup.

Wireless February 24, 2010

Machine Safety & Cableless (Wireless) Safety – with comments

Machine Safety and Cableless Operator Stations with Safety! Did I just say all of that in the same sentence? Is this Doctor Spoc in Star Trek or is it the 21st Century? Well, beam me up Scotty because my radar screen sees something on the horizon. For several years now we’ve seen applications of safety functions being performed in machine architectures using safety certified and listed products where portions of the safety certified communications bus is wireless. So, does it make common sense that a natural migration of innovation would provide cableless operator stations with safety functions as added functionality?Cabled pendants in robot cells have been used for years and several years ago they evolved to cableless (meaning they have their own power source).

By J.B. Titus
Wireless February 10, 2010

Cooper Bussmann launches Cooper Wireless

Cooper Bussmann has announced the formation of its new business unit, Cooper Wireless.

Wireless January 1, 2010

New automation architecture puts the power at the device

Applying several computers to a single problem simultaneously is known as grid computing. Commonly used for scientific or technical challenges requiring a great number of computer processing cycles or simultaneous access to large amounts of data, a primary grid computing application is using software to divide and apportion pieces of a program among several computers.

By David Voynow, Schneider Electric
Wireless January 1, 2010

EtherNet/IP flows into new territory

Process control sensors, actuators and other process control devices that measure and control level, flow, temperature and other process variables currently rely on a process instrumentation network or 4-20 mA system to transfer data. Other devices common in process applications such as drives, process controllers and operator workstations also need to transfer data, but work on completely diff...

By Brian Oulton, ODVA contributor and participant on behalf of Rockwell Automation, a principal member of ODVA
Wireless November 20, 2009

Industrial Ethernet switch

This fully-managed industrial Ethernet switch is designed for high traffic applications and features four auto-sensing Ethernet ports.

Wireless November 18, 2009

OPC helps drive improved interoperability

High speed, real-time interlocking and rock solid connectivity are core requirements for implementing a motion control system

By Roy Kok, Kepware Technologies
Wireless November 1, 2009

Fieldbus power supply

The TRUNKGUARD TPS400 fieldbus power supply is designed for general purpose and non-incendive applications. Available models supply 350 mA (for non-isolated, energy limited applications) or 500 mA (for high current demand applications) of isolated, conditioned simplex (non-redundant) or duplex (redundant) power to up to four segments.

Wireless September 1, 2009

Wireless-N a promising technology to connect controllers and I/Os

Letter from Cliff Whitehead and Paul Brooks of Rockwell Automation points to new possibilities with technology

Wireless September 1, 2009

Connecting the industrial edge

In the same way that wireless connectivity has changed the way people communicate in their business and personal lives, it is also revolutionizing how plant automation networks work. While adoption has been slow, more networks are using wireless Ethernet protocols to add new devices, extend the networks into hazardous locations and establish connectivity with devices and systems that may be in ...

By Ed Nabrotzky, Molex Inc.
Wireless September 1, 2009

In a new light

Processing facilities are beginning to realize the benefits of using fieldbus networks for predictive maintenance and operational cost savings. Enhanced asset management is achieved by allowing devices on a network to report their status and continually monitor the health of an entire system. Many of these facilities use fieldbus networks such as DeviceNet or Profibus to communicate data from r...

By Todd Shadle, Phoenix Contact
Wireless August 1, 2009

Ethernet switches

The Scalance XB unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch can be used in a line or star topology where simple plug-and-play connections and low-cost port expansion features are required. The switches are available with up to eight 10/100 Mbit/s ports. Offering an IP20 degree of protection in a small, compact design, the new line of switches are constructed with a durable plastic housing that is eas...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 1, 2009

ISA EXPO 2009 technical conference program: An insider’s view

Each year, the ISA EXPO technical conference program covers the critical topics of the day, and this year I have the honor of serving as the ISA EXPO 2009 technical program chair. The ISA EXPO technical program committee is comprised of more than 30 volunteers who work together on these six technology track sub-committees: The committee is formed a year in advance and we meet face to face, elec...

By Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, ISA EXPO 2009 program chair ICS Triplex
Wireless July 1, 2009

Strategies to implement Ethernet/technology in industrial applications

When Ethernet first came into existence in the 1970s, this local area network technology was seen as a way to make office-level communications faster and convey large amounts of data at greater speeds. Ethernet’s high data capacity was seen as an ideal solution for office-level networks because in these scenarios, multiple clients must use the same network to share information.

By Christian Vitale, TURCK Inc.
Wireless July 1, 2009

Optimizing industrial Ethernet system performance

Over the past decade, manufacturers and processors have increasingly been transitioning plant floor operations to the Ethernet LAN standard (IEEE 802.3), which has reigned supreme in commercial offices for decades. Although the physical layer standard is the same for both, the environments in which their Ethernet systems operate could not be more different.

By Brian Shuman, RCDD, Belden
Wireless June 23, 2009

Manage machinery health

Wireless vibration data and enhanced auto-plotting capabilities maximize production uptime through machinery health monitoring.

Wireless June 1, 2009

Find your way through the wireless maze

For those grounded in wired networks, untangling wireless-related issues for plant-floor applications can be as intimidating as reworking networked I/O connections without documentation. If you haven’t jumped into wireless communications yet on the plant floor, or even if you have, here are some questions and answers to help clear the air about wireless.

By Mark T. Hoske
Wireless May 7, 2009

Predict to prevent: Motor management systems look into the future

With the ability to predict what will happen to a motor, and by extension an industrial process, motor management systems can become the single most important tool to mitigate industrial manufacturing downtime.

By Fabrice Meunier, Schneider Electric
Wireless May 1, 2009

Network monitoring technologies on the plant floor

As manufacturers continuously seek new ways to improve industrial network up-time on the plant floor, new innovative monitoring devices and diagnostics tools are being made available to meet this goal. In fact, preventative network diagnostics is on the rise, and this trend can significantly help companies cut overall production costs, minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

By Michael Frayne, Molex Inc.
Wireless April 21, 2009

Phoenix Contact showcases new technologies

Phoenix Contact featured at Hannover Fair an array of automation-related technologies available to its global customer base.

By David Greenfield, Editorial Director, Control Engineering
Wireless March 23, 2009

Industrial gateway bridges fieldbus, Ethernet

This gateway bridges gapes between traditional fieldbus, real-time Ethernet-based systems and other serial protocols. Up to 1,000 protocol combinations are possible in a DIN-rail mounted housing.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless March 1, 2009

Next-generation controllers reduce costs, increase productivity

In a challenging economy, it is more critical than ever for plants to increase productivity and deliver cost savings in whatever ways they can. By innovating their processes with new control systems, plant managers can accomplish just that.

By Greg Dixson and Bjoern Falke, Phoenix Contact Automation Systems
Wireless March 1, 2009

Adopting Power over Ethernet

Ethernet has become a comfortable technology for users around the world. It will inevitably dominate the manufacturing plant floor. However one aspect of Ethernet – Power over Ethernet (PoE) – is a less understood aspect of this popular networking technology whose role on the plant floor is still uncertain.

By Ed Nabrotzky, Molex Inc.
Wireless February 5, 2009

Smart structures: Emerson plant studies support use of wireless in capital projects

Emerson Process Management has unveiled quantified results and other findings of two independent real-world greenfield projects that recommend wireless infrastructure be a key component of all new projects.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Wireless February 1, 2009

Understanding wireless network architecture

One of the initial considerations when planning an industrial wireless implementation is the scope and sophistication of the network. Many times simple objectives such as communication to a single remote asset can be achieved with “wire replacement” technology in a very straight forward and easy to deploy approach.

By Patrick McCurdy, Phoenix Contact
Wireless January 27, 2009

Power over EtherCAT junction terminal

The Power over EtherCAT junction terminal requires only a standard EtherCAT/Ethernet cable for the fieldbus signal and the power supply. EtherCAT sensors can now receive power over standard Cat 5 cables.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless January 27, 2009

Level transmitter cryogenic seal

This cryogenic seal enables accurate, reliable level measurement of condensed and liquefied gasses at temperatures as low as -196 C.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless January 23, 2009

Remote controller

The Anybus RemoteCom is equipped with an internal Web server for remote access of device data including logged data and trend graphs.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless January 10, 2009

Vibration module

The 750-645 two-channel vibration and roller bearing monitoring module (VIB-I/O) tracks machine vibration conditions.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 20, 2008

EtherNet/IP for servo drives

The EtherNet/IP communication option has been added to the PositionServo drive.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 9, 2008

Video surveillance historian for process, batch

The historian is an extension of a video system that enables users to acquire and store video associated with manufacturing process variables.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 25, 2008

Cordsets for Foundation fieldbus

These Type A cordsets are the first of their kind to meet Fieldbus Foundation specifications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 18, 2008

Rockwell launches process automation platform

Plant PAx introduced at Automation Fair in Nashville

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 1, 2008

Now it’s your turn

It's hard to believe that AppliedAutomation is well into its third year. The encouragement and support have been inspiring, to say the least. Because of its growth, AppliedAutomation will move from being published quarterly to six times per year, starting in Jan. 2009. In addition to increased frequency, AppliedAutomation will also have expanded coverage.

By Jack Smith, Editor
Wireless November 1, 2008

Fieldbus health test instrument

The ScopeMeter models 225C and 215C include the features of the 199C Color ScopeMeter, and are designed for maintenance specialists who keep automation equipment operational. The instruments feature signal validation of critical signal parameters such as amplitude and noise, and have floating and fully isolated inputs for true differential signal measurements on 2-wire differential bus systems.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 1, 2008

Tips for understanding ‘IT-speak’

In most plants, there has traditionally been a communications gulf between maintenance and IT. That’s largely been fine, except that now, increasingly more process controls are connected to industrial networks, and plant engineers are experiencing network-type problems that cause downtime and affect plant output.

By Neal Allen, Fluke Networks
Wireless November 1, 2008

Asset management leverages smart wireless devices

With the proliferation of wireless devices for obtaining control-related information on equipment in remote locations, many operators are wondering if they can be sure the wireless devices are functioning as intended, providing accurate readings, and if they can extract standard diagnostics from remote devices.

By Laura Briggs and Joseph Citrano III, Emerson Process Management
Wireless November 1, 2008

Motors, Drives & Controls

Adjustable-speed drive The Q9 Series of adjustable-speed drives are designed with oversized transistors and heavy-duty dc bus capacitors. The electronic operator interface has an LCD and simple keypad layout. Windows-based software aids programming and monitoring.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 15, 2008

Open-source radio technology: Now available for process engineering

Following the technological progress of fieldbus in process automation, the next development step in field communication is that of solutions involving radio technology. Can radio technology be used on an “across the board” basis? Based on open standards, the HART Communication Foundation provides the answer with WirelessHART.

By Gerrit Lohmann, Robert Schosker Pepperl+Fuchs
Wireless September 15, 2008

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2008-09-15

The 852 series of Ethernet switches provides a selection of scalable solutions for network infrastructures.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 15, 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 puts technical diversity on display in Houston

The keynote addresses at ISA EXPO 2008 at the Reliance Center in Houston Oct. 14-16 feature the evolution of wireless sensor networking, the possibilities of controlling low-energy nuclear reactions and an explanation of why we are who we are.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 15, 2008

System redundancy with WirelessHART

In process automation, operators make decisions based on the data they have available. When one or more process variables or other types of information are not available, they must make those decisions without a complete picture of what’s happening. In fact, they may not even know a decision is needed.

By HART Communication Foundation
Wireless August 28, 2008

Signal, power wiring technologies drive changes in best practices

A creative tension typically exists between accepted practices that have served an industry well and the need for new practices that take full benefit of innovative new technologies. The current state of signal and power wiring is a good example of this truism.

By Brad Woodman, Molex AEP Division
Wireless August 26, 2008

PCI-based Ethernet analyzer

This network analyzer can analyze Ethernet network nodes in real time, including drives and motion control.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 15, 2008

Wireless sensor development session scheduled at ISA

When Dr. Kris Pister of the University of California at Berkley began the Smart Dust project more than a decade ago, few could have predicted its effect on today's industrial automation. The wave of academic research and venture capital investment based on the promise of wireless sensor networks led many to predict an explosion of consumer applications and home automation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 15, 2008

Ethernet card

The MCA 121 Ethernet/IP option card enables VLT automation drive users to deploy standard Ethernet technology in manufacturing applications. The unit can handle a single EIP class one connection with an actual packet interval of 1 ms in either direction. Designed with a built-in, two-port switch with diagnostic functions, it enables traditional line network topology and eliminates the need for ...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 15, 2008

Online cable configurator

The FieldConnex cordset product configurator allows users to design Fieldbus type A/ER cordset and extension cables, and receive a price and availability quote. The tool's question-based navigation builds cordsets in 10 steps and provides an image of completed cordsets for user review. The tool is available on all FieldConnex product web pages.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 8, 2008

Connecter system

Designed for industrial Ethernet and PROFINET applications, the VARIOSUB push-pull connector system uses a plug-and-play positive locking system to provide IP67 protection.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 17, 2008

Motorola invests in Apprion wireless technology

Venture capitalists join effort to expand industrial wireless in manufacturing

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless June 15, 2008

ISA helps industry inch toward single process standard for wireless

Convergence of the ISA100.11a and WirelessHART standards is now in the hands of a new subcommittee backed by leading process automation suppliers. ISA officials said the new group is crucial to developing the universal industrial wireless standards. The subcommittee is charged with comparing the ISA100.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless May 23, 2008

ISA helps lead toward single wireless process standard

Committee's work seen as crucial to converge 100.11a and Wireless HART

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless May 15, 2008

ARC: Wireless market to top $1.2 billion by 2012

The market for wireless devices and equipment in process manufacturing will grow to over $1.1 billion in 2012, a growth rate of 32% per year, according to a new ARC Advisory Group study “Wireless in Process Manufacturing Worldwide Outlook.”

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless May 2, 2008

Moore Industries celebrates 40th anniversary

Best known for its signal interface technologies, the Southern California-based company is a supplier to several Fortune 500 manufacturers across various markets.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless April 11, 2008

New white papers provide a variety of plant floor knowledge

Need more info on OEE? Foundation Fieldbus? Lean manufacturing? ISA-95? You've come to the right place...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless April 11, 2008

Wireless market to top $1.1B by 2012: ARC

Wireless process sensor market expected to lead charge; new standards will have an impact

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless March 25, 2008

Industrial PoE devices

Industrial-hardened entry level Ethernet products with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 26, 2007

New white papers, research added to library

One of the most popular uses for this Website is the ability to review archived stories and articles from past years. Some of the best strategies and ideas are the tried and true methods. Yet the Website grows every day with the addition of the latest research from major suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations and study groups.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 18, 2007

Programmable FOUNDATION fieldbus temperature transmitter

The transmitter converts a temperature sensor input to a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, two-way digital communication protocol that is ready for interface to a DCS, computer-based SCADA system or asset management software.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 15, 2007

Plug leaks in the firewall to improve Ethernet security

Ethernet offers the advantages of high bandwidth communications, a standard interconnection approach, the ability to transmit data easily between multiple communication levels across many control systems and the support of all major suppliers.

By Larry Komarek, Phoenix Contact
Wireless December 15, 2007

Fast control technology

eXtreme Fast Control (XFC) technology incorporates an industrial PC and I/O terminals with extended real-time characteristics, an Ethernet Fieldbus, EtherCAT and TwinCAT automation software. The device enables cycle times of 100 microseconds without having to give up central intelligence and the associated high-performance algorithms.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 28, 2007

Dust launches wireless sensor networking research program

Research innovation program is designed to encourage continued development of wireless sensor network applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Wireless mesh network

OneWireless universal industrial wireless mesh network supports multiple industrial protocols and applications simultaneously, and is scalable to 30,000 devices. It supports existing Honeywell wireless transmitters, which include corrosion, gauge pressure, differential pressure, high-level analog input and temperature.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Intelligent field device support software

The I/A series field device manager is an intelligent device-support solution that uses enhanced electronic device description language and FDT technologies. The device provides lifecycle support to configure, calibrate, commission, diagnose and optimize the performance of a vendor’s Foundation Fieldbus.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

ISA100 update

Much of ISA Expo focused on wireless technology. A significant number of exhibitors displayed various forms of wireless including the so-called point-to-point (which is more accurately described by calling it single path or single receiver), mesh sensor network and even one company that meshes the routers instead of the sensors, which detect open fuses and circuit breakers in this case.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

ProSoft introduces industrial wireless hotspot

Adding to its RadioLinx wireless product family, ProSoft Technology introduced its 802.11abg Industrial Hotspot with IP65-rated water resistant, dust-proof enclosure. This radio functions as an access point, repeater or client and its water resistant enclosure permits it to be directly installed in areas that are exposed to harsh industrial or environmental conditions, including washdown areas,...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Siemens enhances process control

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. has enhanced Version 7 of its SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Automation System to include a comprehensive set of easy-to-use advanced process control (APC) capabilities. The APC improvements include PID enhancements such as auto-tuning and gain-scheduling, predictive control, fuzzy logic and neural network control.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Field device software

FieldMate is a PC-based universal device configuration software application. It allows users to configure HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS devices from a single communicator and is capable of several tasks, including initial setup, daily maintenance, troubleshooting and configuration backup for device replacement, along with the open FDT/DTM standard.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Fieldbus interface adapter

Hiperface Adapters interface standard fieldbuses to Hiperface-equipped encoders. The adapter allows a motor feedback encoder to be used as a small, high-temperature, high-resolution, absolute encoder. The adapters are designed for use where space is limited; user-specific encoder flange and housing options are required; and high encoder resolutions are necessary.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 15, 2007

Wireless application network

The ION industrial wireless application network is an open, scalable and extensible foundation for managing multi-vendor applications. This second-generation release provides improved security. The system includes the IONosphere onsite controller and the distributed IONizer devices. The controller manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance and third-party application ...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 9, 2007

HMI panel

The G315 operator interface panel features a 15-inch XGA display with a 1024x768 resolution and adds an additional RS485 port to the standard compliment of three serial ports and an Ethernet port.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 24, 2007

Hotwire on Automation – October 2007

Products Upcoming Events Plant Engineering Webcasts October 24, 2007 Top Stories Sponsor PLC functionality provides application flexibility Click here to view Plant Engineering Webcasts on CD SUBSCRIBE Click here to activate a new FREE email subscription to Hotwire. UNSUBSCRIBE Click here to unsubscribe instantly FREE PRINT SUBSCRIPTION Click here to request your FREE print subscription to Plant Engineering magazine. QUESTIONS If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact our Online Support Team atReed Business Information 2000 Clearwater Drive Oak Brook, IL 60523Fax:630-288-8781 * NEW PRIVACY POLICY * Click here to view our privacy policy . ! ISA, HCF agree on WirelessHART, ISA100 integration path During a series of meetings held in conjunction with ISA Expo 2007, Oct.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 24, 2007

Gigabit industrial Ethernet-to-fiber-optic converters

Gigabit industrial Ethernet media converters combine the high speed of Gigabit Ethernet with the EMI/RFI noise immunity and electrical isolation of fiber optic cable.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 24, 2007

ISA, HCF agree on WirelessHART, ISA100 integration path

During a series of meetings held in conjunction with ISA Expo 2007, Oct. 2-4 in Houston, the ISA100 Wireless Systems for Automation standards committee outlined an approach to accommodate and eventually integrate the WirelessHART standard and the ISA100 standard.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 5, 2007

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2007-10-05

A series of industrial Ethernet switches is available in five-port (EKI-2525), eight-port (EKI-2528) and ten-port configurations with gigabit Ethernet capabilities and modular fiber optic cable connections. The switches feature dual 12-48 Vdc power inputs, 4,000-Vdc Ethernet ESD protection and power line surge protection of 3,000 Vdc.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 30, 2007

Segment protector

Suitable for use with both Foundation fieldbus and Profibus PA and a Foundation fieldbus power supply, the segment protector acts as an interface between the trunk cable and other field devices. The hot-swappable T-bus connection system allows for expansion of the system or segment. The line is available at a size of 5.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 28, 2007

Wireless organizations talking cooperation

Fieldbus, Profibus, HART collaboration expands

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 20, 2007

ARC: Ethernet market to top $1 billion by 2012

'No barrier in sight' to slow market expansion, report finds

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 15, 2007

Unlocking the potential of fieldbus: FDT, EDDL work together in harmony

Fieldbus advancements certainly hold great promise for reducing costs and improving efficiency in today’s chemical industry as well as other process plants. But even the most dedicated fieldbus adopters in these plants often struggle to configure, operate and maintain their fieldbus devices and systems.

By Scott Bump, Invensys Process Systems
Wireless September 12, 2007

Fieldbus Foundation offers podcast download on applications

End users describe system upgrades, operational improvements

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 11, 2007

Wireless systems featured in demo booth at ISA

15 vendors to show off latest technology

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 22, 2007

Accutech, Honeywell complete wireless license agreement

Wireless process instrumentation system supplier Adaptive Instruments Corp., under Adaptive’s Accutech label, has extended its private label supply relationship with Honeywell Field Solutions by entering into a manufacturing license agreement with Honeywell.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 15, 2007

ISA introduces Technology Exchanges at EXPO 2007

The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society continues to bring new ideas to its main event, ISA EXPO, which will be held Oct. 2 to Oct. 4 at the Reliant Center in Houston. New for 2007 are Technology Exchanges, extended exhibition hours and two new pavilions. ISA is introducing what it calls a Technology Exchange format.

By Jack Smith, Managing Editor
Wireless July 12, 2007

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2007-07-12

Compact unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches are available in five, eight and 10-port configurations with gigabit Ethernet capabilities and modular fiber optic cable connections.

By Staff
Wireless June 20, 2007

Industrial Ethernet switches – 2007-06-20

Compact unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are available in five, eight and 10-port configurations with gigabit Ethernet capabilities and modular fiber optic cable connections.

By Staff
Wireless June 15, 2007

Sensors Expo features wireless, record exhibitors

Mesh networks, other wireless solutions highly visible to show attendees

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless June 15, 2007

Cirronet expands line of mesh network modules

The miniMESH DM1810 and the VersaMESH DM2200 wireless sensor network modules were introduced Tuesday during Sensors Expo.

By Staff
Wireless May 15, 2007

PROFINET bus coupler

The 750-340 Series bus coupler is designed as local or distributed I/O on a PROFINET industrial Ethernet network. It includes automatic configuration, a 10/100 Mbps data rate and support for many common Ethernet protocols such as HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, FTP, SNMP and SMTP for system management and diagnostics.

By Staff
Wireless April 26, 2007

Metal-forming system

The IndraMotion for metal forming roll-feed system is a ready-made motion control solution for roll-feed applications. The system contains pre-defined, user-activated functions for specific applications such as roll feed and a flying cut off. Users set parameters for length, speed and quantity.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless April 20, 2007

Rockwell Automation, Cisco announce collaboration

Companies plan to focus on process automation

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless February 1, 2007

Blurring the line between PLC and DCS

If you work at a refinery or chemical plant, chances are its processes are under direct control of a distributed control system. Industries on the fringe of what has traditionally been known as 'hard’ process industries – or those hybrid industries that run their processes in batches or have characteristics of process and discrete manufacturing – are the ones most likely to bu...

By Jack Smith, Managing Editor
Wireless January 24, 2007

Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2007, Houston, TX, Feb. 22–23

The Fieldbus Foundation will hold its 2007 General Assembly at the Houstonian Hotel, in Houston, Texas, on Feb. 22—23. The annual event will be attended by Foundation technology suppliers, end users and other industry participants from around the world. This year's theme, "Changing the Playing Field," reflects the Fieldbus Foundation's emphasis on providing a total control system technology infrastructure for industrial manufacturing.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 1, 2006

ControlNet chosen as Chinese standard

ControlNet has been adopted by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People's Republic of China as part of a machinery industry standard for that nation. This adoption extends nearly the entire family of CIP Networks to China's manufacturing industry. The Chinese economy is world's fourth largest in terms of gross domestic product, and is growing at more than 9% per year.

By Staff
Wireless November 1, 2006

Ready or not, Intelligent Safety Networks have arrived

Intelligent Safety Network technology is proven, tested and here today. New technical advances in automation hardware and software, as well as revised safety standards are driving implementation of intelligent and programmable safety solutions. In fact, much of the architecture for intelligent safety networking is already here.

By Ed Nabrotzky, Woodhead Industries, Inc.
Wireless November 1, 2006

ISA free download offer a highlight in Houston

ISA 2006 at the Reliant Center in Houston broke some new ground for many of the exhibitors – and broke some new ground for the host. ISA announced a new member benefit that will make more than 2,500 technical papers and case studies available to ISA members free of charge. Beyond that, ISA committed to provide not just the association’s technical knowledge but its standards as well ...

By Bob Vavra
Wireless October 18, 2006

Emerson employs WSN products in new Smart Wireless solutions for mainstream manufacturing

Emerson Process Management and Dust Networks, a provider of low-power wireless sensor networking (WSN) systems, recently announced use of Dust Networks' Time-Synchronized Mesh Protocol (TSMP) as the communications technology used in Emerson's new in-plant Smart Wireless field networks and solutions. Following three years of evaluating and field testing various technologies, the Smart Wireless solutions with TSMP technology are now being ordered for mainstream manufacturing use. “Self-organizing mesh networking is one of the most exciting innovations to come along in the process industry in over 30 years,” said Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson’s Rosemount division. “We have tested a number of wireless sensor networking technologies in real-world industrial environments over the last three years and have found that Dust Networks' TSMP technology best meets the reliability, security, long battery life and ease of use requirements demanded by our end users.” “We are currently working with several leading industrial OEMs to bring standards-based wireless sensor networking solutions to market,” said Joy Weiss, CEO of Dust Networks.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 1, 2006

Modular machine platform

IndraMotion MLD merges drive functions, motion control and processing logic into an open automation platform for modular machine concepts. The drive-integrated motion and logic eliminates the need for higher-level controls, according to the company. The platform enables space-saving solutions with up to 8 axes, suitable for applications such as carton erecting and labeling.

By Staff
Wireless September 14, 2006

Ethernet-enabled sensor

A high-speed networking solution based on industrial Ethernet technology, the EtherCAT sensor is an interface for industrial Ethernet that provides fast industrial networking using a base Ethernet physical layer, the company claims. The sensor is designed for fast rates of data transmission and communication in industrial settings where high-speeds are necessary for complete factory automation systems requiring a networked solution. It enables high-speed data transfer between the plant floor and the office, assisting with statistical process control and computer aided design automation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless August 31, 2006

ISA’s wireless standards committee finishes use studies

ISA’s wireless systems for automation standards committee announced Monday that it has completed nearly 20 use-case studies from end users. The studies allow end users to describe their specific industrial wireless application requirements in their own words and provide structure to ensure adequate detail for the committee's working groups. The use-cases that have been completed, and others in progress, cover a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water, nuclear, food processing, chemical, aerospace and automotive. "As an end user, I'm thrilled to see the response of other end users from around the world," said Greg LaFramboise of Chevron. "The use-case solicitation, and the overwhelming response to it, will help the committee draft a standard that truly speaks to the needs of the end user community." The use-case studies include data about site locations, objectives, applications, and tasks required for the wireless application functionality.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 14, 2006

Wireless strategies

Additional reading The following white papers, case studies and application notes discuss how wireless technology is successfully being deployed in manufacturing, security issues, protocols, standards, applications and predictions. Click on the title to view. Guidelines for use of Wireless Instruments for valve monitoring Accutech Robust Industrial Wireless Communications, Part I Accutech Robust Industrial Wireless Communications, Part II Accutech Wireless Instrumentation Spread-Spectrum vs. Fixed Frequency Licensed Protocol Accutech Wireless Monitoring of Industrial Safety Showers Accutech The Wireless Plant of the Future: From Roadmap to Reality Apprion Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Enable Manufacturing Performance Improvements Chantal Polsonetti, ARC Advisory Group IEEE 802.11 Suitability for Factory and Industrial Applications Cirronet, Inc. RF Power Options in ZigBee Solutions Cirronet, Inc. Wireless Communications for Industrial Applications Cirronet, Inc. Performance of Different Frequency Bands ELPRO Technologies Security Aspects of Wireless Devices: How secure are Elpro Wireless I/O and Wireless Gateway products? ELPRO Technologies Benefits of a Digital Field Architecture for Remote Wireless Applications Damon Ellender, Emerson Process Management Wireless Technology in Industrial Networks Andreas Willig, Member, IEEE, Kirsten Matheus, Member, IEEE, Adam Wolisz, Senior Member, IEEE Guide to industrial wireless printing Intermec M2M and the Supply Chain Opto 22 Antennas — A Brief Tutorial Phoenix Contact The Reliability of Spread Spectrum Radio for Monitoring and Control in Industrial Environments Phoenix Contact Wireless Security on the Plant Floor ProSoft Technology Industrial Wireless LAN: Features, Applications, Examples Siemens AG, Automation and Drives Group Wireless Industrial Control and Monitoring beyond Cable Replacement Konstantinos Koumpis, Lesley Hanna, Sira Technology Ltd.; and Mats Andersson and Magnus Johansson, connectBlue AB Smart Sensor Platform for Industrial Monitoring and Control Harish Ramamurthy, B.

By Information compiled by Lindsay Saran, editorial intern
Wireless July 1, 2006

Wireless: New tools, strategies change how plants are monitored

The Clinton Utilities Board needed to control and monitor devices at two outage-prone sites at substations in the Cumberland Mountains of eastern Tennessee. Terrain and distance were barriers to the solution, but wireless technology extended the board’s monitoring reach into the substations more than an hour away.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor
Wireless May 23, 2006

HART device status, alarming

Standard HART device status information can be used to generate PlantWeb alerts for any HART device with Emerson Process Management’s newly released version 8.4 of its DeltaV system software. This allows for predictive diagnostics that can head off abnormal plant situations. Conditional alarming has been extended to FOUNDATION fieldbus devices to make intelligent field devices more discriminating to reduce nuisance alarms. “Operators need to know when critical field devices are in need of attention and need not be bothered when devices and processes are operating normally,” said Dave Deitz director of marketing for the DeltaV system.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless May 1, 2006

Wireless Ethernet radio

Phoenix Contact’s new provide secure wireless communication and data protection. The 802.11 a/b/g industrial wireless Ethernet radio products feature 802.11i/WPA2 security with AES-CCMP and 802.1x. The IT-friendly embedded software allows any network PC with a web browser and proper identification the ability to configure devices.

By Staff
Wireless March 31, 2006

Yokogawa’s Kaihori joins Fieldbus Foundation board

The Fieldbus Foundation has named Shuzo Kaihori, vice president of Industrial Automation Business Headquarters for Yokogawa Electric Corporation, to its board of directors. Kaihori succeeds Teruyoshi Minaki, who has served on the Foundation’s board for the past two years. Kaihori joins other automation industry leaders serving on the foundation board.In addition to chairman John Berra of Emerson Process Management, members now include: Kenneth Deken, Rockwell Automation; David Eisner, Honeywell; Motofumi Matsumura, Fuji; Jim Porter, DuPont; Claude Ricaud, Schneider Electric; Ron Szanyi, ExxonMobil; Mark Taft, ABB; Hirozume Sone, Yamatake Corporation, John Eva, Invensys; and Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, Siemens AG. “I am honored to have an opportunity to join the Foundation board," said Kaihori."FOUNDATION fieldbus is recognized as a worldwide automation standard and widening its application coverage, and I am looking forward to serving with my industry colleagues to help keep the technology beneficial to end users.” “Shuzo Kaihori will be a valuable contributor to our organization,” said Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Richard Timoney. “He has extensive knowledge of control systems application and is an enthusiastic and hard-working executive.” Kaihori is vice president of Industrial Automation Business Headquarters for Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Japan.His previous position was president of Yokogawa Corporation of America. The Fieldbus Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of over 350 leading process and manufacturing automation companies worldwide whose major purpose is to provide an open and neutral environment for the development of a single, international, interoperable fieldbus.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless March 24, 2006

Product of the Year winners

The 2005 PLANT ENGINEERING Product of the Year winners were announced Monday, March 20 at a black-tie dinner in Rosemont, Il, site of the 2006 National Manufacturing Week. There were 48 winners announced in 16 categories at the dinner, which Sections: Grand Award | Gold Awards | Silver | Bronze 6 competition, call Pat Mustari at 630-288-8775 or send her an email at . Rules and entry forms are also available on our web site at . Grand Award Machine Vibration Basics The computer based training program on machine vibration basics covers the physical basis for vibration monitoring, vibration analysis through identification of discrete frequencies and clarifies why most anti-friction bearings fail prematurely and how failures can be eliminated. The training is interactive and downloadable, making it more cost effective than seminar attendance.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless March 6, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of March 6

Design guide for VAV systems available Variable air volume systems can be very efficient at full load, but large buildings often spend a large portion of their time operating at part load, where they often operate far less efficiently than they could.That’s because system components are typically not selected and controlled to work together in an integrated fashion. A new comprehensive design guide is now available from the California Energy Commission’s PIER program.The program is aimed at decreasing building energy use through research that develops or improves energy-efficient technologies, strategies, tools, and building performance evaluation methods. The brief can be accessed from the web at . Report studies strategies to cool data centers Room cooling is an ineffective approach for next-generation data centers. Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that room cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are inefficient, unpredictable, and low in power density.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless March 1, 2006

Conference sessions offer tools for innovation, productivity and growth

Based on significant industry input, this year's major application-oriented conference contains more than 250 all-new sessions and workshops in the 29 sub-tracks. This year, the conference sessions begin on Monday, March 20, 2006, while the Exhibition begins on Tuesday, March 21. The conference sessions are more focused this year than ever.

By Staff
Wireless January 20, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of Jan. 23

ARC forum to discuss operational performance The ARC Advisory Group’s 10th annual forum, “Next Generation Manufacturing: PLANT ENGINEERING is a media sponsor of this event.Because manufacturers today face a daunting world of unpredictable market conditions and competition, evaluating best practices from a variety of industries and adapting the very best to your business drives sustainable competitive advantage. Among the topics to be covered are: The Highly Optimized Plant/Factory of the Future: Several industry leaders will present their vision of the plant of the future in this session. The Highly Flexible Plant/Factory of the Future: Manufacturing is moving into an era that will require levels of coordination and collaboration that existing legacy systems will not be able to deliver. Driving Performance Through Collaborative Operations and IT Management: Business, IT and Operating organizations must work in concert if an organization hopes to achieve operational excellence. Supplier Management Strategies for Global Manufacturers: Manufacturers need to collaborate with their suppliers to help them achieve superior performance.ential for achieving performance requirements in manufacturing of the future strategies. Achieving Standards-based Interoperability Across the Enterprise : Making decisions and taking action today requires visibility into applications across the enterprise. Emerging Wireless Technologies: Will industry efforts such as the ISA SP-100 committee activities, ratification of the Zigbee standard, or migration of industry protocols to wireless sufficiently overcome manufacturer concerns over wireless performance and security? How will the prospect of standardization impact this traditionally proprietary realm, and will it ultimately result in more widespread usage? This session will feature a review of current industrial wireless standardization activities as well as real-world applications. Managing Technology for Plant Safety and Security: Security is a top concern for manufacturing, driven by safety, national security and increased regulations. OMAC Initiatives for Enhancing Interoperability in Manufacturing: Guidelines for the appropriate application of advanced automation technology have business value for packaging machinery.cialization. The Forum fee is $1,895.ct for more information. To register, go online to, call (781) 471-1122, or to obtain a registration form, send an e-mail to or a fax to (781) 471-1100. Employers must post OSHA injury summaries Beginning Feb. 1, employers must post a summary of the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred last year. Employers are required to post the Summary OSHA Form 300A from Feb.1 to April 30, 2006.The summary must list the total numbers of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in 2005 and were logged on the OSHA 300 form.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 12, 2005

Accutech gains CSA certification

Accutech has received certification by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). A division of Adaptive Instruments Corp., Accutech develops, manufactures and supplies industrial wireless instrumentation. CSA, the Canadian organization that upholds strict standards for safety and performance, granted certification to Accutech for its wireless instrumentation products. CSA approvals include Hazardous Location rating as Class I Div.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 29, 2005

Emerson expands asset management reach

Emerson Process Management announced Version 7.0 of its AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. According to Emerson, Version 7.0 expands the reach of predictive technology by enabling AMS Device Manager to support its Smart Remote Automation technology, and also by increasing connectivity options, which include a High Speed Ethernet (HSE) interface for FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. The Device Manager application powers PlantWeb’s digital plant architecture predictive capability. AMS Device Manager Version 7.0 supports all HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, according to Emerson.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 1, 2005

Constant torque drive

Altivar 71 variable speed ac drive is designed for constant torque using 3-phase motors up to 700 hp. Dual microprocessors and motor control algorithms provide torque performance and speed regulation. Features include plain-text display with navigation wheel, quick-start menu with macros, common user interface, fieldbus/network connectivity, thermal and environmental protection and expandable I/O.

By Staff
Wireless November 1, 2005

Machine assessment has online data

Watchman SpriteMAX online machine condition assessment instrument is a fully independent online data acquisition and fault diagnostic system. The instrument performs local fault diagnostics at the machine, connects to a wireless network and sends alerts and notifications via plant network and/or internet and XML-based Web page interface.

By Staff
Wireless October 11, 2005

Honeywell joins FDT

Honeywell announced it has joined the Field Device Tool (FDT) Group, a collaboration of international automation companies that supports the advancement of FDT and Device Tool Management (DTM) technology. Honeywell will be able to offer innovative solutions to support its own and other supplier's devices through this open technology."Honeywell is investing in technology and open standards that provide the market with a wide range of choices when interconnecting devices and subsystems with automation solutions. Honeywell is committed to providing solutions based upon open-systems standards that will benefit the end-user community, and by joining the FDT Group, we can continue to do just that." said Paul Butler, Honeywell Process Solutions Vice President of Technology. Honeywell maintains its firm commitment to its investments in DDL technology for HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus. "FDT technology is complementary to DDL technology and holds promise in other areas, specifically around the support of configuration and diagnostics for more sophisticated subsystems, especially in the discrete and hybrid industries.The new FDT Group organizational structure makes it much easier for companies to collaborate on this open technology and deliver benefits to our customers," Butler said.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 1, 2005

FOUNDATION fieldbus guide

The guide to Installation Technology for FOUNDATION fieldbus provides detailed benefits, technical data and function information for Pepperl+Fuchs complete FleldConnex family of FOUNDATION fieldbus solutions, including power supplies, power conditioners, power repeaters, junction boxes, segment protectors, FieldBarriers, process interfaces, cables and cordsets, terminators, surge protectors and...

By Staff
Wireless October 1, 2005

Ethernet at the tipping point: Reducing the risk of change

The moment when more people want the benefit of new technology than fear the cost of change is called the tipping point. That moment has come for Ethernet as a device-level network. This year's introduction of the first industrial control devices with an embedded Ethernet switch marks an important milestone in this process.

By Michael Sullivan, Strategic Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric, Ethernet Systems Group
Wireless September 19, 2005

ISA to honor industry leaders at October convention

As part of an ongoing effort to spearhead technical advances that set the standard for automation, ISA will honor industry leaders for achievements in science and research at its 2005 Honors and Awards gala held in conjunction with ISA EXPO 2005 on Monday, Oct. 24 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Downtown Hotel in Chicago. “Innovators and leaders in the automation and control global market truly set the standard for the industry to the next level, and it's important that we continue to recognize their achievements,” said Don Zee, president of ISA. ISA will bestow its highest honors at the annual ceremony. ISA’s most prestigious recognition of Honorary Member will be given to Keith D.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 1, 2005

Finding the right fit

Why industrial Ethernet? The use of Ethernet in industrial applications is growing and changing rapidly. There is a growing need to overcome the barriers to manufacturing efficiency: The demand for industrial Ethernet is rapidly growing due to business and technical reasons. The costs associated with Ethernet technology have plummeted in the past five years, making it more affordable to embed E...

By Larry Komarek, Phoenix Contact, Inc.
Wireless September 1, 2005

Preventive maintenance the key to motor control center reliability

The low-voltage motor control center is a key element in electrical control systems because of the vital operating role they play in controlling motors and production processes. Over the years, MCCs have evolved from cabinets that housed basic electro-mechanical devices such as circuit breakers, contactors and overload relays to centers of automation that may include variable frequency drives, ...

By Bernardino R. Martinez, Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI
Wireless September 1, 2005


Machinery health monitor: the next generation The CSI 4500 Machinery Health Monitor provides multi-channel, simultaneous live turbine monitoring and data extraction for main power and critical process turbines. The monitor can capture information before, during and after an event. Orbits, shaft centerlines, Bode/Nyquist, waveform and cascade plots can be seen live and simultaneously on all bearings using the dual-monitor feature.

By Staff
Wireless September 1, 2005

Take control of PID tuning

Process control can be open or closed loop. An open loop is one in which there is no feedback to the controlling unit. Actuating a switch and setting a potentiometer are simplified examples of open loop control. Open loop control is essentially a manual operation. Control of a process, such as temperature of an industrial furnace or level in a tank, typically requires closed loop control.

By Wendell S. Rice, Parsons Technical Services
Wireless July 19, 2005

ISA to honor five in October

As part of an ongoing effort to spearhead technical advances that set the standard for automation, ISA will honor six industry leaders for achievements in science and research at its 2005 Honors and Awards gala held in conjunction with ISA EXPO 2005 on Monday, Oct. 24 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Downtown Hotel in Chicago. “Innovators and leaders in the automation and control global market truly set the standard for the industry to the next level, and it's important that we continue to recognize their achievements,” said Don Zee, president of ISA. ISA will bestow its highest honors at the annual ceremony. ISA’s most prestigious recognition of Honorary Member will be given to Keith D.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 1, 2005

ISA to honor six at Expo

As part of an ongoing effort to spearhead technical advances that set the standard for automation, ISA will honor six industry leaders for achievements in science and research at its 2005 Honors and Awards gala held in conjunction with ISA EXPO 2005 on Monday, Oct. 24 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Downtown Hotel in Chicago.

By Staff
Wireless May 18, 2005

Webcast Exploring the benefits of TEDS: Smart Sensor Technology

Program Originally Aired Friday, July 15, 2005 This Webcast is only available on CDrom. Contact Pat Mustari Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Find out how you can save hours of set-up and callibration time by using TEDS technology. The Webcast will help plant engineers gain first-hand knowledge of: The types of sensors or transducers that can employ TEDS The setup, configuration, and calibration benefits Accuracy Drawbacks Asset management and traceability The future of TEDS and IEEE 1451 Plant engineers will also come away with a keen understanding of the IEEE 1451 standards that address smart sensor systems. Panelists include: Bill Schuh Scientist and Evaluation Engineering ManagerWatlow Bill has been involved with research, development, and testing of sensors for the last 13 years. Ryan Wynn DAQ Systems Product ManagerNational Instruments Ryan Wynn is a recognized expert in sensor-based measurements and data acquisition.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless December 6, 2004

Using PCs for machine condition monitoring: Part 6

Wireless technologies

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless November 10, 2004

Control Equipment – 2004-11-10

Module connects different networks ProTalk Q protocol conversion modules provide connectivity between Schneider Electric's Quantum and Unity processors and other networks. The single-slot modules are available in communications, flow computer, and HART multidrop master versions. It can connect to PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, DF1 Master/Slave, HART, Landis & Gyr, DNP Ethernet server, and others. ProSoft Technology, Inc.

By Staff
Wireless November 9, 2004

Using PCs for machine condition monitoring: Part 5

Networking considerations

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 10, 2004

Should PLCs be networked?

The decision of whether to put a PLC on a network depends on interrelated factors that you define by evaluating your requirements. You must weigh what you want to get out of PLC networking against how much you want to pay for it. Networking a PLC should not be done just because it can be done.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Wireless October 10, 2004

Demo program considerations

The team your plant selected to specify the next software investment, which could require a significant outlay of capital dollars, is looking to you for a recommendation. Your opinion is critical to the team's decision. Where do you start? Perhaps you are upgrading a software suite, or maybe you seek to change vendors.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Wireless August 9, 2004

Basics of industrial Ethernet

Ethernet is not the internet; Ethernet is not a fieldbus; and Ethernet is not a control system. Ethernet is a networking standard. Period. Ethernet components An Ethernet network can have up to 1024 nodes, hundreds of cables, and many combinations of network management devices.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Wireless July 20, 2004

Using PCs for machine condition monitoring: Part 1

Editor’s note: This is the first article in a series on PC-based machine monitoring.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 8, 2004

Instruments & Controls – 2004-07-08

Dual panel meter with math PAXDP dual process input meter allows users to monitor, scale, and display two, independent input sources, perform high-speed math functions on the input values, and display the results. With optional plug-in cards, the meter can generate outputs that include alarm triggering, retransmission of analog signal, or data via many industrial networking protocols. Red Lion Controls, Inc. Write 306 on PE card Wireless I/O XANT and N4ANT wireless I/O systems include transmitter, receiver, and antennae and associated enclosures.

By Staff
Wireless April 8, 2004

Instruments & Controls – 2004-04-08

IR cameras FlexCam series of upgradeable infrared (R) cameras are designed to perform fast, accurate thermal scans for applications that include predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring of plant equipment and electrical systems, roof inspection, and moisture detection. Infrared Solutions, Inc. Write 319 on PE card Heat trace alarms Sentinel monitoring alarm option continually monitors supply voltage to each heat trace circuit. Voltage loss or ground fault triggers an automatic alarm condition, alerting plant personnel of critical process problems. Chromalox, Inc.

By Staff
Wireless November 1, 2003

Instruments and Controls – 2003-11-01

Fieldbus favor Fieldbus adoption is increasing among users worldwide, according to ARC Advisory Group. Fieldbus-based control systems are being implemented on both large and small projects in a wide range of mission-critical applications, with FOUNDATION fieldbus being the preferred technology in the process industries. "FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 leads other technologies in the process industries in terms of current installations and plans to install," the report stated. According to the ARC survey, fieldbus compatibility is a decisive factor for control system selection.

By Staff
Wireless November 1, 2003

Software and Computers – 2003-11-01

CAD template library Thousands of downloadable CAD template drawings, available through the company's web site, allow users to access the extensive library. Three-dimensional drawings are built on demand, using current dimensions. CAD templates can be downloaded directly into any major CAD modeling program, including AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and Solid Works. Swagelok Co.

By Staff
Wireless September 16, 2003

Rockwell Automation expands predictive maintenance offerings

In its continuing effort to supply manufacturers with cost-effective predictive maintenance tools, Rockwell Automation is expanding its XMSeries distributed protection and monitoring product line.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless September 10, 2003

Electrical – 2003-09-10

Low-harmonic ac drive ACS550 series variable speed ac drive combines simplicity, convenience, fieldbus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability with multiple motor control modes and a 1_550-hp range. The removable control panel resembles a mobile phone, featuring multilingual text, graphic display, drive monitoring, parameter setup, and multicontroller copy functions. The drive reduces harmonics by up to 25%, compared to conventional filter designs.

By Staff
Wireless August 6, 2003

Tracking trends: Predictions for instrumentation, data acquisition, sensors, and networking

New implementations of industrial temperature control loops by electronic temperature controllers are expected to decline through 2005, according to a study by Venture Development Corp. (VDC), Natick, MA. The study indicated that a growing number of users intend to implement temperature control loops in PLCs, distributed control systems (DCSs), and PCs.

By Staff
Wireless July 14, 2003

Ethernet for the plant floor

What does 'Ethernet-enabled' mean? It means you plug it in, and that's it," begins Victor Wegelin, instructor of Industrial Data Communications, a training course (TS05) offered by the Instrument, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA). Wegelin emphasized the importance for plant engineers and others outside the IT department responsible for control system maintenance to understand the technolog...

By Staff
Wireless February 15, 2003

Instruments and Controls – 2003-02-15

Temperature transmitter OM-CP-RFTEMP101 is a miniature, wireless, battery-powered, stand-alone, temperature transmitter that can be started and stopped through an externally accessible pushbutton. Data are received at the PC using an antenna that attaches directly to the computer's serial port. Received data are time and date stamped, and stored on your PC.

By Staff
Wireless November 15, 2002

Control Equipment – 2002-11-15

Click above to view 2002 Product of the Year finalists in this category.

By Staff
Wireless October 15, 2002

Are open fieldbuses really open?

With the many instrument and control buses in industry, each claiming to have an open protocol, why do we still have devices and systems that cannot communicate? The reality is, they are all open and they can communicate, but not necessarily with each other. Bill Arnold, Omron Electronics, Schaumburg, IL, defines open protocol: "a technology is 'open' if the development specification is publis...

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Wireless June 15, 2002

Wireless security, partnerships, and DACs

The Chicago Tribune recently reported about a team of computer security consultants that investigated wireless network security. They spent several hours in the Chicago area with two laptops and inexpensive wireless hardware looking for points where radio signals would permit access to computer networks.

By Staff
Wireless February 15, 2002

Test software, smart meters, and CAD libraries

ODVA introduces test softwareThe Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) recently introduced protocol conformance test software for EtherNet/IP products. The software allows developers to test devices against the EtherNet/IP specification to pinpoint conformance-related errors. The test helps users ensure that their industrial Ethernet selection is truly open and that multivendor hardwar...

By Jack Smith
Wireless February 15, 2002

Plant Engineering Software – 2002-02-15

Calculating motor operation cost Save+ Energy Savings software compares the annual operation costs different motors with different efficiencies. It estimates the annual savings for the more efficient motors in relation to the least efficient. It also calculates payback.

By Staff
Wireless November 1, 2001

Control Equipment – 2001-11-01

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By Staff
Wireless October 3, 2001

Register for SupplyChainLinkExpo!

You're invited to attend the SupplyChainLinkExpo Oct. 17-18, free from your desktop. In addition to product exhibits, this virtual conference and trade show features topics of specific interest to plant engineers. That includes an industry roundtable at 2:30 p.m. EST Oct. 18, "What to do about electric power quality problems," with participants from Cutler-Hammer, EPRI PEAC, Exelon Services, SquareD and Hajek Consulting, and more. Click the link above to register and for more details.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless October 1, 2001

Suggestions & Solutions – 2001-10-01

Give a body a lift Hoisting Personnel Reference Card is pocket-sized and ideal for pre-lift meetings, training, and to help improve safety when cranes are used to lift personnel. It covers platform requirements, selection of rigging, proof tests, trial lifts, pre-lift inspection, lifting to a work location, and more. Printed in 2-color (blue and black text and graphics), laminated and weatherproof, these 61/4 x 31/2 in.

By Staff
Wireless July 18, 2001

EIM actuators earn Foundation Fieldbus certification

A unique characterisitic of the M2CP modular control package Series 2000 line is that any actuator may be retrofitted with the current electronic capabilities, including the Foundation Fieldbus.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Wireless July 1, 2001

Ethernet connects the top floor and shop floor

In today's business environment, instant access to information is not just the norm - it's now an expectation. Waiting a month, week, or even several hours for updated data to be pulled from a factory network has quickly become unacceptable for most industrial companies trying to compete in this fast-paced climate.

By Rob McKeel, GE Cisco Industrial Networks, Charlottesville, VA
Wireless June 1, 2001

Fieldbus Foundation finalizes agreements

The Fieldbus Foundation has finalized agreements with Fisher-Rosemount and Honeywell regarding underlying technologies essential to implementing the FOUNDATION fieldbus specifications. The agreements involve three "Control in the Field" patents and a patent relating to Distributed Function Blocks held by Fisher-Rosemount, and two download patents relating to programming field devices held by ...

By J. Smith
Wireless August 1, 2000


At the end of this month in New Orleans, ISA Expo/2000 will feature nearly 750 displays and more than 140 cutting edge presentations and seminars on a wide range of instrumentation, automation, and control topics.

By Jeanine Katzel
Wireless December 1, 1999

Module accepts PT sensors

PT-100 module accepts four PT-100 or PT-1000 sensors (with two to four wires) and attaches to a buscoupler for incorporation onto fieldbus systems such as Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, or Interbus-S.

By Staff
Wireless December 1, 1999

Measurement trends survey shows need for greater speed and resolution

Engineers appear to want more performance than ever before from the tools they use, a recent survey from Keithley Instruments indicates.

By Staff
Wireless March 1, 1999

DeviceNet troubleshooting

A 10-p support manual allows qualified service personnel to determine the causes of DeviceNet fieldbus network problems and quickly implement remedies that minimize network downtime.

By Staff
Wireless March 1, 1999


Over 125 sessions, seminars, symposiums, and specialized courses designed to meet attendees needs in today's changing business environment will be presented during National Manufacturing Week.

By Staff
Wireless March 1, 1999

Putting PC power to work in industrial automation applications

The most significant technological shift in industrial automation over the last few years has been the emergence of the PC on the plant floor.

By David Potter
Wireless March 1, 1999

Making automation connections

AS-i is a versatile, low-cost, "smart" cabling solution for use in low-level automation systems where it is a digital replacement for traditional parallel wiring.

By Staff
Wireless December 1, 1998

Rail hub has plug-and-play capability

RH1 Ethernet rail hub for industrial networks is DIN rail-mounted and dc powered to meet the demands and environmental extremes of process control systems.

By Staff
Wireless June 1, 1998

Device integrates incompatible systems

Model 8000 Industrial Communications Bridge provides a one-device solution that integrates incompatible PLC, DCS, RTU, and SCADA systems.

By Staff
Wireless March 1, 1998

Conference Prepares Industry For The 21st Century

Over 50 application and technical programs, plus several workshops, are designed to provide attendees with the information, technology, and skills needed to integrate new products and ideas into their operations in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The following listings provide a brief overview of the key technical sessions offered during the four-day conference. Monday, March 16 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. How To Design an Optimum Worldwide Supply Chain Speaker: Paul Bender, Bender Consulting Abstract: This strategy relies on symbiotic relationships among all the partners in the global supply chain, which cuts costs and maximizes profitability and can make the difference between tomorrow's winners and losers.

By Staff

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