Material Handling & Automation

The modern supply chain must run at warp speed, and the tools available—from conveyors and robots to automatic picking systems and digital orders—have evolved to keep pace with the speed of change. Featured articles include select the right PPE to take control of electrical risks, seven clean-in-place design best practices and benefits of a rack […]

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AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming crucial to manufacturing’s success. How a machine and an industrial network learn and adapt to their surroundings is as important for them as it is for humans. Featured articles in this eBook include how to organize, protect and apply big data in automation and AI in manufacturing: […]

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Pain Points & Solutions in Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing covers many different industries, but they do have common challenges and issues they need to overcome. Featured articles in this eBook include five safety fencing benefits and considerations, using edge machine learning for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and so much more in this 54-page eBook!

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Motors & Drives

Maintaining motors and drives and keeping them cost-effective is crucial. It often requires knowledge of many different types of motors, drives and the standards behind them. Successful maintenance, repair and knowledge of these standards help keep manufacturing plants running safely and efficiently. Featured articles include motor control maintenance and troubleshooting best practices, beyond the purchase: […]

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Plant Floor Safety

Plant safety and keeping workers healthy and productive is more important than ever for manufacturers. Learn more in this helpful eBook on topics including customizing an OSHA-compliant PSM system for non-PSM facilities, establishing a centralized asset performance system for increased efficiency, reliability, four LOTO best practices for a food manufacturing facility, updating a facility’s risk […]

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AppliedAutomation is the premier title serving manufacturing and utilities. This eBook demonstrates how automation, instrumentation and control techniques are applied to increase capacity, enhance design and production, improve efficiency, increase profitability and meet regulatory requirements. Featured articles maintenance and troubleshooting fundamentals and how PLCs power industrial data integration.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks than ever. Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are merging together and manufacturing systems are vulnerable. Featured content in this eBook include a ransomware attack on food giant Dole temporarily halts North American production and how an edge ecosystem helps industrial environments.

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Maintenance, in all its forms, allow manufacturing plants to prevent problems before they happen and keep their workers safe. It is a constant process, though, and requires all workers in many departments to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Featured articles include leveraging real-time data across the enterprise and condition-based maintenance keeps a facility […]

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Defending your organization from ransomware

Ransomware is a constant and growing threat in the world of manufacturing. Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) devices becomes interconnected, which has a great deal of potential, but risk, as well. Featured articles in this eBook include stories on preventing ransomware impact in 2023 and ransomware resiliency for storage and backup: trends, threats […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in manufacturing today, but what does it mean? What does it mean for manufacturers and what effect will it have for the present and future? This helpful eBook offers several examples of the many digital transformation is taking hold in manufacturing. Featured articles include how digital transformation delivers bottom-line […]

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