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Sensors, Actuators August 15, 2022

Torsional flow valve

The ProFlex 710TT has been engineered and developed to be the most efficient and specifiable valve ensuring 100% mixing capability in potable water and sewage reservoir/storage tanks. Under U.S. Patent No.

Proco Products, Inc.
Compressed Air April 12, 2022

ProFlex Series 730 Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Proco Products, Inc. is excited to announce a new addition to our Rubber Check Valve product line! The ProFlex Series 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffusers - a sought after pollution control technology used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent/sewage treatment. A coarse bubble diffuser is used to ensure that sewage and Hi SG (specific gravity) content is properly “agitated,” or diffused to ensure proper mixing.

Proco Products, Inc.
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