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Plant Automation October 4, 2016

Outdoor industrial access point for harsh conditions

The AWK-4131A-US-T outdoor industrial AP/bridge/client is optimized for installation in railways, bridges and marinas, as well as critical industrial applications including high-resolution IP video surveillance.

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Manufacturing IT May 12, 2015

Profibus-to-Fiber converters for remote, hazardous locations

Moxa's ICF-1180I and ICF-1280I Profibus-to-Fiber converters allow users in the oil and gas industry and other fields with hazardous or remote conditions to use optical fiber to connect their Profibus devices and controllers in remote or hazardous locations.

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Mechanical & Electrical April 22, 2015

Speed dome camera designed for harsh conditions

Moxa's VPort 66-2MP is a 1080p PTZ dome camera designed for mission-critical video surveillance applications for harsh factory conditions and challenging outdoor locations.

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Manufacturing IT March 10, 2015

Firmware updated for router designed to enhance cyber security

Moxa's EDR-810 industrial 10-port secure router has received a firmware update designed to enhance cyber security for transparent firewall functionality and the providing of real-time event notification.

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Networking and Security September 1, 2023

MXview one central manager software

With MXview One Central Manager software from Moxa, network administrators and OT engineers can automatically consolidate the status and events of all local MXview one sites to a single centralized platform for complete visibility of the network no matter the size or location of the sites. Users leverage the information-packed dashboard, interactive map, reports and event intelligence to monitor the status of multiple sites, helping them to quickly pinpoint issues, improve uptime and maximize efficiency.

Networking and Security July 1, 2023

MXview One

Moxa’s MXview One next-generation network management software is designed for monitoring and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks. MXview One provides an integrated management platform that can discover networking devices and SNMP/IP devices installed on subnets. All selected network components can be managed via a web browser from a local site or through remote access—anytime and anywhere. In addition, MXview One supports the optional MXview Wireless and MXview Power add-on modules.

Switchgear March 16, 2022

EDS-(G)4000 Series Industrial DIN Rail Switches

While OT/IT convergence is accelerating, enhanced network security, high performance, strong reliability, and advanced usability become paramount to building next-generation industrial networks that strengthen operational resilience.l  Industry-leading Network Security: The EDS-4000/G4000 Series was the world's first IEC 62443-4-2 certified Ethernet switches to be certified by IECEE. Along with Moxa’s extensive network security portfolio, Moxa helps create a secure network foundation to safeguard and futureproof industrial operations.l  Unprecedented Performance for Mass Deployments: As the number of connected devices in industrial operations grows, the EDS-4000/G4000 Series provides multiple interface combinations with up to 14 ports and a range of options including fast Ethernet, Gigabit, 2.5GbE uplinks, SFP, and IEEE 802.3bt PoE connectivity. l  Multiple Industrial Certifications: The EDS-4000/G4000 Series is certified for NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4, IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613, DNV, ATEX Zone 2, Class I Division 2, to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications.

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