I/O Systems, I/O Modules May 22, 2023

Klippon Connect A Series Terminal Block with Side PUSH IN Connection Technology

Decentralized systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components must be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. This leads to new wiring challenges. The Klippon Connect terminal blocks with lateral PUSH IN connection combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety June 26, 2023

Klippon Protect Enclosures and Glands

The flexible Klippon Protect enclosure system is the perfect addition to our Klippon Connect range of modular terminal blocks. Rely on our enclosures that are optimized for your requirements and provide excellent protection. With Klippon Protect, you can choose from a wide range of universal and application-specific enclosures.

Oil and Gas September 1, 2022

S-Series SNAP IN terminal block

The Weidmuller S-Series SNAP IN terminal blocks are extremely easy to use. Stripped fine-stranded conductors just need to be inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted.