A workstation in the switch cabinet construction that is optimized for all actions should not be underestimated as a cost reducer in the production process.
Data Acquisition, DAQ September 10, 2022

How to optimize your control cabinet construction

Partial automation reduces costs, helps ensure flexibility and can save time for workers in the long run.

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cabinet construction standards
Mechanical & Electrical August 26, 2022

Optimize control cabinet construction with standards

Standards and standardization improve safety when it comes to control cabinet construction.

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This is how digital data continuity can look like: Weidmüller's Wire Processing Center - Consistent data, no printed plans, no media breaks between individual process steps. (Source: Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG)
Data Acquisition, DAQ August 12, 2022

Digital data consistency accelerates control cabinet construction

Digital data consistency is beneficial for consistent processes in control cabinet construction.

By Weidmüller
Courtesy: Weidmueller Interface GmbH & Co. KG
Mechanical & Electrical July 29, 2022

How to optimize control cabinet construction

Automated and digitized processes that support cabinet manufacturers by providing simplicity, speed and reliability generate benefits and concrete added value.

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Manufacturing IT February 25, 2015

Relays for emergency shut-down systems

Weidmuller's Safeseries SIL relays now feature cULus approval and are designed for tank overfill protection and shutdown controls for refineries and oil and gas storage facilities.

By Weidmüller
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Machinery and Equipment February 23, 2024

Small crimping tool for wire end ferrules

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions, headquartered in Richmond, Va., has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules. In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules. On average, 90% of these connections are in a cross-section range of AWG 14 (2.5 mm2) and smaller. A focus on this cross-section range makes the PZ 2.5 extremely compact and ergonomic – the small handle width and the opening angle, as well as the weight, make the tool easy to use without incurring fatigue in the hand, wrist or arm.

Mechanical & Electrical December 11, 2023

OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks with SNAP IN Technology

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial automation and connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., is pleased to introduce the new OMNIMATE 4.0 PCB Terminal Blocks in the MTS 5 product series. These innovative terminal blocks mark an exciting expansion of the company’s PCB product portfolio. Featuring Weidmuller’s innovative SNAP IN technology, the OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks provide the most efficient wiring and signal transmission in many industrial sectors. With this new technology, a wide variety of conductors can be connected quickly without the need for tools and wire-end ferrules, making OMNIMATE ideal for the full spectrum of automated processes. Some industry-leading features of the new OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks include: Pitch 5.00mm, vertical and horizontal orientations in 2 through 12 positions.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules May 22, 2023

Klippon Connect A Series Terminal Block with Side PUSH IN Connection Technology

Decentralized systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components must be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. This leads to new wiring challenges. The Klippon Connect terminal blocks with lateral PUSH IN connection combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety June 26, 2023

Klippon Protect Enclosures and Glands

The flexible Klippon Protect enclosure system is the perfect addition to our Klippon Connect range of modular terminal blocks. Rely on our enclosures that are optimized for your requirements and provide excellent protection. With Klippon Protect, you can choose from a wide range of universal and application-specific enclosures.

Oil and Gas September 1, 2022

S-Series SNAP IN terminal block

The Weidmuller S-Series SNAP IN terminal blocks are extremely easy to use. Stripped fine-stranded conductors just need to be inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted.

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