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Industry News October 22, 2022

Manufacturer investing in two plants to increase circuit breaker production

Schneider Electric is investing $46 million in its Lexington, Ky., and Lincoln, Neb., manufacturing plants to increase circuit breaker and related electrical product output.

By Schneider Electric
Sponsored November 6, 2017

Energy Efficiency of Machines: The Smart Choice of Motorization

This paper compares the technological capabilities and limitations of AC and synchronous motors, quantifying that a synchronous motor allows up to 20% energy savings while increasing performance.

By Schneider Electric
AI & Machine Learning January 11, 2017

Simulator for process utility applications

Schneider Electric's SimSci SimCentral for Process Utilities is a platform designed to manage how processes are engineered across their entire lifecycle and users can streamline process utility design, collaborate for process improvement and simplify modeling complexity.

By Schneider Electric
Sponsored November 3, 2016

2SIS technology in MV switchgear easily adapts to harsh environments while minimizing internal arc probability

This white paper explains how the availability of medium-voltage (MV) networks is critical to efficient smart grid deployment. The Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS) in Premset™ MV switchgear enables harsh environment resiliency and greatly reduces the probability of an internal arc.

By Schneider Electric
Asset Management August 24, 2016

Medium-voltage switchgear for power distribution management

Premset is shielded solid insulated medium-voltage switchgear for power distribution management.

By Schneider Electric
Mechanical & Electrical July 18, 2016

Retrofill circuit breaker for smaller spaces

The 26-inch Wide Retrofill circuit breaker provides a cost-effective solution to address switchgear applications with space restrictions.

By Schneider Electric
Automation, Controls July 7, 2016

Variable speed drive series for onshore oil production

Schneider Electric's Altivar Process 900 range of variable speed drives (VSDs) is available for 230 and 460V supply in stand-alone drive modules through 250HP.

By Schneider Electric
Environmental Health June 7, 2016

Foxboro smart pH10 sensor and transmitter

Foxboro smart pH10 sensor and transmitter combine a rugged polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) body with capabilities for customers who need high performance and long life with easy and fast calibrations.

By Schneider Electric
Safety Standards July 1, 2015

Active harmonic filtering

The AccuSine PCS+ and AccuSine PFV+ is used for active harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation.

By Schneider Electric
Automation, Controls April 20, 2015

Global automation conference for industry professionals

Schneider Electric's 2015 Global Automation Conference in Dallas, Tex. is designed to help automation professionals through workshops and collaborative sessions. The event, April 27 to May 1, will have workshops that will have specific focuses on a number of industries including chemical and pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, power, mining and metals, and hybrid process with a specific focus on the food and beverage and the water and wastewater industries.

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Power February 21, 2022

PowerLogic PFC Smart Capacitor Bank

This is a 'smart' capacitor bank for correcting power factor. What sets this device apart is the fact that it self monitors and sends alerts and notifications if maintenance is required or if a component of the capacitor bank is not working correctly. Therefore, the user will be alerted and can fix the issues before the capacitor bank fails and results in power factor penalties from the utility.

Schneider Electric
Asset Management October 1, 2018

Energy Control Center

Energy Control Center (ECC) Simplifies the integration of distributed energy resources into an intelligent, pre-engineered, and configurable power control center to easily optimize resources and maximize facility performance. The ECC is optimized to meet savings, sustainability, and resilience goals.The ECC provides distribution and controls for power to flow between the electric utility grid, distributed energy resources (DERs), and the electrical loads at a site.

Schneider Electric
Power Systems November 1, 2021

FlexSeT Switchboards

Accelerate time to market and reduce lead times for your customers with FlexSeT – a simplified, modular service model for switchboard design, sourcing, installation and maintenance. UL listed, with ratings up to 2000A.

Schneider Electric
Mechanical & Electrical November 1, 2022

ArcBlok(TM) 2500

ArcBlok is a line side arc prevention and isolation technology for low voltage motor control centers and switchboards. It is an innovative technology that provides enhanced safety by protecting people and electrical equipment from the effects of arc flash incidents.

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