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Material Handling February 1, 2009

Hoisting innovation for safety, productivity and ergonomics

In this age where manufacturers constantly search for ways to cut costs while increasing production, initiatives such as Lean manufacturing, ergonomics and safety influence their needs. They demand tools that can accommodate multitasking, that are designed to handle product swiftly and securely without damaging it and protect workers from repetitive motion injuries, but also are built with oper...

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Sustainability July 15, 2008

HVLS = Cool efficiency

Now that summer’s here, increased temperatures and humidity have an increased impact on the climate within the plant. Between keeping energy consumption down and the workforce comfortable while on the floor, plant managers can find themselves in a conundrum. Do they keep the plant floor air conditioned and the workers content?

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Material Handling May 15, 2008

Products, sustainability and market conditions drive NA 2008 attendees

Over its first two days, the NA 2008 Material Handling and Logistics Show, held April 21-24 at Cleveland’s I-X Center, enjoyed good size crowds in the morning that seemed to dwindle slightly in the afternoon.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Material Handling April 25, 2008

Products, sustainability, and market conditions drive NA 2008

The show on material handling and logistics featured some new product introductions and a focus on a topic that is rapidly gaining interest throughout industry: sustainability

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Asset Management February 15, 2008

The road to sustainability

When the residents of Munchkinland told Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, they weren’t concerned about how much energy the Wizard of Oz was using to power his lights and pyrotechnics show from behind the curtain. And they certainly weren’t concerned about using natural resources when Dorothy dumped the bucket of water over the Wicked Witch of the West.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
HMI, OI January 15, 2008

Air filtration systems contribute more than clean air

While productivity, quality and the bottom line will never go away as the primary drivers of manufacturing processes, new focuses on safety and sustainability will have a growing impact on how those processes are executed. One area where plant managers can find real savings while addressing sustainability concerns is in their air filtration systems.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Gears and Bearings June 15, 2007

Varnish: The cholesterol in your plant equipment

Consider it the cholesterol of industrial equipment, because what it can do to machinery is almost identical to what hard, plaque-like cholesterol buildup can do to the cardiovascular system. We’re not talking HDL here, folks. There’s nothing healthy about this stuff. Varnish is a nasty, hard, sticky substance that forms on the surface of machinery components.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Workforce Development May 15, 2007

Giving manufacturers a lift

Everyone can use a lift once in a while. In fact, that was the thought behind the development of the lift truck in the first place. What began in the late 1800s as an evolution from hoists and cranes, lift trucks have long been an essential tool for manufacturers to move their materials and products through the various processes of manufacturing.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Arc Flash & Electrical Safety April 15, 2007

Infrared thermography hits the (hot) spot

Infrared thermography has always been a great maintenance tool. New features and capabilities allow manufacturers to do everything from pinpoint hot-spots on the production line to identify leaks in the facility’s roof. Manufacturers can more accurately predict where maintenance is needed, preventing costly downtime and the accompanying drag on the bottom line.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 April 8, 2007

Continuous improvement more than just maintenance practices

Cut the clutter and skip the small stuff. Grow your people. Provide them with leadership.

By Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
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