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Founded in 1987, Mencom Corporation provides high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet industrial electrical connector requirements. Our highly trained staff of experts utilize decades of electrical and electronic industry-related experience to develop the highest quality products available.In addition, this vast expertise allows us to assist OEM customers in selecting the best products to meet their unique connection requirements. This ensures our customers receive the most cost-effective solution possible, plus one that requires minimal installation time, reducing the customer’s total installed costs. Mencom offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors.Our product line includes:Molded cables and receptacles for sensors and actuatorsMINI, M23, M12, M8, Micro-AC, Euro AC, Device Net, Profi-bus, Foundation Field-busMulti-pin industrial rectangular connectors for power and data linesPanel Interface Connectors for safe and quick reprogramming requirementsDIN solenoid valve connectors for solenoidsJunction Blocks for power & signal distributionMulti port connector plates for multiple connections in a small spaceConduit adapters for distribution of power & signal using conduitEthernet connectors & switches for communication with a networkA wide variety of metric, PG and NPT cable glands, fittings and adaptersMencom is also the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors.


Electrical, Power March 5, 2024

High-performance plastic junction boxes for demanding environments

The TM Series plastic junction boxes, compliant with the international standard IEC 60670, ensure strict adherence to quality and safety regulations. The housing is made of halogen-free thermoplastic and comes in a gray RAL 7012 color to blend in with various environments. They feature 5 mm thick enclosure walls with surface indentations to help end users position and punch holes.

Mencom Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical October 11, 2023

M23 19-Pole Field Wireable Connectors

Mencom M23 Field wireable (attachable) connectors are flexible passive devices used for a wide variety of industrial signal and control applications. The “Crimp and Poke” method of wire termination provides a quick solution where pre-molded cordsets are not readily available, or where cabling needs to be repaired. The improved pin and insert designs make using these connectors even more effective and efficient. A simple change to the way the pin is captivated in the insert makes wiring, and re-wiring, if necessary, a quick and easy task. Gone is the old retention clip that could possibly be damaged when re-wiring or repairing. A simple extraction tool can now be used to quickly remove any contact. The pins and sockets for the M23 19-pole products accept a wire gauge range of 24-18 AWG. Mencom M23 19-pole field wireable connectors offer rugged and reliable connections with error-free field installation.  The universal design also provides a means for shielding the cable if needed. As a convenience, Mencom also offers a crimp tool (CCPZ-MIL) a locator tool (MCTP-V19) and the extraction tool (MCV19ES) to assist with assembly and disassembly, as well as MCV-001 to assist with the assembly of the female threaded connector.

Mencom Corporation
Industrial Networking July 24, 2023

Size 21.21 metal hoods with M25 angled cable entry

The wide range of 21.21 rectangular connectors offers a number of advantages for modern industrial applications. They provide a secure and reliable connection for power and signal transmission, with high resistance to environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and vibration. In addition, their compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment. The new size 21.21 metal hood with angled M25 cable entry can accommodate large-diameter cables or wire bundles while eliminating torsional stress on the locking lever of the mating enclosure.

Mencom Corporation
Safety & PPE May 31, 2023

V-TYPE Lever Series

Mencom introduces the innovative V-TYPE lever for rectangular connectors in response to the increasingly diverse and specialized performance requirements for securing the connections against severe vibration in harsh manufacturing environments. The V-TYPE lever distinguishes itself from other types of levers due to its unique closing mechanism consisting of two hinged elements that are pivoted on the housing. This composite movement allows the levers to move over the pins on the housing with an initial rotational movement and push down to engage the locking mechanism, which results in a tight seal with a high degree of protection (IP66/IP67/IP69 according to EN 60529). Constructed of stainless steel, the V-TYPE lever features a secure latch to prevent unintentional release, and the lack of plastic parts provides several benefits including increased durability against impact, corrosion from oil, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Mencom Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical March 8, 2022

Hazardous Location Connectors

Mencom Hazardous Location Connectors series is designed to meet stringent electrical requirements for protection under Class I Division 2 environments and certified by Underwriters' Laboratories (UL). ‘Class I’ is defined as a hazardous location in which flammable gas or vapor may be present in sufficient quantities to be considered ignitable or explosive. ‘Division 2’ is defined as an area that is not likely to contain dangerous concentrations of flammable substances in closed containers.

Mencom Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical November 15, 2022

IL-BRID Locking Lever

Lightweight construction is one of the most important factors in recent manufacturing trends. In addition to replacing metal with lightweight materials, lightweight structures use a combination of different materials to maximize advantages and minimize disadvantages. Mencom introduces the innovative IL-BRID lever available for all standard-size rectangular enclosures.

Mencom Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical May 9, 2022

Toolless Rectangular Connectors for 10,000 Mating Cycles

There are industrial applications that require frequent mating cycles throughout life such as measuring/controlling drawer-mounted equipment, molding control equipment, and replaceable tools. Since the connectors of these applications need to be connected and disconnected several times a day, failing to install high-performance connectors with a sufficient mating cycle rating could result in unstable connections with lower reliability, which will cost more in the long run.Mencom offers the new Squich HNM (High Number of Mating) inserts designed to maximize ease of use while minimizing maintenance downtime. These rectangular inserts feature special contacts with galvanic high-performance gold plating and lubrication, which allow up to 10,000 mechanical mating cycles when installed in compatible HNM enclosures.

Mencom Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical September 29, 2022

Rectangular Connector

Industrial electrical connectors have consistently faced the challenge of being ‘smaller, faster, safer, and easier’ in the modern manufacturing era. Those four keywords have been one of the manufacturing trends in the automation industry with the following implicit requirement, ‘The components and connectors are required to be small and compact while being waterproof and resistant to vibration to withstand in rugged environments.’ Mencom offers the new compact enclosure series engineered for ease of assembly and simplicity in mind. These fully metallic enclosures are available in size 32.13 exclusively and their hoods are designed in one piece for any wiring combination with a robust stainless-steel lever.

Mencom Corporation
Electrical Systems February 1, 2022

IP68 Enclosures

Mencom offers a range of IP68 series rectangular enclosures that provide the highest level of protection against dust and complete continuous submersion in water. These IP68 series enclosures have also successfully passed the tests required for the IPX6 degree of protection (tightness to powerful water jets) and for the IPX9 degree of protection (high pressure and temperature water jets), thanks to the dual O-ring seal design. Therefore, their official overall protection rating is IP66/IP68/IP69.The IP68 enclosures except size 44.27 are made of corrosion-proof foundry grade aluminum alloy and they are coated with oven-cured thermosetting paint with epoxy power, which makes the enclosures highly resistant to scratch, shock, seawater, and chemicals.

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