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Energy Efficiency & Management August 1, 2008

Unplanned events: Rolling with the punches is the vital component in S&OP

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson once claimed, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” In many respects, the same holds true for manufacturers. While a company may use sales & operations planning (S&OP) software to meet corporate objectives through better forecasting and planning, trouble comes in the form of an unexpected surge in demand—the figura...

By Jim Fulcher, contributing editor (jimfulcher@comcast.net)
Workforce Development June 1, 2008

Outsourcing Central: IQMS enterprise module schedules SC movement; monitors work status

The practice of outsourcing certain aspects of production is proving vital in certain industries. In fact, data out of Boston-based AMR Research suggests a confluence of economic, technology, and political factors that, when combined, will drive growth of logistics and greater supply chain outsourcing.

By Jim Fulcher, contributing editor (jimfulcher@comcast.net)
Remote Monitoring December 1, 2007

There’s New Momentum afoot to minimize risk, forge a stronger supply chain

As more companies realize just how fragile the links in a global supply chain actually are, risk mitigation moves from a low-level to a high-level priority. “To cope with largely unpredictable events, leading companies make supply chain investments to ensure goods continue to flow despite major disruptions,” says Patrick Connaughton, senior analyst with Cambridge, Mass.

By Jim Fulcher, contributing editor (jimfulcher@comcast.net)
AI & Machine Learning October 1, 2007

Web-based warranty system cuts paper trail for Goodman Manufacturing

One way to extend customer engagement and maximize revenue streams is to establish processes for extended warranty sales. But for manufacturers, it's a goal that's not quite as easy as it sounds. “Not only were we drowning in paper-based forms, but processing extended warranty paperwork was laborious,” says Rachel Cater, manager of extended services at Goodman Manufacturing, a Hous...

By Jim Fulcher, contributing editor (jimfulcher@comcast.net)