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Robotics March 30, 2021

Control system helps drones team up to deliver heavy packages

A research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a modular solution for handling larger packages without the need for a complex fleet of drones of varying sizes. See video.

By John Toon
Robotics January 10, 2021

Predicting robot movement, collective behavior

Engineers have proposed a principle where active matter systems can spontaneously order, without need for higher level instructions or even programmed interaction among the agents, which has been shown in shape-changing robots.

By John Toon
Safety & PPE September 16, 2020

Redesigned mask offers greater protection, comfort for user

A mask that combines barrier filtration material with a stretchable fabric for greater protection and comfort has been designed by Georgia Tech researchers.

By John Toon
Safety & PPE July 22, 2020

Ozone disinfection could make PPE reusable for workers

Georgia Tech researchers found that ozone gas could provide a safe means for disinfecting certain types of PPE that are in high demand for shielding workers from COVID-19.

By John Toon
Oil and Gas July 20, 2020

Membrane technology to cut emissions, energy use in oil refining

Membrane technology developed by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Imperial College London and ExxonMobil could reduce carbon emissions and energy intensity associated with refining crude oil.

By John Toon
Energy, Power June 15, 2020

Nanoscale hollow structure formation could boost battery storage

Researchers at Georgia Tech, ETH Zurich and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered particles can change a nanoscale hollow structure formation, which could be beneficial for lithium-ion battery storage.

By John Toon
Safety & PPE March 23, 2020

Universities developing DIY medical devices, PPE to combat coronavirus spread

Researchers from Georgia Tech and other universities are racing to develop “do-it-yourself” health care gear that can be assembled where it’s needed from locally available components to try and get out in front of the coronavirus spread to help hospitals and medical healthcare facilities. See video.

By John Toon
Robotics October 15, 2019

Shape-shifting robots show new locomotion strategy

Georgia Tech and Northwestern University researchers have built a robot entirely from smaller robots known as “smarticles” to unlock the principles of a potentially new locomotion technique.

By John Toon