Sidney Hill, Jr.


Manufacturing IT February 1, 2018

Edge computing comes to the oil and gas industry

Forum bolsters producers’ confidence in technology-powered future.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
March 22, 2017

Benefits of wireless for O&G explicated

Streamlined applications running on smaller devices—including iPhones—lead to happier, more productive oil-industry workers.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Automation, Controls February 6, 2017

Operations data includes clues for automatic process improvement

Oil and gas companies cut maintenance costs and boost efficiency—by smartly analyzing control data.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Manufacturing IT October 7, 2016

Make better, strategic decisions in less time with Big Data

Advanced analytic solutions, including systems that mimic human decision-making, are helping oil and gas companies adapt to a world of lower prices.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
AI & Machine Learning August 6, 2016

Integrated software package mends a ‘broken’ data system

New production methods, such as horizontal drilling, enabled the company extract more oil from its extensive reservoir of reserves in the Permian Basin of west Texas.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
AI & Machine Learning August 3, 2016

Integrating a new strategy

Enterprise Application Integration (EIA) offers data management to better manage costs, process challenges.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Manufacturing IT May 31, 2016

Is Big Data the means for survival in a down market?

In an uncertain market, more oil and gas producers are relying on advanced analytics to make intelligent cost-cutting decisions.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Manufacturing IT May 23, 2016

Virtualization: A real solution for filtering Big Data

Some pioneering oil and gas producers find it easier to extract value from operational data on platforms that mimic data warehouses.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Mechanical & Electrical August 12, 2014

Real-time oil and gas data in the cloud

Oilfield services company boosts productivity and bolsters worker safety by sharing drilling information via the cloud.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.