AI & Machine Learning

Figure 1: The ideal Model 1 trendline is seldom realized because, left unmitigated, a model’s accuracy diminishes over time, like the Model 2 and Model 3 trendlines. Courtesy: Siemens
AI & Machine Learning September 13, 2021

Modelling software and machine learning improve production efficiency

Advances in automated data processing and machine learning algorithms enhance the value of models and simulation

By Alessandra Da Silva
AI & Machine Learning August 31, 2021

Study finds manufacturers willing to implement data-driven and AI initiatives

A Purdue university survey found Indiana manufacturers are willing to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven initiatives to improve their facilities, but actually getting there remains a hurdle for many.

By Brian Huchel
AI & Machine Learning August 18, 2021

AI process optimization platform receives funding

Recent $30 million growth round led by Zeev Ventures and Insight Partners, with participation from Spider Capital and UpWest

By Imubit
AI & Machine Learning July 6, 2021

Using AI to better understand alloys, metals

Researchers are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help design high-performance steels that can be used in a variety of applications.

By Tim Ledbetter
AI & Machine Learning May 17, 2021

AI/ML goes mainstream

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are moving into operations, in the oil & gas industry and beyond.

By Kevin Parker
AI & Machine Learning February 2, 2021

Five ways machine learning will transform manufacturing in 2021

Emerging developments that will become reality with machine learning part of everyday operations

By Ingo Mierswa
AI & Machine Learning January 15, 2021

How AI can help food manufacturers improve maintenance

A more practical approach is needed for the every-day decisions that keep operations running effectively and artificial intelligence can help food manufacturers improve overall maintenance.

By Marcel Koks
AI & Machine Learning January 12, 2021

How advanced digital twin technology narrows the industrial skills gap

Digital twin technology such as immersive field simulators (IFS) can help companies narrow the skills gap by offering a training environment that offers an accurate replica of the world they inhabit with virtual reality and mixed reality tools.

By Vincent Higgins
AI & Machine Learning December 10, 2020

Artificial intelligence at the edge improves manufacturing productivity

AI at the plant floor’s edge empowers machine builders to increase production quality and efficiency

By Jim Wilmot
AI & Machine Learning November 21, 2020

What 3rd generation AI for asset performance and process optimization will look like

It’s time to tackle the “known unknowns”

By Dominic Gallello