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Digital Transformation April 21, 2023

Hannover Messe 2023 Recap: Considerations for the future

General observations on the Hannover Messe 2023 experience and what industrial transformation means for the future of manufacturing.

By Chris Vavra
Digital Transformation April 17, 2023

Industrial transformation key focus for Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe 2023's main theme is focused on industrial transformation and how companies are utilizing digital technologies.

By Chris Vavra
Digital Transformation March 30, 2023

Three pillars for digitalization success

The path to a digital production facility can be incremental, capturing benefits along the way through the proposed approach of tying lean practices to data collection so users throughout the facility have access to visualization and analytics.

By David Skelton
Digital Transformation March 23, 2023

Plant Engineering most-viewed digital transformation articles in 2023

Read the best articles about digital transformation including digital transformation in manufacturing, digital twins, simulation technologies and more.

By Tyler Wall
Digital Transformation November 30, 2022

The on-going evolution of the industrial automation space

Aveva plants its flag with operations infrastructure solutions

By Kevin Parker
Digital Transformation August 18, 2022

Digital transformation tools improve plant sustainability and maintenance

It’s in a facility’s best interest to prevent issues before they arise

By Amit Patel
Digital Transformation August 16, 2022

Smart manufacturing and digital factory trends

Manufacturing is getting smarter and more interconnected and helping make the digital transformation journey possible.

By Thomas Burke
Digital Transformation June 13, 2022

Factory digital transformation benefits

How manufacturing is improving through digitization and is worth the time and effort necessary to make it a cornerstone of a facility.

By Trent Maw
Digital Transformation June 9, 2022

Five smart factory use cases (and why they matter)

Discover why smart manufacturing is the future of the manufacturing industry and how to apply it to your own plant with five use case examples.

By Trent Maw
Digital Transformation May 31, 2022

Two essential smart factory transformation components

Smart factory transformation is the future. If you can’t create a relationship between people and devices, you’ll be left behind.

By Trent Maw
Digital Transformation May 24, 2022

Guide to digital transformation in the manufacturing industry

As technology becomes cheaper and easier to implement, more manufacturers are forced to go digital with their production processes.

By Trent Maw
Digital Transformation April 15, 2022

How to build a smart factory strategy

If companies want to reach overall smart manufacturing, they’re going to need a smart factory strategy.

By Trent Maw
Digital Transformation December 18, 2021

Four reasons legacy PLM is killing digital transformation

Product lifecycle management (PLM) platforms should be open, flexible, scalable and upgradable

By Mark Reisig
Digital Transformation October 26, 2021

Are manufacturers complacent about digital transformation?

New research has revealed that the manufacturing industry is dangerously underestimating the role that technology will play in building a sustainable operation that can thrive in the face of future pandemics, the climate crisis and economic and political instability.

By Control Engineering Europe
Digital Transformation October 15, 2021

The organizational implications of digital transformation

As part of CFE Media’s Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week’s opening day, October 18, Kevin Prouty, group vice president for IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights, will present on the topic of the organizational implications of digital transformation.

By Kevin Parker
Digital Transformation March 8, 2021

Five digital transformation trends in manufacturing for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged the demand for digital offerings and Industry 4.0 technology

By Julia Quintel and Johannes Papst

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