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Cybersecurity May 4, 2012

Cloud computing security woes

Security experts are blaming cloud computing providers for giving cyber criminals the tools to launch attacks more easily, efficiently and anonymously than ever before.

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Energy Efficiency & Management May 3, 2012

Metal oxides vital to green energy

Harnessing the energy of sunlight can be as simple as tuning the optical and electronic properties of metal oxides at the atomic level by making an artificial crystal or super-lattice “sandwich.”

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Workforce Development May 2, 2012

IT security education needed

Nearly 50% of security issues occur because of employee negligence in the workplace, and incidents occur at least once a week, a new report said.

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Safety Standards May 1, 2012

EPA fracking regulations in play

Fracking rules are now coming into play to combat air pollution from natural-gas drilling, while giving companies until 2015 to meet the most stringent requirements opposed by the energy industry, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials said.

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Safety Standards April 30, 2012

Security first; not in smart grid

Development and deployment of smart-grid technology such as intelligent electric meters has outpaced security, setting up a “delicate dance with risk,” said the head of the industry advisory group EnergySec.

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Safety Standards July 15, 2011

Jump-starting human reliability

Eddie Habibi, founder and chief executive at PAS, sat down and talked with ISSSource Editor and Founder Gregory Hale just before the release of PAS’ Integrity iMOC, electronic Management of Change software.

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HMI, OI April 26, 2011

FPL wind turbine hack a hoax

Not all reports of cyber incidents are real. Sometimes they turn out to be a hoax.

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Cybersecurity April 25, 2011

NSA chief: Grid ripe for attack

Electric companies in the United States might not be able to protect the power grid in the United States from a cyber attack, said the director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Cybersecurity April 25, 2011

Secure OPC keeps attackers at bay

Automation systems remain vulnerable and exposed. Past experiences like Stuxnet and last month’s revelations about SCADA system vulnerabilities show networks are sitting ducks to any aggressive and sophisticated attack.

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