Worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Bulk material handling product range includes pneumatic conveying systems, aero-mechanical & flexible screw conveying systems, bulk bag loading / unloading systems, convey / reclaim and recycle systems for metal powders in 3D Manufacturing, batch weighing systems and more. Industrial vacuum cleaning product range includes wet/dry portable industrial vacs, air-operated vac, continuous-duty and HEPA filtered industrial vacuum cleaners, combustible dust vacuum cleaners, liquid and flammable liquid recovery vacs, and central vacuum cleaning systems. For more information visit


Compressed Air November 15, 2019

Company president celebrates 50 years of employment on organization’s 65th anniversary

Steve Pendleton, president of VAC-U-MAX, celebrated his 50th work anniversary on the company's 65th anniversary.

Compressed Air June 5, 2019

Compressed air, vacuum cleaning solution company celebrates 65 years

VAC-U-MAX reached its 65th anniversary, providing material handling and industrial vacuum solutions to a variety of industries dependent on compressed air and cleanliness for their engineering applications.

Sponsored November 6, 2017

Top 10 Considerations for Pneumatic Conveying System Design

Despite vast research on pneumatic conveying technology for bulk solids handling, little is known about the perspective of the manufacturer designing such systems and the end-user utilizing vacuum conveying technology. White paper addresses and answers questions from the manufactures perspective.

Sponsored November 3, 2016

Handling Combustible Dusts: Preventing Dust Explosions with Industrial Vacuums

This white paper talks about compressed air-powered industrial vacuums meeting NFPA 70 requirements for grounding & bonding, prevent dust exposure, and promote safer plant environments.

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Pumps January 1, 2022

Heavy-Duty Sump Vac Separates Metal Chips

VAC-U-MAX 55MW Sump Vac provides high volume recovery of 1-2 gallons per second or 60-120 gallons per minute, while separating coolant from metal chips with VAC-U-MAX’s chip collection basket & liner. Operators quickly empty machine tool sumps/beds, oil/water separators & parts washers with solid particles separated from liquid in one step. With flip of a switch, vacuuming changes to pumping - 14 gallons per minute!.

Compressed Air January 1, 2022

Combustible Dust Vacuum

VAC-U-MAX offers a full line of ATEX-certified combustible dust vacuum cleaners for Class I and Class II, Division 2 hazardous location areas. These compressed air operated systems include the vacuum cover, drum, dolly, vacuum hose, cleaning tools, compressed-air hose with quick-disconnect fittings, and polybag drum liners. No additional parts or components are needed.

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