Mohamed Abuali, 38, Managing Partner, IoTco LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, BS Systems Engineering, University of Arizona, MS Industrial Engineering, American University, Cairo, Egypt, PhD Industrial Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Mohamed (Mo) Abuali


Courtesy: IoTco
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 4, 2023

Addressing current issues in predictive analytics

Webcast presentation highlights convergence of analytics with IIoT.

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
In many ways the trends associated with Industry 4.0 are an augmentation or further development of possibilities inherent in the introduction of the programmable controller and distributed control system in the 1980s and being introduced over time in an evolutionary manner.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 9, 2022

What’s in store for Industry 4.0 in 2022?

A relentless pace of ongoing digitalization

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
Environmental Health March 4, 2021

Post-pandemic, employee wellness powered by predictive analytics

Who else is tired of talking about COVID-19?

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
Lean Maintenance January 19, 2021

Six steps toward the factory of the future

A solid foundation is required for any initiative

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
Analytics January 7, 2021

Six steps toward predictive analytics success

Predictive analytics success can be achieved through steps such as data acquisition, data ingestion, performance prediction and more.

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali