SLIPNOT® is a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies for the walkways, entryways, stairs, rails, ladders and more, where you live, work and play. We transform potentially hazardous spaces like food and beverage manufacturing and highly trafficked office buildings and retail spaces into safe and efficient environments. Much to the delight of safety managers and building owners everywhere, once SLIPNOT is installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided. For more information on how to create a SLIPNOT environment, visit or follow us on LinkedIn @SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring, Twitter @SLIPNOT or Pinterest @SLIPNOTsafety.  


Safety & PPE September 19, 2022

Foothold by SLIPNOT

Foothold by SLIPNOT is a powerful water-based cleaner and degreaser for further reducing safety incidents in wet, greasy, and oily areas in food and beverage, industrial and chemical manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, and other building environments. While specially formulated for use with SLIPNOT products, Foothold is an all-purpose cleaner for areas of buildings with slip and fall hazards. Foothold puts worker safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Safety & PPE September 27, 2021

Slip Resistant Metal Flooring

SLIPNOT® safety flooring and surface technologies reduces more than 90% of slips and falls and create more confident workspaces for employees. When applied to flooring, ladders, grates and more, SLIPNOT’s patented anti-slip coating creates safe, high-traction surfaces for nearly every industrial and commercial space, including food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing plants. The patented, high-friction coating provides durability, ease-of-maintenance, reduced downtime and lost workdays in harsh, 24/7 operating environments.

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