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Courtesy of: West Virginia University
Energy, Power July 26, 2022

Natural gas could play key role for clean hydrogen energy

Researchers at West Virginia University are attempting to use hydrogen energy as a clean energy alternative.

By Jake Stump
Other Building Types January 14, 2021

Supply chain efficiency is critical for COVID-19 vaccine

There are many supply chain links with the COVID-19 vaccine, which means the potential for something going wrong is greater. Efficiency and security are more important than ever.

By Jake Stump
Safety & PPE June 3, 2020

University working with 3D-printing developer to produce swabs for COVID-19 testing

The Innovation Hub at West Virginia University is working with a Massachusetts-based 3D-printing company to produce medical swabs for COVID-19 testing.

By Jake Stump
Energy, Power August 22, 2019

Reducing freshwater use by power plants

West Virginia University researchers are seeking ways to quench the thirst of the nation’s power plants in a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fashion. 

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