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Jade Boyd, Rice University.


Rice University’s Matteo Pasquali is a chemical engineer, chemist, materials scientist and director of the Carbon Hub research initiative. Courtesy: Jeff Fitlow, Rice University
Energy Management August 9, 2021

Carbon can help decarbonize global economy

Rice University researchers believe splitting hydrocarbon molecules could help decarbonize the global economy.

By Jade Boyd
Plant Automation July 21, 2020

Graphene shield improves wastewater protection

Rice University researchers have found that a shield of graphene helps particles destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria and free-floating antibiotic resistance genes and other potential superbugs in wastewater treatment plants.

By Jade Boyd
Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS May 27, 2020

Faculty grants for COVID-19 research awarded

Rice University researchers have been awarded grants to research COVID-19's effects as well as develop technologies and protocols to mitigate its effects.

By Jade Boyd
Power Systems May 16, 2019

Unclonable digital fingerprints developed for IoT devices

Rice University integrated circuit (IC) designers have developed unclonable digital fingerprints for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that allows their PUF to be more energy efficient than previously published versions.

By Jade Boyd
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