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Cybersecurity December 27, 2023

Navigating cybersecurity challenges in plant floor digitization

More devices are connected to the internet than ever, which increases their security risk. Developing a robust cybersecurity plan based on established principles can help mitigate some concerns.

By Scott Dowell
Cybersecurity December 13, 2022

The importance of focusing on cybersecurity for SI projects

Industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is increasingly important. From the start, involve the right people from operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to collaborate on OT cybersecurity needs.

By Dan Malyszko
Cybersecurity December 11, 2022

Removing IT/OT barriers to ensure plant floor safety, operational integrity

Securing industrial control systems (ICS) differs from protecting enterprise networking and information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams must work toward alignment as cybersecurity threats rise.

By Dino Busalachi
Cybersecurity August 16, 2022

Preventing cybersecurity attacks against food, beverage facilities

While innovations can help food processing facilities run smoothly, they can also leave them vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks. Four tips for preventing breaches are highlighted.

By Brian Ellison
Cybersecurity August 2, 2022

Four cybersecurity technologies, concepts can reduce industrial network risk

Explore the qualities and benefits of zero trust, principle of least privilege and other methods of improving cybersecurity. Four key technologies and security concepts are highlighted.

By Kevin McClusky
Cybersecurity June 23, 2022

How software in the supply chain is an insider threat to ICS networks

A focus on the spectrum of insider threats against industrial control systems (ICS) and how they specifically relate to industrial environments

By Dr. Tom Winston
Cybersecurity June 15, 2022

Protecting the power grid through cyber-physical threat response

Current methods of defending critical energy infrastructure from multi-stage, cyber-physical threats remain largely dependent upon human intervention and compartmentalized monitoring with an emphasis on prevention.

By Kala McCain
Cybersecurity March 29, 2022

Industrial robot utilization requires cybersecurity strategy

Digitalization and AI bring opportunities for robots, but also a degree of cybersecurity risk as more data is gathered and processed all the way from the edge to the cloud and beyond.

By Emmet Cole
Cybersecurity March 9, 2022

More connected industrial workers: How are companies mitigating risk?

With more remote connections to industrial plants and facilities, risk of cybersecurity breaches has increased. What risk mitigation is in place?

By Sid Snitkin
Cybersecurity January 27, 2022

Cybersecurity-centered systems and fundamentals

For modern industrial control systems (ICSs), cybersecurity involves technologies and user best practices. Four cybersecurity fundamentals are highlighted.

By Damon Purvis
Cybersecurity January 12, 2022

Hottest topics in industrial cybersecurity for 2021

Analysis of past attacks in the throwback attack series, attacks on operational technology assets, industrial malware, industrial ransomware and physical plant damage beyond computers are among leading topics of industrial cybersecurity interest in 2021.

By Chris Vavra, Gary Cohen, Mark T. Hoske
Cybersecurity January 10, 2022

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles Dec. Jan 3-9, 2022

Articles about cybersecurity and resilience in manufacturing, decoding your motor's nameplate, maximizing plant efficiency, and more were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Jan. 3-9, 2022. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Cybersecurity December 31, 2021

Cybersecurity and resilience in manufacturing

Having an OT/IT convergence strategy is essential to OT cybersecurity.

By Jack Smith
Cybersecurity December 22, 2021

Good cybersecurity requires IT/OT convergence

Bridging the gaps between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) can improve performance on the floor and reduce risks to operations.

By Dirk Sweigart
Cybersecurity December 21, 2021

Securing your facility

Many cybersecurity steps are simple, but they must be done

By Leon Grossman
Cybersecurity December 20, 2021

Cybersecurity and IT/OT convergence: A pathway to digital transformation

The history of industrial information technology (IT) set the stage for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital transformation; keep it safe with cybersecurity best practices.

By Arthur Laszczewski and Chris Whiteford
Cybersecurity December 20, 2021

Cybersecurity and IT/OT convergence: How important is your data?

Manufacturers should take time to delve deeper into the needs and goals of the organization while considering associated risks.

By Brandon Ellis
Cybersecurity December 18, 2021

Bridging the IT and OT gap for a power service company

A power service company and system integrator collaborated to merge information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to create a secure platform for the power service company’s operations in Chile.

By Carmen Moreno
Cybersecurity December 14, 2021

Cybersecurity and IT/OT convergence: How to prepare your team

As the IT and OT worlds continue to overlap, take time to prepare your team for the impact of IT security on OT applications.

By Thomas Roth and Todd Majors
Cybersecurity December 10, 2021

What OT teams can learn from IT teams

By applying information technology (IT) strategies and organization, operational technology (OT) can monitor and manage cybersecurity measures more efficiently.

By Dino Busalachi
Cybersecurity November 23, 2021

How manufacturers can improve cybersecurity

The rise of Industry 4.0 means there are greater cybersecurity risks and manufacturers and engineering sectors need to take a hard look at what they can do to keep their new systems safe.

By Claire Price
Cybersecurity November 8, 2021

Five levels of cybersecurity in an automated network

Best practices manufacturers can implement to better secure their network in many ways. Five levels of cybersecurity are highlighted.

By Aaron Block
Cybersecurity November 1, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles Oct. 25-31, 2021

Articles about tackling overall equipment effectiveness to improve manufacturing operations, differences between NEMA and IEC electric motors, and more were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Oct. 25-31, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Cybersecurity October 25, 2021

Cybersecurity demands coordinated tactics

Securing operational technology (OT) networks for resiliency against cyberattacks requires coordination between information technology (IT) and OT personnel, and recognition of the differences between the two domains

By Jonathan Shores
Cybersecurity October 15, 2021

IT/OT convergence advice, best practices for manufacturers

Cybersecurity experts offer advice and best practices on information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) convergence and how manufacturers can prepare themselves for challenges.

By Suzanne Gill
Cybersecurity September 3, 2021

How the EU Machinery Directive will change regulation

The EU Machinery Directive machinery covers not only physical components as well as digital components and software.

By H-ON Consulting
Cybersecurity August 27, 2021

Cybersecurity project abroad deepwater drilling rigs

Naval Dome and the offshore division of a supermajor have identified and mitigated cyber risks common to offshore deepwater drilling rigs.

By Naval Dome
Cybersecurity August 26, 2021

Importance of operational resilience in a threat landscape

Having realistic expectations of addressing a threat and knowing how to respond in an emergency in an efficient way are essential.

By Christina Miller
Cybersecurity August 24, 2021

What to know if conducting business with the U.S. DoD

The cybersecurity maturity model certification and NIST SP 800-171 Department of Defense (DoD) Assessment explained.

By Resiliant
Cybersecurity August 20, 2021

Colonial pipeline attack debrief and lessons

Recent high-profile attacks such as Colonial Pipeline underline the point that critical infrastructure attacks will get worse before they get better.

By Robert Fairfax
Cybersecurity August 17, 2021

Cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) for the U.S. DoD supply chain

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and intrusions pose major risks to the Department of Defense (DoD) and its supply chain which is why the DoD is requiring compliance to CMMC

By Resiliant
Cybersecurity August 16, 2021

How the American Jobs Plan could improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Provisions within the American Jobs Plan could improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity, but it's the first in many steps needed to make the nation safer from cyber attacks.

By Robert Fairfax
Cybersecurity August 5, 2021

Upgrading industrial PC cybersecurity in manufacturing

Cybersecurity attacks against manufacturers and other industrial sites are growing and companies need to develop a cybersecurity plan that protects industrial PCs and other vulnerable targets that, until recently, were not connected to the internet.

By Jeff Winter
Cybersecurity August 3, 2021

How to protect OT/ICS systems from ransomware attacks

Reduce the risk of ransomware attacks on OT/ICS systems by following these prevention tips

By Rick Kaun and Ron Brash
Cybersecurity July 28, 2021

TSA Pipeline cybersecurity directive announced

DHS and CISA released a security directive for critical pipeline operators

By John Livingston
Cybersecurity July 19, 2021

Manufacturers adjusting to a changing risk landscape

IEC 62443 can hold the answer to enhancing cyber resilience for manufacturers and smart factories as it aims to mitigate risk for industrial communication networks by providing a structured approach to cybersecurity. 

By Paul Taylor
Cybersecurity July 2, 2021

Cybersecurity management tips for an organization

Having a robust strategy, building organizational engagement, and more importantly and realizing operational excellence are keys to cybersecurity management success.

By Resiliant
Cybersecurity May 21, 2021

Colonial Pipeline incident reinforces value of managed OT system isolation

The cyberattack that compromised Colonial Pipeline serves as sobering reminder that operational technology (OT) system isolation must be consistently managed. Four lessons from the incident are highlighted.

By Jonathan Lang, Andrew Meyers, Leif Eriksen
Cybersecurity May 21, 2021

Cybersecurity for food and beverage operational technology (OT) environments

It's critical to realize the importance of cybersecurity in food and beverage manufacturing, an infrastructure that is often over looked.

By Velta Technology
Cybersecurity May 20, 2021

Six steps for cyberattack incident response planning

Developing a strong cyberattack incident response plan requires a thorough examination of everything from building a response team to actually testing out the plan and ensuring it works.

By Velta Technology
Cybersecurity April 29, 2021

Throwback Attack: Lessons from the Aurora vulnerability

A government-sponsored test on whether a cyberattack could inflict real-world physical damage has had major repercussions to this day. See eight steps on how to mitigate a potential cyberattack against your industrial control systems (ICSs).

By Daniel E. Capano
Cybersecurity April 29, 2021

SolarWinds’ impact on OT for manufacturers

The SolarWinds cybersecurity attack has had far-reaching effects in many different ways and it will change how operational technology (OT) handles cybersecurity threats.

By Larry O’Brien
Cybersecurity April 21, 2021

How to protect marine renewable energy devices from cyberattacks

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) created a cybersecurity guidance report for marine renewable energy (MRE) devices to help improve MRE’s resiliency as a reliable source of renewable energy.

By Genoa Blankenship
Cybersecurity April 19, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles April 12-18, 2021

Articles about spare part inventory for maintenance organizations, how hyperautomation can help manufacturers, and how to resolve a conflict before it manifests itself were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 12-18, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Cybersecurity April 7, 2021

Secure remote connections

Industrial control systems require secure remote connections. Did the pandemic help IT to understand OT needs and help OT to see IT concerns about cybersecurity and remote access?

By Mark T. Hoske
Cybersecurity March 2, 2021

Introducing Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse is a new website dedicated to educating and informing engineers about the latest challenges and developments relating to cybersecurity, information/operational technology (IT/OT), the cloud and more. Check it out!

By CFE Media
Cybersecurity March 1, 2021

Hackathon event to analyze, prevent greenhouse gas emissions

The Microsoft Energy Core Methane Emissions Hackathon virtual event is designed to overlay oil and gas asset and geographic information system data to pinpoint leak location.

By Seeq Corporation
Cybersecurity December 8, 2020

More answers on what you need to know about cybersecurity

Below are more answers resulting from a cybersecurity webcast on cybersecurity architectures, training, best practices, risk assessment and trends based on research.

By Mark T. Hoske
Cybersecurity December 7, 2020

Cybersecurity and the rise of IT-enabled OT systems

Information technology strategies can help combat new cybersecurity vulnerabilities and deploy a solid cybersecurity program for operational technology use for industrial control systems, remote terminal units, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, as Industrial Internet of Things deployments increase.

By Steven Seiden, Leighton Johnson, Dr. Tony Barber, Djenana Campara
Cybersecurity December 2, 2020

Secure-by-design industrial products are increasingly important

Cybersecurity often is the catalyst for control system modernization, and industrial and critical infrastructure sector projects increasingly specify automation products and systems that are designed as cybersecure.

By Larry O’Brien
Cybersecurity November 25, 2020

Resiliency, security needed for digital automation future

Manufacturing's resilience has been strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cybersecurity needs to be stronger than ever as the nature of work changes.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 22, 2020

IIoT’s growing impact on ICS cybersecurity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will have the strongest impact on operational technology/industrial control system (OT/ICS) cybersecurity.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 19, 2020

Bureaucracy is an obstacle for cybersecurity projects

The inability to stop production and a bureaucratic approval process are the main barriers that inhibit industrial cybersecurity projects according to a report by Kaspersky.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 14, 2020

Building automation, oil and gas facilities are top cybersecurity targets

There has been an increase in the percentage of systems attacked in the oil and gas industry as well as the building automation sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 30, 2020

Technology hikes supply chain security, reduces risk

Regardless of how companies buffer supply chain gaps, they need to be cybersecure.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 30, 2020

Physical security: picking up the pieces

Businesses need to be ready to pick up where they left off when it comes to enhancing physical security measures in the wake of COVID-19.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 21, 2020

System integrators need to comply with international cybersecurity requirements

System integrators need to ensure that their automation systems are IEC 62443-compliant to adhere to international cybersecurity requirements.

By Massimiliano Latini
Cybersecurity September 19, 2020

Securing the IoT by design

There are several preventive measures that can be taken to secure industrial processes against cyber attacks.

By Joe Lomako
Cybersecurity September 16, 2020

Four tips on cybersecurity risk assessments

It’s hard to know how much cybersecurity spending is enough to lower risk to an acceptable level. What is enough and what else is needed? A cybersecurity risk assessment (CRA) can help. Four tips are highlighted.

By Erez Ravina and Atanu Niyogi
Cybersecurity September 9, 2020

Remote teams struggling to mitigate cybersecurity risks

More workers are forced to work remotely due to COVID-19, but cybersecurity prevention and training is lagging behind.

By NordVPN Teams
Cybersecurity September 3, 2020

How COVID-19 is affecting manufacturing cybersecurity

Forward-looking organizations realize they need the same level of aggressiveness to protect assets as they have done for COVID-19 risk reduction. A three-pronged strategy on securing essential infrastructure is highlighted.

By John Livingston
Cybersecurity August 19, 2020

Many industrial control systems can be exploited remotely

More than 70% of industrial control system (ICS) vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2020 can be exploited remotely according to a report by Claroty.

By Claroty Research Team
Cybersecurity August 12, 2020

Hackers exploiting COVID-19 anxiety in targeted phishing scams

Phishing assaults are becoming increasingly targeted, and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of many ways hackers are exploiting people and small companies.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity August 11, 2020

Virtual private network holes elevate remote access risk

Virtual private network (VPN) implementations that give remote access to operations technology (OT) networks have received more focus due to COVID-19 since more people are working remotely.

By Claroty Research Team
Cybersecurity July 21, 2020

Secure remote access to survive and thrive

Secure remote access (SRA) is being used to help companies survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are some new challenges that need to be considered. See 10 remote access best practices.

By John Almlof
Cybersecurity June 13, 2020

Phishing heads COVID-19 themed attacks

COVID-19 cyber attacks are on the rise according to researchers, and they are getting very sneaky in their methods.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 9, 2020

New ways to attack Industry 4.0

Researchers warn smart manufacturing users and security professionals to be aware of advanced hackers.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 7, 2020

DDoS attacks on rise due to COVID-19

The amount of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) rose at the beginning of this year primarily on education and municipal sites.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 3, 2020

Oil and gas industry facing spearphishing attacks

Cyber criminals are aiming their attacks at the oil and gas sector by impersonating specific engineer contractors and shipping companies. Know what to look for and how to avoid a cyber attack.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 3, 2020

Protecting worker safety, security after COVID-19 pandemic

Expectations for workers are changing due to the pandemic. Even after they return to work, it's going to be different, and companies need to adjust to this and ensure their workers are cyber-secure.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 1, 2020

Tech giants unite in COVID-19 smartphone effort

Google and Apple unveiled a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of COVID-19 while protecting user privacy.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 30, 2020

IT-OT collaboration needs context and increased visibility

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are continuing the process of working together, but non-manufacturing types need more understanding and context of what is happening on the plant floor for this merger to work.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 16, 2020

Engineers working on cybersecurity for systems linking solar power to grid

A researcher at the University of Arkansas is leading a project to invest in new projects that will lower solar electricity costs, while also making solar systems more resilient to cyberattack.

By Matt McGowan
Cybersecurity April 15, 2020

Associations unite for COVID-19 recovery

ASIS International and the Security Industry Association have partnered to help in the coronavirus recovery and rebuilding efforts. The primary focus areas will begin with business operations and advocacy, and content development and coordination.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 14, 2020

COVID-19 cyber attacks and scams are a global issue

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of COVID-19 forcing the majority of employees forced to work remotely. Europol published an updated threat assessment after monitoring the impact of coronavirus and cybercrime.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 13, 2020

Coronavirus phishing attacks rising

With many employees working remotely, there is a rise in COVID-19 themed email phishing scams. Follow these suggested tips to keep companies safe.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 11, 2020

Comprehending OT supply chain risk

It's crucial to recognize the possible threat from a supply chain risk and understand best practices to avoid them.

By Dave Weinstein
Cybersecurity April 9, 2020

Hackers using COVID-19 to find OT, IoT gaps

Employees working from home need to be vigilant about phishing campaigns using COVID-19 related content to find gaps and organize cyberattacks.

By Alessandro Di Pinto
Cybersecurity March 26, 2020

Five tips to stay cyber secure when working remotely

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are working remotely to avoid getting sick. Consider these five tips to make sure your cyber hygiene is as strong as your physical hygiene.

By Rishbha Bhagi
Cybersecurity March 24, 2020

COVID-19 and remote access challenges for manufacturers

Companies are starting to offer protected remote access at no cost in response to the large number of employees working remotely due to coronavirus.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 20, 2020

Remote security working in world of coronavirus

With a large influx of people working remotely due to COVID-19, cybersecurity is becoming a topic of concern for employers and their employees.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 18, 2020

Good cybersecurity hygiene needed by businesses

Good cybersecurity hygiene is needed as more employees move toward working out of their homes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

By Chris Vavra
Cybersecurity March 12, 2020

Coronavirus used in malware attacks

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being used as bait in email spam attacks on targets around the globe by using the promise of information or a cure to fool people.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 6, 2020

Understanding ransomware attacks and the people behind it

Ransomware and cyber attacks are increasing against manufacturers. Some are trying to understand more about the people behind them and their motives, which are not always clear.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 6, 2020

Manufacturers realize cybersecurity risks, taking steps

Manufacturers are realizing the potential dangers from cyber attacks, but that is the first step in the process. Learn how companies are trying to combat this growing problem and what more they can do.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 25, 2020

Boosting security of process control chemical systems

Wayne State University researchers have developed a process designed to enhance cybersecurity of chemical process control systems.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 21, 2020

Strategies for securing the supply chain

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on a publication designed to reduce cybersecurity risks to the supply chain.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 8, 2020

The most infamous cyber-attacks on industrial systems

Cybersecurity attacks are designed to undermine the integrity of critical processes

By Kevin Parker
Cybersecurity January 17, 2020

Utilities benefit from a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

Utilities need to embrace a risk-based approach to cybersecurity to match the existing basic-level of compliance. See four issues utilities are currently facing.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity November 22, 2019

Extend IT security to the plant floor

Cybersecurity is critical as information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) converge, which is the first step in making the transition between the two sides almost seamless.

By Chris Vavra
Cybersecurity October 27, 2019

Physical and cybersecurity are converging

The distinction between digital and physical cybersecurity is vanishing, and the risks associated with connectivity have accelerated the need for new security protections in all aspects of manufacturing.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 10, 2019

How to manage IoT cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a report to help organizations better understand and manage the cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with IoT devices throughout the devices’ lifecycles.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity August 29, 2019

Industrial controller cybersecurity best practices

Protecting industrial automation systems is easier when controllers offer built-in cybersecurity features.

By Benson Hougland
Cybersecurity August 27, 2019

Four access control plan benefits for manufacturers

A solid access control plan can reduce the complexity in securing these critical spaces and protect a manufacturing facility and reduce potential theft as well as overall costs.

By Lynn Wood
Cybersecurity August 22, 2019

Program developed to train cybersecurity professionals

The University of Arkansas received a five-year, $4.63 million award from the National Science Foundation to recruit, educate and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity August 2, 2019

Modern technologies solve industrial cybersecurity needs

Emerging condition monitoring software and devices have ingrained cybersecurity that helps bring legacy systems and processes into the modern era.

By Edward Valencia
Cybersecurity July 25, 2019

Cybersecurity alliance’s founding members announced

The International Society of Automation (ISA) named the founding members of its Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA): Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Claroty, and Nozomi Networks.

By International Society of Automation (ISA)
Cybersecurity July 8, 2019

Report finds cybersecurity basics still not being practiced by companies

A report from Applied Risk found that cybersecurity basics are still not being practiced by many companies, which is increasing their risk for potential attacks as untested technologies continue proliferating critical infrastructures.

By Applied Risk
Cybersecurity May 18, 2019

Securing electric substations

Researchers at Georgia Tech have discovered that side channel signals and bolts of lightning from distant storms could one day help prevent hackers from sabotaging electric power substations and other critical infrastructure.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 8, 2019

Improving cybersecurity in robotic automation

Cybersecurity in the robotics field is still immature, but manufacturers are starting to realize the vulnerability that connected robots and automation equipment creates in their operations.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Cybersecurity May 8, 2019

Utility sector strengthens security posture with rise of IIoT

Cybersecurity: Improving evaluation and certification methods, security audits, and testing provide a foundation for evaluating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.

By Anil Gosine
Cybersecurity May 1, 2019

Proactively manage industrial cybersecurity by automating risk monitoring

Cover story: A refinery installed a modern distributed control system (DCS) that automates and manages industrial cybersecurity tasks to reduce manual workflows, potential human error and overall company costs.

By Marty Isreals
Cybersecurity March 4, 2019

Manufacturing and process facility trends: Cybersecurity

Technology update: Cybersecurity remains a key concern for manufacturing and process facilities as explained in the media session at ARC Forum 2019.

By Mark T. Hoske
Cybersecurity February 17, 2019

Four cybersecurity questions to ask during digital transformation process

Cybersecurity is a major concern during digital transformation and companies should be asking plenty of questions about how prepared everyone is.

By Eric Kimberling
Cybersecurity November 2, 2018

Ethernet device servers

Sixnet’s new industrial serial to Ethernet device servers (Models ET-DS-1 and ET-SDS-1) connect serial-based software applications over Ethernet to remote industrial serial devices. The two models offer real-time secure performance including an auto-detecting 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port and a universal EIA-RS232/422/485 Serial port for serial data tunneling across an IP network.

By Staff
Cybersecurity November 2, 2018

Study finds USB drives are a security threat to process control systems

Honeywell research finds exposure through portable USB drives can cause serious disruption to process facilities through unsecure or malicious files.

By Honeywell
Cybersecurity June 6, 2018

Control system migration: Plan early and collaborate

Front-end loading (FEL) offers advantages for planning and budgeting

By Lynn Njaa, MAVERICK Technologies
Cybersecurity April 12, 2018

Digital supply chain has arrived; challenges await

MHI study cites three barriers to digital supply chain adoption, but a majority of companies already use the technology.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Cybersecurity March 23, 2018

Focus is cybersecurity, robotics at GAMS 2018 event

Cybersecurity, maintenance, and robotics are among the most discussed topics in manufacturing, and those topics will be the focus at the 2018 Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit (GAMS).

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Cybersecurity March 14, 2018

Cybersecurity issues: risks and liabilities

Aon’s Chad Pinson talks about how manufacturing must react to growing threats .

By Chad Pinson, Aon
Cybersecurity March 7, 2018

Step-by-step to Industrie 4.0

Maturity Index helps manufacturer create a roadmap for the future.

By Dr. Bertolt Gärtner, President and CEO of TÜV SÜD ATISAE
Cybersecurity February 5, 2018

‘Digital transformation’ on the ARC agenda

The focus of this year's ARC Advisory Group;s annual conference will be the digital transformation of manufacturing.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Cybersecurity September 14, 2017

2017 Engineering Leader Under 40: Galina Antova, 35

Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Claroty, New York

By CFE Media
Cybersecurity March 14, 2016

How digitalization is changing the face of cyber security

Whitepaper: How digitalization is changing the face of cyber security.

By Siemens
Cybersecurity February 9, 2016

‘Industry in transition’ transformed by open systems

ARC’s Andy Chatha sees machines getting smarter, and plant management needs to follow suit to match this trend.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Cybersecurity September 14, 2015

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, September 7-13: Maintenance and the IIoT, skilled workers and apprenticeships, manufacturing maintenance practices, more

Articles about maintenance and the IIoT, apprenticeships and skilled workers, world-class manufacturing maintenance, predicting equipment lifecycle, and optimizing electrical systems were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, September 7-13. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Cybersecurity August 12, 2015

‘The new age of disruptive innovation’

IIoT experts say emerging manufacturing models will change plant processes.

By Karthik Sundaram, Greg Gorbach
Cybersecurity April 15, 2015

Configuration software

The C-more HMI configuration software version 6.0 delivers more functionality, more usability and more value.

By AutomationDirect
Cybersecurity February 12, 2015

2014 Salary Survey: Confidence rises amid the challenges

After almost a decade of uncertainty, the confidence of plant floor managers is soaring. Even with a number of challenges and while implementing new technologies, there is a renewed sense of optimism among plant managers about their business and their future.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity August 1, 2014

The changing plant floor: from M2M to IoT

Connectivity improvements are poised to transform manufacturing

By Marcia Gadbois
Cybersecurity May 28, 2014

Is U.S. dominance in military robotics starting to crumble?

Foreign Policy Magazine's recent examination of "The Looming Robotics Gap" by University of Pennsylvania international relations associate professor Michael C. Horowitz, and a recent Pentagon insider on national security issues, is an up-to-date review of the worldwide state of military robotics.

By Frank Tobe
Cybersecurity December 9, 2013

Big boost in cyber investment

Security is becoming mainstream as 93% of companies globally are maintaining or increasing their investment in cyber security to combat the ever increasing threat from attacks, a new survey said.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity December 6, 2013

EPA methane emission methods questioned

Two Republican senators urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider its methods of calculating methane emissions from natural gas operations.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity December 4, 2013

Security: Automating the unspoken word

The unspoken knowledge shared by cyber security analysts could convert into an automated tool that helps analysts strengthen their cyber defenses.

By Greg Hale
Cybersecurity December 2, 2013

Data breaches go undisclosed

Malware striking systems may be more prevalent than suspected as 57% of malware analysts working on enterprise-related data breaches have addressed security problems that U.S. firms failed to disclose, a new survey said.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity November 26, 2013

Honeywell User Group: Understand risk

No industrial control system can ever be 100% secure, that is a given, but a manufacturer has to understand the threat and know how far they want to go and still remain confident they can withstand the inevitable attack.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity September 11, 2013

Milestone Systems and genetec enjoy joint No. 1 VMS ranking in 2012

IMS Research reports that Milestone Systems and Genetec were the No. 1 suppliers in the VMS market, which is expected to expand in EMEA and China in future years.

By IHS Inc.
Cybersecurity May 21, 2013

Budgets for Physical Security Equipment Are Increasing for End Users

A survey, completed primarily at the end user management level, solidifies trends seen in many IHS studies over the last 12 months.

By IHS Inc.
Cybersecurity May 20, 2013

HVLS fans deliver energy savings from the top down

Indoor air quality: Food redistributor overcomes high ceiling and high energy costs to better manage heat

By Dan Anderson, Rite-Hite Fans
Cybersecurity May 20, 2013

Seven tips to help combat counterfeits

Following these seven tips can help you spot counterfeit products and keep your workers and plant safe from potential hazards

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Cybersecurity February 7, 2013

Concentrated solar power a boost for utilities

The storage capacity of concentrating solar power (CSP) can add significant value to a utility’s optimal mix of energy sources, a new report said.

By Greg Hale
Cybersecurity January 15, 2013

Cyber war stakes rising

U.S. intelligence officials have warned as nation-sponsored cyber warfare goes mainstream this year, attacks on U.S. installations and institutions could result not just in damage and theft but in fatalities.

By Richard Sale
Cybersecurity December 11, 2012

Electric grid vulnerable to attack

The National Research Council and Department of Homeland Security have concluded that electric grids are vulnerable to cyberterrorism and the damage would be far more catastrophic than natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

By Greg Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity December 11, 2012

Hackers target sites victims visit

Hackers are using knowledge about their intended targets to predict the websites they visit and seize private information

By Greg Hale
Cybersecurity November 26, 2012

Seven tips to combat counterfeit electrical equipment

Eaton expert cites dangers to employees, economy from fake products

Cybersecurity November 19, 2012

2012 POY Finalists: Energy Management

Finalists in the Energy Management category for the Plant Engineering 2012 Product of the Year competition

By Brittany Merchut
Cybersecurity July 30, 2012

New tool shows cyber security strength

Cyber security is a major issue for utilities because of the potential vulnerabilities, the investments and the risks. The big questions always stares everyone straight in the face: Will the security actually work?

By Source: ISSSource
Cybersecurity June 29, 2012

HUG: Myth of air gaps

In case anyone was wondering, air gaps don’t exist.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity June 25, 2012

RPI’s disaster management simulator

A disaster may never occur, but it is nice to know if one does, a system is in place to take on whatever elements present themselves.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity June 19, 2012

Verticals guide the way to competitive advantage in Latin America

Hospitality, commercial and manufacturing and industrial are the fastest growing verticals for access control equipment in Latin America.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Cybersecurity June 6, 2012

China-U.S. manufacturing cost gap keeps shrinking

Flow of manufacturing jobs between China and the West to equalize.

By Source: The Hackett Group, Inc.
Cybersecurity June 5, 2012

Pairing security, fault tolerance

There is a need for improved cyber security for industrial networks, all security professionals know this. After all, the whole industrial automation world was stunned by the sudden appearance of Stuxnet in 2010.

By Oliver Kleineberg, ISSSource
Cybersecurity May 29, 2012

Saudi Arabia – A fast growing market for video surveillance equipment

The 2012 Middle East Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment report by IMS forecasts that the market in Saudi Arabia will grow strongly to overtake that of the United Arab Emirates to become second largest in the region.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Cybersecurity May 21, 2012

BRICs bolster global video surveillance market growth in 2012

IMS Research has just published the ninth edition of its World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment report. The 2012 edition forecasts that despite the weak and uncertain economic climate, the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow in excess of 12% in 2012.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Cybersecurity May 17, 2012

Security systems integrators unsure of IT distributors

A new report from IMS Research has found that almost 40% of North American security systems integrators would prefer to deal with IT distributors when purchasing their IP-based video surveillance products.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Cybersecurity May 4, 2012

Cloud computing security woes

Security experts are blaming cloud computing providers for giving cyber criminals the tools to launch attacks more easily, efficiently and anonymously than ever before.

By Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity April 23, 2012

HANNOVER MESSE: Chinese premier promises ‘openness’ in manufacturing market

Wen cites challenges, concedes China has ‘a long way to go’ on manufacturing quality

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Cybersecurity April 17, 2012

IMS Research Partners with PSA Security Network

Reports provide insight into the key trends in the security industry, helping security integrators understand technology challenges, the competitive landscape and growth opportunities.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Cybersecurity April 12, 2012

Surge protective devices (SPDs)

PowerSure CM Series

Cybersecurity April 2, 2012

Survey: Malicious attack costs grow

Criminal and malicious attacks accounted for 37% of corporate data breaches in 2011, a 6% rise from 2010, a new study said.

By Source: Greg Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity March 13, 2012

Operator workstations certified for hazardous conditions

Visunet IND SlimLine Operator Workstations have received Zone 2 certification for use in hazardous environments

By Pepperl+Fuchs
Cybersecurity February 29, 2012

Cyber security bill launches in Senate

Cyber security legislation that would update laws that govern how the federal government secures its information systems as well as help safeguard vital private networks that American society depends on hit the Senate last week.

By Greg Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity January 30, 2012

Improving security in the cloud

Cloud computing will keep increasing as the demand for computing power increases.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity January 27, 2012

Small businesses lack disaster recovery plans

It is not surprising because of short staffing, but when it comes to planning for the worst, small businesses don’t even come close to being able to tackle a serious dilemma.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity January 26, 2012

Trojan APT hits DoD smart cards

A variant of the Sykipot Trojan Horse is able to hijack U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) smart cards in order to access restricted resources.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Cybersecurity January 15, 2012

Supply chain changes: 10 predictions for the new year

Software provider sees a more flexible, dynamic supply chain process

By Progress Software Corp.
Cybersecurity January 12, 2012

Confidence growing in new access control technologies

Over the past few years I’ve witnesses many changes in the access control industry. The question that immediately comes to my mind is if changes began to take place during a downturn where budgets were tight, how will the market look in three or four years?

By Blake Kozak, Senior Research Analyst, IMS Research
Cybersecurity December 13, 2011

Wireless networking security a must

The new era of Ethernet and wireless networking in industrial applications has increased security concerns to an all time high, and for good reason.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity November 18, 2011

Video business intelligence (or VCA, rebranded)

When VCA was first introduced, its capabilities were often oversold. As the technology did not always live up to expectations, some customers became dissatisfied and this created negative publicity. There was a general perception that VCA did not work as well as it should.

By Jon Cropley, Principal Analyst, Video Surveillance and VCA, IMS Research
Cybersecurity November 1, 2011

2011 POY Finalists: Productivity Training Software

Finalists in Productivity Training Software in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Gust Gianos, Plant Engineering
Cybersecurity September 20, 2011

Report: SCADA systems under siege

A new report details trends that may lead to improvements that will help to protect a system from attack.

By Gregory Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity September 8, 2011

U.S., India ink cyber security cooperation pact

The United States and India signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster closer cooperation and timely exchange of information between their respective government organizations responsible for cyber security

By Gregory Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity September 8, 2011

Secure smart grid moves forward

Talk is starting to actually move to action as companies are beginning to make a big push to really make the Smart Grid a secure reality. Sensus, the Raleigh, NC-based company, recently incorporated encryption and key management technologies from IBM

By Gregory Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity August 11, 2011

Riot Raises Questions Regarding CCTV Effectiveness

This week’s riots in London have shown that there is a limit to what electronic security can do: at some point you’ll need a pair of boots and a truncheon. But even then there have been complaints about ineffective deployment of the police; being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

By Ewan D Lamont, (Analyst, Video Surveillance and Security Services, IMS Research
Cybersecurity July 14, 2011

For end users: Security 101

If end users were not frightened before the Siemens 2011 Automation Summit, they are now as cyber security took center stage.

By Gregory Hale. Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity July 14, 2011

Grid security exercise from NERC

The grid security exercise will test NERC and the electricity industry’s crisis response plans and validate current readiness in response to a cyber incident.

By Gregory Hale, ISS Source
Cybersecurity July 13, 2011

Preparing for all types of attacks

There are intended and unintended hits, or attacks, on control systems and if you believe what one study says, 20% are intentional and 80% unintentional.

By Gregory Hale. Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity July 12, 2011

Analyzing Stuxnet with Siemens

Two security experts at the 2011 Siemens Automation Summit talked about lessons learned during the Stuxnet affair.

By Gregory Hale. Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity July 12, 2011

Stuxnet: A turning point

This is an explosive new age of industrial productivity and with that brings a bigger risk for cyber attackers to hit manufacturers.

By Gregory Hale. Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity July 11, 2011

Safety hike after Yellowstone burst

Exxon Mobil took twice as long as it said it did to fully seal a pipeline that spilled 1,000 barrels of crude oil into the Yellowstone River, according to federal documents.

By Gregory Hale. Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity June 29, 2011

Web site to help explain OSHA recordkeeping rules

Web tool to help users determine whether injuries and illnesses are work-related and recordable under the OSHA Recordkeeping rules

By Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Cybersecurity June 14, 2011

ASSE drafts new legislation for U.S. Congress

Bill aims to change federal law to help improve U.S. oversight of workplace safety and health.

Cybersecurity June 13, 2011

Best Practices: Propane-fueled forklifts deliver savings, performance

Propane-fueled forklifts maintain consistent, 100% power throughout operation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and have a well-established fuel delivery and cylinder exchange structure.

By Brian Feehan, vice president, Propane Education and Research Council
Cybersecurity June 3, 2011

Recurring Monthly Revenues (RMR) a key topic at PSA-Tec

For many of the integrators attending the show, the RMR model helps with financial and strategic planning, making it easier to forecast growth and identify areas and regions that need extra resource. It can also be appealing to investors who appreciate the security of this future revenue source and can offer some resilience to shorter-term economic problems.

By Ewan Lamont, Analyst, Security Services, IMS Research
Cybersecurity May 6, 2011

Will cloud concerns impact VSaaS?

With a well-established cloud based service experiencing difficulty and a global technology brand’s IT system hacked; does this raise concerns about the current trend towards cloud-based physical security?

By William Rhodes, Analyst, Video Surveillance and VCA, IMS Research
Cybersecurity April 26, 2011

Water utility suffers cyber incident

A water utility reported a cyber incident when remote users experienced difficulties logging into the control systems, according to an ICS-CERT report.

By Gregory Hale; Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity April 25, 2011

NSA chief: Grid ripe for attack

Electric companies in the United States might not be able to protect the power grid in the United States from a cyber attack, said the director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

By Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity April 25, 2011

Secure OPC keeps attackers at bay

Automation systems remain vulnerable and exposed. Past experiences like Stuxnet and last month’s revelations about SCADA system vulnerabilities show networks are sitting ducks to any aggressive and sophisticated attack.

By Source: ISS Source
Cybersecurity April 19, 2011

Introducing the IMS Research security blog

The purpose of this blog is provide manufacturers, systems integrators, distributors, investors and other interested parties with regular "snapshot" market statistics and analyst opinions.

By Niall Jenkins, Research Manager, Video Surveillance and VCA, IMS Research
Cybersecurity March 24, 2011

Malware report: Learn from past attacks

Stuxnet was the biggest and most noteworthy attack on the industrial control environment, but it was not the biggest in terms of documented and investigated malware incidents

Cybersecurity March 24, 2011

Hackers get hacked

Even hackers face problems with hackers.

Cybersecurity March 24, 2011

Stuxnet report III: Worm selects site

Now it is time to turn the table and ask “How might this target protect itself from a worm like Stuxnet?”

Cybersecurity March 15, 2011

OSHA focuses on work safety during North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

Awareness about the importance of preventing work injuries and illnesses presented by OSHA during North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week

By Source: OSHA
Cybersecurity March 14, 2011

Physical Security: Thieves dig for water equipment

Cyber security is a key element for manufacturers to protect against computer-oriented thieves, but no one can over emphasize the importance of physical security

Cybersecurity March 14, 2011

‘Night Dragon’ follow: Six oil firms hacked

Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and BP are three of the six major energy companies hit by cyber attacks through Internet servers in China where thieves stole proprietary information, according to officials close to the investigations

Cybersecurity February 14, 2011

ASSE supports OSHA’s injury, illness prevention program standard

The American Society of Safety Engineers has reiterated to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of the society’s support for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s development of an injury and illness prevention program standard.

Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Study: Oil, Gas Cyber Threats Heighten

It is no secret oil and gas companies face cyber security threats on a daily basis, but the level of the attack are becoming more sophisticated and well-organized through criminal syndicates and terrorist groups, according to a new report

By Source:
Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Security Risk Publications Hit Street

There is now groundwork for a three-tiered risk-management approach that encompasses computer security risk planning from the highest levels of management to the level of individual systems

By Source:
Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Password Reuse – Control Networks Double the Risk

Some control system vendors continue to bury hidden “default” passwords in their system

By Eric Byres,
Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Mitigation Strategy Outlined: Stuxnet Video

Security experts remain locked into researching the Stuxnet worm. They learned how it can infiltrate a system, but now experts are learning more about mitigation strategies that can keep the nasty worm out.

By Source:
Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Stuxnet: Joint operation nets victim

The newest and strongest clues point toward Stuxnet being an American-Israeli project to sabotage the Iranian’s nuclear program.

By Gregory Hale,
Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Security zones create ‘architecture of fear’

Parts of America’s most prominent downtowns remain largely sealed off as security zones, which has led to blighted landscapes, limited public access and a need for a new approach to urban planning, according to a new study.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

HDTVs vulnerable to hack attacks

Hackers can potentially use Internet-connected HDTVs to infiltrate malware into home networks, according to a new report.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Cyber security bill in Senate

A bill that would force the government and the private sector to require minimum cyber security standards for devices that connect to the Internet is out on the Senate floor.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Password Reuse – Control networks double the risk

Control system vendors continue to bury hidden "default" passwords in their system which can fall victim to malware or hackers, making them the perfect backdoor into a company's operations.

By Eric Byres
Cybersecurity December 27, 2010

DHS Launches Cyber Center

To ensure a secure operating environment, there needs to be top flight communication and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking to do just that. DHS launched a cyber security center so it can communicate more efficiently with state and local governments about potential cyber threats to critical U.S. infrastructure.

Cybersecurity April 13, 2010

Data acquisition, display station

This data acquisition and display station features 400 MB of internal flash memory, custom graphics, alarm annunciator display mode and open network connectivity. An advanced security option enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Cybersecurity April 8, 2008

AAM, UAW plan to return to negotiations

According to an Associated Press report, UAW and American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. will return to negotiations April 9.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity January 11, 2008

Welcome to the era of the industrial athlete

Like his counterparts on the gridiron or the diamond, the Industrial Athlete looks for every edge to stay competitive on the job. It’s a term coined by Randy Kates, the manager of safety business for Kimberly-Clark Professional, a leading safety and personal protective equipment provider for manufacturing.

By Patrick Lynch, Staff Intern
Cybersecurity January 4, 2008

ABB consortium to fund advanced SCADA security research

Twelve of ABB’s utility partners have formed a consortium to privately fund research and testing into securing supervisory control and data acquisition systems that protect the nation’s electric grid.

By Staff
Cybersecurity March 2, 2007

Blog! Five Fast Things for March 2, 2007

1. Manufacturing is cool! I know that. You know that.

By Bob Vavra, Editor, Plant Engineering
Cybersecurity February 15, 2007

Plant Engineering Exclusive: Wireless sensor detects open circuits, alerts maintenance

Cooper Bussmann announced its venture into wireless technology on Feb. 15 with the launch of the Cooper InVision system. This system detects when a circuit protection device has opened, and alerts maintenance personnel which device has operated, where it is located, the part number of the replacement device and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment to wear to replace or reset the device. The Cooper InVision system includes wireless sensors, mesh routers and gateway.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity September 10, 2003

Getting into e-learning for workforce training

As the shortage of skilled workers grows and the complexity of industrial jobs increases, new methods are being developed to provide the training these workers need. The field of e-learning is at the forefront of this effort.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering magazine
Cybersecurity August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #16

Protecting eyesProblem: When grinding or cutting metal, employees would occasionally get particles in their eyes, even when wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Is there a way to prevent this potentially serious problem? Solution: Place a small, inexpensive magnetic strip (about 1 in. 3 1 in.) on the bill of the worker's hardhat.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity August 1, 1998

Finding the safe way

Safety Answer Book helps determine -- in a matter of seconds -- which OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations affect a plant. It provides answers to basic compliance questions on 71 workplace topics.

By Staff
Cybersecurity June 1, 1998

Security resources

An 8-p publications supplement presents recent titles in educational and training materials for security. References are offered for both experienced security practitioners and those new to the field. American Society for Industrial Security www.

By Staff

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