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Safety & PPE May 13, 2022

DX+ Technology

Magid has taken coreless cut protection to the next level with DX+ Technology® (“DX Plus Technology”). Building on the groundbreaking advances of Magid’s 2018 DX Technology®, DX+ is even lighter and gives workers higher cut protection, up to ANSI Level A6, without sacrificing comfort. What makes Magid’s DX+ Technology one-of-a kind? ·        Extreme comfort that’s 30% lighter than traditional gloves of the same cut level  ·        Highest coreless cut protection without fiberglass or steel core discomfort  ·        Cool to the touch, which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working Magid offers two new safety gloves that feature DX+ Technology: the DXPG52 (ANSI Cut Level A5) and DXPG62 (ANSI Cut Level A6) both include a polyurethane palm coating which maintains dexterity while delivering excellent grip; making the gloves useful in industries like Appliance Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, Glass Handling, Machining, Metal Handling, Metal Stamping, and Paper Production where laceration hazards may be present.

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