John Bernet is mechanical application and product specialist, Fluke Corp. Courtesy: Fluke Corp.

John Bernet


Courtesy: Fluke
Workforce Development April 11, 2022

Remote condition monitoring can alleviate worker shortages

Core maintenance KPIs are tied to increased work completion, reduced backlogs and improved mean-time-to-repair.

By John Bernet
Courtesy: Fluke Reliability
Sensors, Actuators November 24, 2021

Integrating vibration analysis devices with pumps, motors, compressors

An effective vibration measuring program can reduce downtime for manufacturers, but some tools are better situated for certain scenarios, and users should assess application needs and the situation.

By John Bernet
Wireless October 1, 2019

Choose the right industrial wireless technologies for condition monitoring

Wireless sensors can help discover maintenance issues with machines before they happen and give users access to real-time information. See four methods and four steps.

By John Bernet
Analytics September 4, 2019

Evolution of modern manufacturing: more data

Automation future: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are widely known concepts, have not been widely adopted. On the way, physical device data connectivity can increase information flow to add efficiency, eliminate errors and increase uptime

By John Bernet