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Libby Haydel, communications specialist, LSU College of Engineering


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Oil and Gas September 19, 2022

Gas migration experiments conducted for wellbore safety

LSU’s PERTT Lab provides an industrial-scale facility with full-scale equipment and instrumentation for conducting research related to petroleum technology.

By Libby Haydel
Courtesy of: Louisiana State University
Robotics April 5, 2022

Sensor designed to improve vision of subaqueous vehicles

Subaqueous vehicles will helps the oil and gas industry with inspecting underwater pipelines and more.

By Libby Haydel
Safety & PPE November 16, 2020

Researchers designing wearable exoskeleton

Designing a wearable exoskeleton will help workers thrive and function longer in harsh, physically strenuous environments such as construction.

By Libby Haydel
Oil and Gas May 1, 2020

Students performing drilling simulations during COVID-19 outbreak

LSU Petroleum Engineering instructors are working with simulator company Drilling Systems to ensure their students could perform their drilling simulation lab from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

By Libby Haydel
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